Saturday, May 22, 2010

Presenting the Angel Prayer Rest Stop..

Angel statue

I will be posting my favorite prayers to angels for you to use and have on hand.
If you want to have your own prayer rest stop it's very simple to do.
You will need flameless candles or another form of halo lighting; celestial music that you have on hand(if not go onto youtube and type in classical music you like or relaxing meditation sounds.); framed picture of an angel, or postcard of an angel; white feathers you can get from the craft store; wing trinkets or representations;and other angelic objects such as an angel pin, pendant, charm, stone,etc.; and a fluffy cloud area to relax on.
Set up your lighting, put on the music, and decorate a table or area with all of your angel goodies so you have that to remind you of their heavenly presence with you while you say a prayer of your own choosing or one from my blog.
You may want to hold a particular angel object and gaze into it as you speak the words or just observe them from where they are.
Take time to close your eyes after wards for a silence break.


You, my heavenly friend,
My angel who has accompanied me down
To earth and who will accompany me
Through the gates of death,
Into the soul's home in the Spirit.

You, who have known the ways
For thousands of years,
Continue always
To enlighten me,
To strengthen me,
To counsel me.

So that out of the weaving fire of destiny
I may walk as a firmer vessel of destiny,
And learn to fill myself ever more
With the meaning of the Divine goals of the world.

~RUDOLF STEINER excerpted with permission from Ambika Wauters' Angel Blessing Stamps: Angelic Wisdom to Empower Your Life

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