Sunday, July 24, 2011

Orchestrate An Angel Ball

The point of holding an Angel Ball is to celebrate yourself and the angels you have with you.
You will want to make an official invitation for all your guests using an announcement as follows below.

Type these words up or write it up on beautiful paper for each guest, roll up and secure with a fancy sticker or wax stamp seal of an angel that are sold at most bookstores or craft supply outlets.

Then fasten with a ribbon and on thread or cord add an angel charm. Place that around the ribbon.

"Here ye here ye you are invited to a magnificent ball,
For one and all.
Bring your best,
For you are the special guest.
The angels will also congregate,
To join in the festivities as your date.
Have fun,
the angels will make sure it's a joyous one!
Make sure to R.S.V.P. by (fill in date.)"

PS Wearing angel attire is optional but make sure to wear white and angel pin or necklace somewhere on you.

To make place cards for your party(and you can write ones for your guardian angel, Archangel Michael,etc.) get some angel postcards or notecards, use scrapbook letters to place the name, then on the border all the way around hot glue with fancy ribbon and use stars,etc. You will want to place this on the plate setting. On the back write your favorite angel prayer or quote. Each person can then take this home with them as a favor.

Place a white lace runner on the table and than you will set up your centerpiece.

For table centerpieces you want to set up clear vases of different heights with seashells, large feathers, glitter ornaments or my favorite colorful battery operated candles you can put on the bottom to illuminate the feathers.

You might also wish to place angel statues of a variety in the surroundings.

*~Mock Up Menu~*

Main Course

Angel Hair Pasta drizzled in sauted in a olive oil, fresh basil, and chopped tomato.

Chicken Wings

Side Dishes

Mashed Potatoes(fluffy clouds)

Onion Rings (halos)

Perogies or Dumplings (angel wings)

Dessert Choices

Angel Food Cake topped with decadent whip cream, fresh strawberries with chocolate hot fudge sauce.

Angel Wings with Powdered Sugar


Angelica Water with fresh lemon (if you can't get angelica root no worries that is just the name of can use Seltzer Water with Lemon)

Rootbeer Floats Natural Rootbeer topped with French Vanilla Ice Cream

Virgin Pina Colada

You will also want to gather real life angel encounters that happened to you or other ones you have found on the internet or have found in a favorite book(check out Sophy Burnham's "Angel Letters" and "A Book Of Angels"; Doreen Virtue's "Saved by An Angel" "My Guardian Angel,", and "Angels 101"

Another great thing to do is sit back and enjoy some angel fanfare!
Rent or purchase a Season of Touched By An Angel, and movies like: The Preacher's Wife, City of Angels, and It's A Wonderful Life.

You will want to make a swag bag so your guests can take some angel magic home with them and remember the party. You can find wonderful, inexpensive goodies at your local dollar store such as Dollar Tree, Five Below, Big Lots, A.C. Moore or online via Oriental Trading Company.

Some suitable trinkets include a packet of angel confetti for each guest; feather pens you can find at most dollar stores or craft stores; a blank angel journal or journal; pack of angel stickers; bubbles; glitter; get as creative as you want.

This is your Angel Ball.

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