Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Tale of Skulls & Angels: What to bury, what to birth.

Tomorrow is All Hallow's Eve or Halloween as it's called followed by All Saints Day.
Traditionally this day is associated with the dawn of a new year arising on November 1st and it also being the time where you can more easily reach out to the astral world that is filled by angels, guides, saints, ancestors, and those whom have crossed over.

The important thing is to utilize this energy while it's here and make it work to your prayer point vantage. By that I am going to give a fun, yet powerful exercise you can do tomorrow night.

We all have tales in life. Some are haunting, others wacky, or they can be quite moving.

The important thing is to bury those bag of bones (what has diminished you) where they a coffin to lay to rest. Than let the angels help minister the birth of a new life for you.

What you will require:

Black Cardstock
White Cardstock
Hole Puncher
Favorite Candy/and or sweets

Firstly, trace freehand with your pencil skulls and bones from the white cardstock and than angels. Make sure they are big enough for you to write a few key phrases, symbols, and words on. Than you will want to cut it out. Preferably, you will want about 10-15 each. You can use more than that if you want. Than put aside.

Now, on black cardstock paper trace the shape of a coffin to go with your skulls and bones. You will need two to make one coffin since you are going to put it together, staple it on both sides, and leave the top at the opening untouched to insert the skulls and bones into. Make sure it's large enough to fit all of your skulls and bones.

On your skulls and bones write down what needs to exit out of your life. For example you can make a smiley face with the mouth upside down and put unhappiness.
It's your choice of how it looks or what it will read.

Once you finish put every last skull and bone into the coffin and say with power,

"This is what I lay to rest, you are dead do not protest. Go away, you are not welcome here. Never again come near. Not another peep or fear. Angels, I greet thee to take these decayed skulls and bones away, please let them not get in the way. Amen."

Then, it is time for you to take those angels and inscribe what you want to welcome into your life with grateful arms.

So, if it's more love you can write, "More healthy, beautiful, respectful love from family, friends, and romantic partner."

You can also just write Blessings and put a rainbow underneath it. Whatever feels and looks right for you.

After you are done with your angels poke a hole at the very top of their head with a hole puncher, tie and than do it with each one so they are all on the same line of ribbon because you are going to be hanging them up.

As you tack them up in a space that you can( note: if you don't have a place you can hang these angels than instead put them in a globe shaped envelope made from cardstock to resemble the earth. Use light-blue and than color in with brown and green to resemble land. Staple around the edges and leave slit wide enough at the top so your angels can slip through as simple of growth with the angels being the seeds.) state,

"Angels, here is what I want to grow, let it birth so beautiful fast or slow. Whatever way you see fit, let it come to me in a blessed sift. Make them each arise, like the splendid sunrise. Watch over each with special protection, Deliver to me with love and affection. Show me what I need to see, let me know each step so I have the key. So it is! Amen."

Then you want to take the sweets of your choosing and let yourself indulge in them. Make a hot beverage of your liking to pair it with whether it be cider, hot chocolate, coffee, tea or any other drink you prefer.

You will want to recite, "Like these treats, I want to experience the sweet side of human living; let me have peace with all that is given. Heaven you are filled with such sweetness, let me be filled with strength, not weakness. Amen."

You can certainly always make up your own words or way of doing this exercise as this is just a format you can alter to your preferences.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How To Make An Angel Wish Fulfillment Tree

Image Copyright © "The Spiritual Woman Ltd"

This is a magical, fun way to make angel wishes. You can use a small fake tree for this project and either homemade angel ornaments or ones you find at the Dollar Store, Goodwill,etc. You will take down your wants to the angel and hang them up on the tree.


*Faux pine tree
or other faux tree

*Star or Angel Topper

*White mini Christmas tree lights
if it's not already pre-lit

*Pretty scarf for tree skirt

*Clear globe ornaments

*Angelic confetti, tinsel colors of
variety of color like silver, green, red,
angel trinkets

*Ribbon to string through ornaments
and hang or hooks

*Angel figurines/statues to decorate
base of tree with

When filling up each clear ornament you'll want to use the tinsel that relates to your intended purpose. There is pink if you want some more lovin' of any kind, red for passion. You can add gold and green tinsel together if you need some extra cash.

If you prefer not to do this yourself than get ornaments that represent closely a theme of what you want or get angel ones that you'll say your wishes directly to.

Here is what you will state:

"Dearest Angels, Archangels, and Divine Spirit,

Help make this wish come true. (Name it in detail present tense)
Let it turn out amazing too!
Guide me what actions need to be taken,
Make it very loud so I'm not mistaken!

So it is.

Once you are done with each one of your wishes and hanging up your ornaments you are going to have your very own Tree Lighting Ceremony like they do at Rockefeller Center in NYC.

Say this prayer first and than switch the lights on.

"I call upon the angels, archangels, and Divine Spirit to bless this Angel Wish Fulfillment Tree. Let each wish grow delightfully. Help me to release all fear and to know that you are near. Cradle my every hopeful wish, Serve it on a platter that is blissfully delish."

Turn on the switch and admire your tree. Each time you put the lights you can recite this prayer and imagine all the good things you will bring about for the coming year.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Positive Affirmations Digital Download Giveaway

Inspirational Speaker, Author, Psychic, Medium, Teacher Sunny Dawn Johnston of the soon to be released Invoking The Archangels - A Nine-Step Process To Heal Your Body, Mind and Soul has been so wonderful in offering up a digital download of her Positive Affirmations CD!

Description of the prize from her Sunlight Alliance Online Store:

Developing a positive mindset is one of the most powerful life strategies there is. Using powerful positive thinking techniques, visualizations and positive affirmations, it is possible to achieve whatever you want.

In this new CD release, Sunny and Kris team up to bring you an audio experience that offers words of wisdom and vibrational music that will permeate your consciousness and fill you with hope and inspiration. You can start your day off with a gentle, meditative, relaxed journey, or an energetic beat that moves your Spirit to these positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are a powerful way to re-program any negative thoughts you may have about your life. Developing a positive mindset is one of the most powerful life strategies there is. Using powerful positive thinking techniques, visualizations and positive affirmations, it is possible to achieve whatever you want. We look forward to supporting you in creating the positive changes you desire and helping you to develop peace of mind.

You can go over here now to buy Positive Affirmations or enter below using Rafflecopter! Good luck!

Monday, October 24, 2011

World Prayer

"Beloved Angels, Archangels, and the Nine Angelic Choirs:
Hold our fragile earth in the embrace of God's ever powerful Love and Protection. Place the seed of hope back into our wounded hearts and spirits. Help to lift the despair that is felt so deeply among the world. Minister healing to those who are in darkness and let them be bathed in light. Send the many earth angels who work for God the qualities of faith, trust, strength, and perseverance despite the suffering they encounter. Bless those who have lost their homes, loved ones, jobs, freedoms, who are struggling to hold on..please send them assistance, and tools to heal their lives and rebuild them with the foundation of faith that all will flourish again in alignment with God's graces. Amen."

Copyright © Lisa Owens October 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Granting Angel Wings

The Queen of England often knights people but there are certain people that ought to be suited with angel wings.

You can give out angel wings to people that you believe have acted as such or wish them to know what they do has a great meaning to you.

Many people are unaware that they are the angels entertaining strangers and friends alike.

I know of many angels in my own life they wouldn't even consider themselves heroic, or saintly. But, they constantly step up to help out or do it without thought.

You can buy them a guardian angel pin and write or type up a diploma that you are awarding them with official angel wings for their honest works.

Let them know how truly special they are and even without physical wings you can see them.

Hold up the mirror so you can help them recognize the reflection of an angel that is there.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

All Angel Gifts Presents Gate of Healing Angel Wall Art Giveaway!

Hey Everyone,

I promised more goodies and my favorite store All Angel Gifts is providing! Briana at All Angel Gifts has been an angel once again and is giving one lucky reader of my blog a chance to win their brand NEW Gate of Healing Angel Wall Art. All Angel Gifts has plenty of products like angel statues, ornaments, worry stones, angel boxes pendants, and other inspiring gifts that your family and friends are sure to fall in heaven with!

Here are the details and a picture of the prize.

Name: Gate of Healing Angel Wall Art
Manufacturer: AngelStar
Prize Value: $29.95
Material: Resin Polystone - Antique Lace Finish
Resin Polystone is a combination of stone/pvc which is easily moldable and also allows for high level of detail.

Who wouldn't this gorgeous piece of art adorning their wall? Imagine how beautiful it would look in a bedroom, living room, hallway, or as you enter the home.

You can get one here now or enter below using Rafflecopter.

I dialed the is the message they left.

Open Your Arms to Receive

   The universe is constantly giving to you in ways both small and large. When someone offers to assist you, buys you lunch, or hands you a gift, open your arms to receive. The more that you say yes to blessings, the more the universal energy freely flows to and through you. When you push away proffered help, you close the door to this abundance.
Today, open your arms to welcome any gifts that come your way, and say yes to the universal flow. Allow yourself to be helped, loved, and pampered ... let yourself receive.

Thought for Today

I accept all the blessings that life offers me. It is safe for me to receive, and I open my arms fully to welcome the universe's gifts of love.

Copyright © 2006 by Doreen Virtue taken from Daily Guidance from Your Angels 4 Color Gift Edition by Doreen Virtue

Calling All Angels Book Review

Calling All Angels!: 57 Ways to Invite an Angel into Your Life (paperback) by Joyce Keller

Publisher: Adams Media Publishing
Price: $9.95
260 pages
ISBN: 9781580624299
Black and White Pictures of Angels

Calling All Angels!: 57 Ways to Invite an Angel into Your Life by Joyce Keller is a rare find in the angel book world. Joyce Keller is an astrologer, radio show host, TV Personality, psychic, and best selling author that has written for the National Enquirer, Lifetime, has appeared numerous times on such shows like Entertainment Tonight, and personally endorsed by Regis Philbin.

Her angel book discusses the STAR method of praying which was passed down to her by Father Boucher the head priest at St. Anne's Shrine Isle La Motte. STAR stands for:

S upplication
T hankfulness
A doration
R epentance

To read the full extent of which of these stands for you'll have to pick up the book.

She asked God many times to be able to see one of her highest angels and was granted her prayer. The picture she received from her angel is even in the book.

Joyce talks about her own angel miraculous angel encounters including a healing at St. Anne's Shrine where an angel whispered to her what to do, how she was woken up to prevent a fire from befalling her childhood home, and when she needed her scissors sharpened after they wore out from a rug she was trimming for her new house the surprising way an angel showed to answer her small but needed request.

What I enjoyed about this book are the many in she uses to give one an idea of what kind of atmosphere angels are attracted to and how to get your prayers answered or an angel's attention(one of them includes ringing a bell) and the power in repeating mantras. She explains the importance of thanks and how to reach angels by setting up a holy space in one's room and also why bad things go on in the world.

There are 57 prayers which cover such topics as finding employment, prosperity, success, weight loss, marriage proposal, overcome depression, to locate missing people, animals, or objects, restore faith in God, overcoming fear, improving relations with children, clearing and exorcism for one's house, protection, hearing angels, seeing angels and additional topics that we deal with on earth that aren't always so heavenly.

Each prayer is a short, rhyming mantra to a target group of angels that you will say and than write on a 3 by 5 index card.

Here is an excerpt below from page 49:

For Travel Protection

Dear Angels of Travel,
Planes, cars, trains, ships,
Give me complete protection
For both long and short trips.

PRAYER Before getting on a plane, train, ship, or car ask the angels of travel to surround the conveyance with their full angelic protection, and to bathe it completely in God's white light.

MANTRA Use this mantra before taking any trips.

MEDITATION Before or during the travel experience, clearly envision yourself arriving safely at your destination. Actually see yourself walking off the plane or leaving the ship.

ATTITUDE Your attitude should be one of gratitude for a safe, enjoyable trip.

ATMOSPHERE Use jasmine and peppermint aromatherapy body oils.

SUBSTANCES If you are afraid to travel, Bach Flower Rescue Remedy will usually remove all fear.

CRYSTALS & GEMS A sugilite crystal helps to bring serenity when traveling because of it's great protective qualities. Religious medals are also helpful.

Copyright © 1998, 2000 Joyce Keller

You will want to take this book with you wherever you go.

I was not financially rewarded to provide this review. All thoughts are my own.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Doors to the Soul DVD for Automatic Chakra Balance Review & Giveaway

Dyan Garris of Voice of the Angels is giving away another outstanding product for you all to enjoy from her Webshop. This time it's her Doors to the Soul DVD for Automatic Chakra Balance that is a retail value of $24.99.

Part of the Spiritual Toolbox™ for relaxation, spiritual transformation, Automatic Chakra Balance™ help in sleeping and vibrational attunement of mind, body, and spirit by Dyan Garris. This is relaxation DVD, not an instruction video. It will automatically balance your chakras in about 10 minutes and keeps on working all day. Watch a one minute clip here:

I don't know about you but when it comes to Chakra Health Care I am not too good at doing it. There are guided meditations, but I find visualizing the colors or chakra themselves very difficult. This also makes it even more frustrating to balance and clear and I can't concentrate. The other issue is that most of these can be pretty time consuming to do each chakra..not anymore!
Housewives, business saavy people, curious exploers Dyan Garris has made from her spiritual toolbox the Doors to the Soul DVD for Automatic Chakra Balance that lasts for 9:52 minutes with visual, and music to cleanse your chakras in under ten minutes!
I felt a lot of tingling in my throat, chest, and then tugging in my head and third eye as I watched it. It was very relaxing and my eyes got quite the show. It was easy too. It didn't much effort to complete which I'm all about.
If you just can't wait to get this DVD head over to Dyan's store here for one.

If you can wait and are feeling extra lucky enter in for the giveaway to give your chakra's one spa of a treat!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Angelic Awakenings Log File...journaling angels.

You are going to be keeping Angel Tabs like a scoreboard in the back of a journal that will be called, "Angelic Awakenings Log File."

What you need a is writing utensil, angel postcards, favorite inspiring quotes, and keeping a log file of what angelic awakenings are happening to you.

The angels do give surprises in moments you least anticipate them or are highly doubtful of anything good ever happening in your life again.

Number 1. To make this effective you will want to invoke the angels by writing a prayer each day or an inspirational quote. Put the date at the top. For instance if you are having a rough day you can write down an Archangel Michael Decree or if you are having issues with abundance a prayer to Archangel Barachiel. You can also write down a specific angel number as written in Doreen Virtue's book Angel Numbers 101 to attract a certain outcome. So if you are needing more angels write down the number 444 at the top which means, "Thousands of angels surround you at this moment, loving and supporting you. You have a very strong and clear connection with the angelic realm, and are an Earth angel yourself. You have nothing to fear—all is well."

Number 2. Draw an angel and in the center make a heart. Fill it in with a word or a few words of what you qualities you want the angels to present you with for that day or week(depends if you are going to write in it everyday or weekly). Give them a chance to deliver what you are asking at a later date or see how it slowly comes into your life. Don't make haste, but wait for them to do their thing in all that celestial glory.
You can write down "More Love in My Life" or "Peace Of Mind."

Number 3. Now what you will do is ask the angels for a symbol of what they want you to know about your day. You can do this by easily saying this prayer four times: "Heavenly Hosts, give me a symbol to let me know, what this day/and or night will bring, what you will show. Amen." Maybe you will draw down a shape, an animal, or a thing. Whatever it is see how it might apply to your day or night. Then review it later on. Your intuition will be your guide as to what it means. You can certainly apply for the angels discernment in what they are trying to let you know. Another request to say four times is, "Heavenly Hosts, I'm not sure what the symbol you sent me is trying to say, please help me to decipher it's message before I go down to lay. Amen."

Number 4. The angel post cards will be to deliver in mysterious spots anonymously while you are out running errands, leaving in a neighbor's mailbox, or putting down on your place of worship with a message from your favorite scripture, or thought that brings you a smile. You can also pour out whatever words you feel inspired to script such as, "Fear Not blessed one. The angels love you and are taking care of all your worries. Have Faith." This is way to pave a road to attract more angels your way because you are aligning yourself with their divine behavior.

Number 5. At the end of the day notice if angels visited you..maybe you felt more alive with energy or not as concerned with what to do. Did you gain aid that you thought was improbable? Maybe you were wealthy that day by receiving a thoughtful compliment. Log it down.

Number 6. Overtime you can add more to your Angelic Awakenings Log File by cutting out pictures that are angel implied or pictures of things you want the angels to pay attention to of what you desire.

Talking To Angels: Feeling Safe -

Here is a message of mine featured on Beliefnet's Angels Page. Talking To Angels: Feeling Safe -