Thursday, December 6, 2012

Domino Angels Oracle Deck Review

You remember how much fun you had playing with dominoes when you were a kid and perhaps even now..I love this take on an angel oracle. BDevine of  has created a 44 playing card size deck of Domino Angels. The cards retail for $16.00. You will discover angels you never knew about and how to connect with them and simple instructions on how to keep your deck at it's best, using your oracle, and finding out what angel is governing over you for the week. 

The reason I enjoy this oracle deck so much is how spot on it is and introduced to me angels I didn't know much about like Muriel, Bariel, Angels of Fun, Mihael, etc. but also familiar angels with fresh messages that I hadn't seen before on Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Uriel. I also love how she gives you the description of how to connect with them further through lighting a particular candle.  

Using the cards is very simple. You fan them out and can pick them (I shuffled and asked Which Angel or Angels are with me this week..) and when I chose Angels of Abundance I thought, "Yeah, sure because let's just say I have serious abundance issues so the idea of these angels existing let alone being with me seemed laughable or like a comedy sketch. But sure enough last week I got a big abundance surprise that didn't seem likely at all and I was quite shocked so yes they did appear.


Here is the message on Angels of Abundance and how the cards appear (click on to enlarge):

"The Angels of Abundance are with you now bringing you the extra money that you need!
When this card comes up for you, you can start to feel that financial pressures are lifting and there will also
be surprises in bank accounts or money that is owed is finally repaid. Very lucky for investments and property deals with great luck on your side! Time to try new things, count your blessings and more will appear! 

Thanks to the Angels of Abundance!

Light a green candle to connect. "

If you want a playful yet meaningful deck look no further than BDevine's Domino Angels Deck.

*All views expressed are my own. I was not paid to endorse.

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