Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Artful Prayer For Friendship

This is a quick prayer that combines arts n crafts. These two energies together make for a very powerful kick on the prayer conveyer belt to give a boost with creativity and making this yourself filling it with your Spiritual DNA Code.

Here is what you will need for this recipe:

Two pebbles
Red/Blue thin marker
Pink Paint
Tacky Glue
Pink Glitter
Small piece of Rose Quartz
Pink heart confetti
Pink drawstring mini pouch or pink cloth

Here's what you'll do:

On two pebbles of the approximately the same size sketch out with a thin red or blue marker the outlining of an angel.

Then get your pink paint and brush in the color until it's full. Wait until it dries. Then using glue brush it on the angel wings and put on pink glitter. Shake of excess and wait for that to dry.

Next you are going to take heart confetti you can easily find at the craft store in pink(if you cannot find in that color get white, a clear one, or red) and fill up the mini draw string pouch that you can also get at craft supply stores with heart confetti.

Hold both of these pebbles in your one hand and imagine hundreds of pink hearts surrounding you and the pebbles. This is the divine love of God and the angels filling you and the pebbles with that energy of love.

Than, you want to keep that image and see those two pink angels on the stones rising up out from the pebbles as actual beings on your left and right side holding you and also joining you in your request.

Pray four times:

"Angels of Friendship,
Here's my plead,
Please fulfill this sincere need.
I would like for you to send,
A beautiful, new, loving friend.
May they have a heart of generous stature,
That they are filled with sweetness and joyful laughter.
Have them be a person who is truly kind with morals
and care,
That they be someone who is always fair.
I would like for them also to be open spiritually too,
That they believe in what angels and faith can do.
Help them to see the best in me,
Open up their eyes to recognize my true quality.
Let them be someone who is overflowing with love,
That their genuine nature is calm, peaceful, and like
that of the dove.
Bless our time together may it be positive and fun,
Let us enjoy one another's nature a ton.
Please help us to always get along,
That we sing the same respectful song.
So it is."

Put the pebbles in your pink pouch and add the rose quartz that has been cleansed. Carry this pouch with you wherever you go to draw in friends and friendship
love. The angels will answer you.

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