Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blessings Are Not Always Seen

Blessings can come and you may not acknowledge they are such. Maybe you've been conditioned by reading material, books, or what others have been through and think, only that would qualify as a blessing...what happened to me was not. Oh, big deal I got a surprise gift card in the mail for a grocery store and I was low on groceries and didn't have a way of getting them.

At times you may not perceive at first glance that what comes to you is a blessing.
As humans on a material stage we often get lodged in what should be considered or what you want something to be.
It might not appear as much or what you really want but the angels make sure to keep you going on that Carriage of Life even if the roads get icy, a wheel breaks down, a horse goes missing, or a tree falls in the middle of the path. They will send "tiny" helpers. Maybe an inspiring approach of taking another path to go around the down tree or an encounter with a marvelous stranger to cheer you up.

Perhaps you've lost friends in your life and you get in a place of despair. They don't like me, I wasn't good enough, etc. Did you stop to think that maybe the reason they came into your life and you theirs, the purpose, the gift was given and it was divine timing that you not be in each others' midst anymore? It could be you really don't identify with their interests or it would be better that you not be involved with them for other reasons you won't ever see.

If a friend found an angel medal while walking when they were in a darkened state or someone else gets an angel present it may make you feel that if a kind person crosses your path with great conversation to distract you from being lonely or a good friend calls you that you haven't talked to in awhile to disrupt a gloomy day that it's not quote on quote a real blessing from the angels.

Well, guess is!

Angels are not one size fits all....exactly the opposite. Angels do not conform into a single shape. There is variety. In the end all the puzzle pieces fit together but they aren't identical.

The angels will cook up what works for you, what you are open to receiving, and will match what you truly need at that given moment.

Take for example you wanted to go out on a date with a person but it doesn't work out. Maybe this individual is not what they appear and would ultimately hurt you. The angels are looking out for your well-being. They later on would send a more suitable match into your life where things would run smoothly.

Believe in the magic of angels because they sparkle with a gentle light that is not always sensed by us when we are troubled or doubting. That's okay just try to keep an open heart when something positive shows up that might be an extra cushion to break your fall...or help when you do.

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