Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Want an Angel Coupon Too!

I know that everyone for the most part has seen coupons for free things or uses coupons with their groceries. I thought it would be a great idea to make your own Angel Coupons that operate like an I Owe You does.

Here's how it works. You can either design them by hand or use the computer to design more professional or elaborate looking ones. You write at the top Angel Coupon: Use With Good Intentions. Also write down for Expiration Date: Never. You may even want to make a bar-code on it too.

Then fill it out with a picture or clip art. You can put Good for One Free Answered Prayer(for instance use Prayer Hands, A Candle, or Dove), Good for One Earth Angel Act(Use an angel), Good for One Free Trip to the Movies(Movie Tickets, Reel, Popcorn), Good for One Free Surprise Gift(A Present), Valid for one Angel Miracle, Valid for Money Blessings(which you can decided if you want to give them cash, a gift card, or a blessing angel coin). with an angel stamp, angel design or angel clip art. Then you can send them in cards as gifts and tell the person when they're ready to cash them in to give it to you and say, "I want to use my Angel Coupon please."

For the ones like One Free Answered Prayer you become a prayer angel for that person letting them know you'll pray for them and help them out in anyway you can so they realize you stand with them. Say they are looking for a better job or seeking employment you can help clean up their resume, talk to people you know, look online or in the classifieds for them, or send them articles that would be of assistance to ace a job interview or networking their career.

It's a way to promote fantastic karma, an improved mood and an act of kindness.
You'll also have fun in the process and touch someone's spirit.

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