Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Angel Headline for October

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Angel of Courage

Do not let fear rule.
You have the strength
To go forward.

This translates that for the calendar dates in October to stand up for yourself, people will come to your defense when in need or standing in as protectors, extra angels to protect you, Archangel Michael present and to call on him more, things changing for the better, a time of greatness for your creative projects, and letting go of that which no longer serves your life.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Easy Breezy Guardian Angel Invocation

Guardian angel, by Pietro da Cortona, 1656

Have you been neglecting your guardian angel lately? How about you reconnect with this easy, gentle, quick prayer. To keep your guardian angel with you, you might want to wear a bracelet or necklace with an angel, a guardian angel pin, or angel stone. Talk to your angel as you would a good friend because they are indeed your friends. Think of them like a therapist only they don't charge you for their services...well actually they just want a bit of love from your end, and appreciation. I'm sure you'll be happy to pay them.

To my loving guardian angel I ask for your speedy intervention,
Please help me out of my faithless attention.
Rub your ethereal wings right into my heart,
Let pain I carry drain from its cart.
Bring to me your angel soother,
Make it abrupt destruction so things for me become smoother.

Check out Award Winning Author Catherine Wishart's blog, Your Psychic Destiny, with her article on guardian angels here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sick With a Case of the Dark Angels?

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We all go through times when our souls get soot upon them and we can transform into a Dark Angel. It's okay to be this way but once we recognize these characteristics, which I'll be listing below and face them it will expel those behaviors out of your system boosting those white blood cells(no mistake they are white..angel glow much?) you will return back to being an angel with lighter qualities. We also have to not put down our Dark Angel side because this means you are not feeling your best and need to be held with love.

Symptoms of Coming Down With a Case of the Dark Angels

*Being very angry

*Not believing in angels, God, or virtues like faith, hope, love

*Want to give up on everything

* Self destructive tendencies like not going after a desired goal

*Severe jealousy of what others have and you know deserve but have yet to acquire

*Rebellious attitude

*Cursing a lot

*Act mean towards those whom care about you

*Not accepting love

*Refusing any type of assistance or not asking for any

*Creating chaos for others or yourself

Medicine for Dark Angel Syndrome:

Buy yourself Dark Chocolate or make hot chocolate You may also like to scream with all your might in a private place, go boxing or punch a pillow, hike on a natural trail, see a counselor or therapist, use chakra clearing methods either with crystals or guided meditations, take plenty of cap naps, a time out with quiet, use colorful pens to draw and make poetry in a notebook and treat yourself with compassion.

I have yet to read Debbie Ford's, "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers" but I hear it's excellent for overcoming the Dark Angel Syndrome.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Prayer Care: Angels Will Be There!

Prayers are simply requests for intercession to a source of higher component not made of physical mater like you or are I.
You ask for what you feel you are needing and the angels will deliver in a combination of methods that I will go over.

Prayer Request Sample 1:

You really need money to cover a bill but you have none. You ask the angels to please help you with being able to get the money or pay it.

They may:

Give you an intuitive signal of what needs to be done. Perhaps out of the blue you think to sell some jewelry you have lying around, host a garage sale and publicize it through Craigslist, you get a person pop into your head to borrow money from, or someone gives you advice of what to do without asking.

Prayer Request Sample 2:

You get in a fight with a friend and you confide in the angels how upset you are and want to be friends with this person and get along again.

They may:

Give you the feeling to give that friend space and that it will be alright. Send you an idea to write a card or note to say you are sorry. Perhaps the angels tell you to let it go for now and your friend will get into contact with you.

Prayer Request Sample 3:

You feel uneasy and are scared your home might be broken into or something detrimental will occur to your house.

You request the angels for their intervention to protect and watch over your house, possessions, and keep everything secure regardless.

They may:

Instruct you to change your batteries to your fire alarms and if you don't have them in place to get your landlord to buy them or for you to. You may receive a feeling that you need an electrician to fix what you believe could cause a potential hazard, acquire an alarm system, guard dog(perhaps you'll adopt one that will be your pet) or change to stronger locks. You will be given peace and confirmation that you are being looked over by trustful knowing, or vibrations in your heart.

Prayer Notes:

Many instances angels will come through people they send, an article of clothing with a number on it or word like angels(one time I saw a Los Angeles Angels Logo T-Shirt out of nowhere), a person insisting on helping you even if you try to refuse, meeting a new acquaintance that can you specifically help of what you are searching for. However, angels can also deliver through other ways like making things run better in your daily chores, or give you a break.


Calling All Angels: 57 Ways to Invite an Angel into Your Life by Joyce Keller

The Gentle Way: A Self Help Guide For Those Who Believe In Angels by Tom T. Moore

Divine Guidance: How to Have a Dialogue with God and Your Guardian Angels by Doreen Virtue

AngelsTeach Free Discover Your Angels E-Course

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Angel Headline for September

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Angel of Grace

You will be blessed
With a kind action of

This means for the rest of the month of September be on the lookout for angels in disguise, especially kind gestures, thoughtfulness from others both those you know and those you have yet to meet,being divinely touched such as what you call blessings coming out of nowhere, and positive forces around you.

Life Purpose Oracle Cards Review

Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
Publisher: Hay House July 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4019-2475-1
Price: $15.95

The Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue are a deck specifically targeted to help one gain clarity on why they are here.

Doreen made these cards as this is one of the top questions she gets asked as to what someone's Life Purpose is.

"Before you were born, you worked with your angels to orchestrate a life mission that would help others and be emotionally rewarding. This role also ensures soul growth for you and comes with a guarantee that you'll be completely supported as you fulfill it." excerpted from pages 1&2 of guidebook Copyright © 2011 Doreen Virtue

I had to laugh because when I shuffled these cards and inquired about what my Life Purpose is I pulled three times the Author card and Writing. I often thought that is what my life purpose is and it's what I'm doing now.

There are 44 cards in total with themes such as Artist, Creative Expression, Healer, Travel, Light and Love, Music, School, Oracle Cards, Talk to Your Angels, Freedom, Yoga, Family, Sensitivity, You're on the Right Path, Justice, Animals, Books, Crystals, Body Work, and Infinite Abundance.

Here a four images from the deck:

With the visuals from artists Wendy Andrews, Audrey Rawlings Arena, Caroly Heyer, Marius Michael-George, Howard David Johnson, Savannah Roy, and Corey Wolfe they really do paint a vivid picture great for divine interpretation with the usual gorgeous paintings we come to see on all of Doreen Virtue's decks over the years.

The guidebook shows one how to formulate your questions, clearing the deck, using a prayer to the Archangel Michael who governs over the area of life purpose to help with your oracle sitting, shuffling the cards, what certain cards might mean on an intuitive level, and of course the full text meanings of each card.

Doreen has really created a special deck here that will give you ease and fulfillment of what you are truly meant here to do.

At no time was I financially rewarded to give positive feedback. All views in this review are my own.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th-Remember the Power of Love

Today is the 10th anniversary of September 11th. I want us all to take a moment to send healing prayers out into this world for those who lost a loved one, who were personally involved and also for all of humanity. Our prayers do sow patches of hope in our torn world.

"God, Archangels, Angels, The 9 Angelic Choirs, Jesus Christ, Blessed Virgin Mary,
So many have been touched by tragedy, violence, and anguish.
Today on the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11th we ask that you gather around those
who are still suffering with trauma and pain from these events; may they be bathed in your protection and love. Help them to have peace once again and to know that all is not lost.
For those that face violence and terrorism in their daily living we ask that you grant them protection, and to help them come up with peaceful solutions that will put an end to the extreme hate that is fueled by not understanding another person whose views, race, or gender are not the same as their own.
Dissipate the fears that are so prevalent in adding to the stronghold of ignorance.
May this earth and all of it's occupants be radiated with hope, strength, determination, and trust so that we always keep love in the forefront of our hearts and spirits.
Help us to believe that true love is not severed by passing, but exists for the rest of time.
Send assistance to all of those who mourn as you promised that they too shall be surrounded by comfort. Give them understanding.

I wanted to write a short message that although it is much easier to hate, it is better to hold onto love. I am reminded that love and unity can overcome.
We are here for each other and not just for ourselves. It is our ability to reach out and touch one another that demonstrates what is most important.

I do believe that our souls live forever as does the love we hold for those that have crossed on.

I am reminded of the quote said by Patrick Swayze in the film Ghost. His character Sam speaks to his girlfriend Molly for one last time before he goes to the light and tells her, "It's amazing Molly the love inside you take it with you." Love cannot be destroyed..EVER. It matters not the circumstances because love is a force that remains.

I wanted to add this poem by Mary Frye to sum up that all those who were taken have really not gone away.

Do not stand at my grave and weep,
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft starlight at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.

Reach out and grab each other's hands,
Take a stand for love
which shows humanity's heart beats as one.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Talking With Angels: Message On God -

Please check out my article featured on Beliefnet about what angels have to say on the big GOD. Talking With Angels: Message On God -

Friday, September 2, 2011

Recognizing Moments of Angelic Assistance: Healing Yourself with Light Book Excerpt

The following is an excerpt from pages 11 and 12 of LaUna Huffines, "Healing Yourself With Light: How to Connect With the Angelic Healers" that I thought was an especially helpful message.

"You may have met the angels during an emergency.

When time seems to stop and you are aware of what to do to get yourself out of a difficult situation, a group of angels may save your life even if you do no consciously recognize their presence. In a fraction of a second, you may be lifted out of a potential life-or-death situation or be taken out of time and suspended in air to prevent an accident. Rarely do you have any idea this is happening; you may feel as if you are making brilliant decisions that provide all the right moves to save you. You may feel inspired and clearheaded when only a moment before you had no idea what to do. Or you make a split-second decision to run, to jump, or to turn around abruptly that later shows you were sensing events that were about to take place. Angels frequently take action just before an accident that would have taken place without their intervention or their warning you to be more alert.

Angels often put new ideas into your mind when you feel trapped in a situation or an illness and can see no way out. Think of a time when you were really low or sick and suddenly you were able to turn things around-as if something changed within you and you knew just what to do. This is the work of the angels. They leave you with free will to choose, which is the basis of the human evolution, yet they offer you choices that you didn't recognize before. They open a higher way out of an entanglement or an illness." Text copyright © 1995 LaUna Huffines

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beachy Keen..Oceanful of Angel Wing Shells

Everyone knows about Snow Angels during Winter, but how bout Sand Angels for Summer?

See if you can collect some angel wing shells or find ones that really speak to you.
You can turn the seashells into necklaces, bracelets, a trinket box, place in a vase with sand or candles or decorate them on a frame.

Make Sand angels just as you would with Snow angels. Then, take a snapshot of it and post the Sand Angel as the background of your computer.

There are angels that are a part of the beach, the water, the shells. All the elementals are present there including water, earth, air, and fire(sun) so it can be enriching to your health. Call on them to join you so you have an ultra relaxing time.

If you can't get to the beach bring it's surroundings to you. Perhaps you will want to take a sea salt or epsom salt bath, buy sand and make a mini garden sandbox, go in your pool or a friend's. You can even light some all natural sea breeze candles, Ocean Incense/aromatherapy spray, and put on a CD of ocean waves sounds. Make sure to invite in the sun too by sitting in your yard and opening up the shades in your home.

Have a Beachy Keen venture!