Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Angels, are you sending messages?

I wanted to alert everyone that we do receive intuitive alerts all the time. Most of us are so in our head of over analyzing that we might ignore or completely delete them. We also shift into being afraid because we have no concrete evidence on this earth if we what are getting will turn out well or if it will make us appear to be clueless.

Angels do send guidance through our intuition. I have to tell you lately I look back at many incidents where I did NOT follow what I was given and it really did not go over well. I asked the angels for protection and assistance anyway to help me out of those jams since I behaved like an idiot and realized they were trying to warn me ahead of time. I just didn't want to believe it or gave into the notion of "I don't get guidance..others do but I can' whatever."
This is where free will demonstrates a large role in what could possibly occur do to your action of choosing.
Other times angel hits are given so you are well aware beforehand what is going to take place and pass even though you can't change it as much as you want can still add your prayers and ask the angels for their blessings.
It won't be such a huge shock to the system as it would have had you not been prepared.

For other events you may get nothing and it makes me wonder..why?
Maybe for whatever reason it would not be for your highest purpose to know or you need to develop your strengths and lessons to further the progress of your soul.

Remember..people around you might disagree and come up with excuses like, "You can't do that! It's stupid." or "Have you lost your mind?.." and your response should be, "Yes, I'm listening to my intuition for once!"

I am still learning and have ways to go on how my angels talk to me and what they are trying to show me.

Being a human can be a challenging role to live out and it can also pour onto you many guises of enrichment.

Here's a statement to use when you feel you may have acted a bit naughty and put a huge X over your intuitive marks:

"Dear Angels, I really messed up big time over(explain about what)! I should have listened, but I didn't. I ask for you to protect me since I acted without following the guidance provided and show me if there's anything I can do to improve the outcome. If not, please send me assistance so I can be at peace with what I have done and to make sure to stand by my guidance next time around. Let me hear you and not allow others to influence me in a negative manner. Thank you Angels!"

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