Sunday, June 5, 2011

Working Pro-Bono for Angels

Yep, angels often have us work pro-bono on cases unofficially. So, that time you decided to stay overtime at work with no pay just to make sure things got done you can say thanks to the angels.
Maybe you have a memory where you took the blame for something or lied to protect another while the repercussions came boomeranging over to you...the angels instigated that one too.

I will say this pro-bono cases are often the most challenging if not devastating or stressful, but they do pay a high bonus in the Spirit Compensation area.
You don't always quote on quote have a victory, but that's not why it's there.
It's so one can express their inner goodness and use it to distribute features of angels like sweetness, authenticity, truth, caring, giving, or justice.

Don't get down on yourself because most humans derived from the Angelic Family Tree never feel like they are not worthy of a thing let alone assistance.
They also have a sensitivity so deep that it can overwhelm quickly if not soothed with natural substances like essential oils, flower essences, relaxing tunes, cocoon time, the creative arts, soul text, healing devices like crystals, meditation, and exercise, and reconnecting with their own angels and beings of light.

Just remember this Pro-Bono cases that lawyers take on or any job for that matter can be daunting, but they show you are very much capable of great things and a powerhouse too!

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