Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Into the Unknown I Go..Angels Ahead.

We are like explorers charting places that we expect on our map and others that we aren't aware of discovering or even want to.
I think as humans we like to say that we are the captain of our ships which is true but not really.

We think that we alone solely know what is going to happen or that we'll make it to our destination exactly as we predetermined. What could go array you might ask?
There are many voyages we sail on through but I see how often that the more I think I know the definitive answers or what ought to take place the more off course my ship unravels.

Currently, my ship's compass is cracked and not working...lucky for me, huh? The weather has been nothing but storms, sharks surround my ship teasing me with fear than leaving, I have horrid sea sickness, ill waters will not go away, scarcity of food, rough waters, and rumor of a giant octopus that wants to destroy this already broken down ship which I have no extra loot to repair.

Who remains with me..my loyal ship mates of course! They include a few trusted friends, family, angels hidden as seagulls that fly overhead, a Higher Power, and other loves. Without them I'm sure I would have fed myself to those sharks and abandoned ship.

Am I happy with how treasures I saw at X marks the spot have yet to be revealed? No, not at all.
I feel drunk(I know how original a drinker and a sea captain..) with incoherence.

Do I think that I'm wasting my time on the water and should divert these hopes?
Yep, I do think that.

I'm unable to know where I'm headed even though I thought I would have a life that was not like this.

I've heard of other captains that come back to the ports with lavish treasures, easy money, love, and they got it all by lying, stealing, and be morally unethical.
That doesn't go down as just in my diary I keep on the long days and nights out at sea.

But, at least my Nautical Telescope works so I can see the stars at night and glowing moon despite the foggy clouds.

Until then we all must venture on despite what we will find or don't.

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