Thursday, April 21, 2011

99 Angel Wing Sets on the Wall...

photo courtesy of clarita

99 angel wing sets on the wall 99 angel wing sets take one down pass it around 98 angel wing sets on the wall.
Yes, the angels do participate in games and one of them they like is The Price is Joy by handing down wings if you would.

Be like a sleuth who is taking inventory anytime a blessing comes to you from Universal Spirit, God, angels, saints, archangels, and benevolent forces. Record it down. Let this be evidence for you that yea, they've got your back and love you.

Like today, I found a shiny large quarter while I was sweeping tucked away behind a plant.

Then while finishing up dinner money has been a concern for me a reflection of a rainbow came onto the wall and I looked down and there was a single shiny dime right there at my feet.

I also glanced at the coffee pot to take out the plug and guess what number was there..4:44...nice of the angels to stop by for some java and say Ey there!

Here's how you can make this fun. You can either buy an angel themed journal to record them in, or make an angel notebook yourself by printing out an image you like pasting it to a plain journal front, and decking it out with craft decals.

Write at the top *~My Angel Wing Blessings~*
Then you can draw a set of angel wings and inside write what happened to you.

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