Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Memo Reminder....

If the angels were to leave you a quick message before you started out your day or ended your night it would probably go a little something like this…..

 Give the angels every care and worry
when you're not sure what to do,
They absolutely love & adore you!
The angels are listening to your every plea,
They'll send you comfort and blessings when
you cannot see.
Have some patience and a little belief,
They'll make sure your troubles turn a new

A Sweet Elixir Prayer for Your Beloved Angel

You may want to hold an image
of a guardian angel or some other
angel symbol while you recite this

Oh loving angel,
Carry me through,
Even when I don't know
what to do.
Comfort me out
of the depths of
Remind me of
the blessings
I have in my life,
To help me not
feel sad
about any
seeming strife.
Please send
me something sweet.
So I can become upbeat
and not feel defeat.

You will be delivered sweetness. Get ready!