Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Artful Prayer For Friendship

This is a quick prayer that combines arts n crafts. These two energies together make for a very powerful kick on the prayer conveyer belt to give a boost with creativity and making this yourself filling it with your Spiritual DNA Code.

Here is what you will need for this recipe:

Two pebbles
Red/Blue thin marker
Pink Paint
Tacky Glue
Pink Glitter
Small piece of Rose Quartz
Pink heart confetti
Pink drawstring mini pouch or pink cloth

Here's what you'll do:

On two pebbles of the approximately the same size sketch out with a thin red or blue marker the outlining of an angel.

Then get your pink paint and brush in the color until it's full. Wait until it dries. Then using glue brush it on the angel wings and put on pink glitter. Shake of excess and wait for that to dry.

Next you are going to take heart confetti you can easily find at the craft store in pink(if you cannot find in that color get white, a clear one, or red) and fill up the mini draw string pouch that you can also get at craft supply stores with heart confetti.

Hold both of these pebbles in your one hand and imagine hundreds of pink hearts surrounding you and the pebbles. This is the divine love of God and the angels filling you and the pebbles with that energy of love.

Than, you want to keep that image and see those two pink angels on the stones rising up out from the pebbles as actual beings on your left and right side holding you and also joining you in your request.

Pray four times:

"Angels of Friendship,
Here's my plead,
Please fulfill this sincere need.
I would like for you to send,
A beautiful, new, loving friend.
May they have a heart of generous stature,
That they are filled with sweetness and joyful laughter.
Have them be a person who is truly kind with morals
and care,
That they be someone who is always fair.
I would like for them also to be open spiritually too,
That they believe in what angels and faith can do.
Help them to see the best in me,
Open up their eyes to recognize my true quality.
Let them be someone who is overflowing with love,
That their genuine nature is calm, peaceful, and like
that of the dove.
Bless our time together may it be positive and fun,
Let us enjoy one another's nature a ton.
Please help us to always get along,
That we sing the same respectful song.
So it is."

Put the pebbles in your pink pouch and add the rose quartz that has been cleansed. Carry this pouch with you wherever you go to draw in friends and friendship
love. The angels will answer you.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Simple Request for Angel Best..Not A Protest!

Here is a speedy invocation you can say when you're pressed for time and need results right then and there or don't have too much time on your hands.

Image from The Christmas Tarot by Corrine Kenner titled "The Angel."

"Dearest Angels,
Please let this situation(insert) turn out well with your glorious blessings.
Thanks for the help. Amen."

Angels Are Forever Gift Kit Review & Giveaway!

Peter Pauper Press has been so lovely to offer up a prize of their Angels Are Forever Gift Kit for one lucky person that I was also sent to review.

Peter Pauper Press was founded in 1928 and is beginning it's 8th decade as one of America's leading publishers of fine gift books, humor books, compact references, travel guides, unique journals, quality stationary, holiday cards, and innovative children's activity books. They publish approximately 100 books and ancillary products per year.

Description of Kit: They inspire, protect, comfort, and guide us along our path. Invite angels into your life with the celestial quotes in the softcover Angels Are Forever book, and with the shimmery angelic ornament within. Claim the heavenly blessings of light and love! 80-page softcover book, Angels are Forever, with angel ornament. Kit measures 3-1/2" wide x 4-1/4" high x 1-1/2" deep.

Price: $7.95

My take on it: This darling of a kit is just too sweet! The box is compact and the book is so precious. It's 80 pages compiled by Esther Beilenson are filled with quotes on angels with colorful, enchanting illustrations by Jenny Faw.

It comes with a small angel ornament whose wings and cloth sparkles! I thought it was very cute. It's definitely something that could be given as a thoughtful stocking stuffer or gift this holiday season. I especially like that it has a bookmark holder for the book so you can leave it on your favorite quote.

Here are just some quotes from the book:

"Where love abounds, angels hover over head." ~Anonymous

"The angels are ordered to answer the prayer of the believers. The angels will hear, and the pendulum will swing (from anger to compassion)."
~Imam Salik

"Angels and ministers of grace defend us." ~William Shakespeare

You can head on over to Peter Pauper Press here to get one of your own or take a chance below to win it using Rafflecopter.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Angels Are Beautiful...

Image from The Christmas Tarot by Corrine Kenner

Angels are beautiful figures and we must also recognize our own inner beauty as they see us as angelic like creatures who are afraid to let our halos shimmer and wings fully spread out to fly. Remember that just as easily as an angel pours out love to your heart with full sincerity so you can do the same for another. Light someone else's candle of faith as an angel holds a flame of hope for you. When a person has lost sight of direction be a star in their night sky illuminating the great qualities they already have..remind them as many forget they have anything to offer or what they truly can do.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love Anthem for the Angels: A Poem

Image from Corrine Kenner's The Christmas Tarot

Just remember that no matter who you are
The angels always look at you like that of a shining star.
They always want for you to be proud,
Stop putting yourself down release it like a cloud.
They touch your hair when you cry even if you don't know,
They pray alongside with you so your spirit will glow.
No matter what is going on or what pain you're in,
The angels cannot be kept out they want you to win!
They love you even though you don't believe it so,
Wrapping their wings around you from head to toe!
Yes, they give you kisses when you're feeling in despair,
Don't count out the angels out for they are really there.
Reflect back to all the incidents where they helped you out,
Even when a petition or hardship seems to go unanswered subdue that pout.
The angels fight the good fight with you even when you doubt it's a worth a dime,
Your miracles always show up on Heavenly time.
When you can't hold onto faith of a better way,
The angels will hold you up with strength to make it through another day.
Whether you are holding onto fear or depression,
It's best to hand it off to the angels to alleviate that oppression.
Beautiful happenings are still in store for you,
Don't believe otherwise the angels will leave a clue or two to show you this is true.
Although you go through pain and situations that are unjust,
Hold onto the angels..remember In God We Trust.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Angel Wishing Well Giveaway!

Susan Prout angel artist of Angelic Drawings and Angelic Reflections is giving away 2 of her Angel Wishing Wells in Angel of the Cross and Mothers Guardian Angel.

Susan met angels after a NDE she experienced when she was just 4 and 6 years of age. This led her down the path to creating her angel work through the arts and healing. She has such marvelous and endearing products you can view here.

Here are the prizes: Angel Wishing Well

Description: Just the tool you need, your angels are ready and willing to help during our time of need. All we need to know is how to ask.

Did you know angels like to do things in 3’s, inside you will find 3 small stones (quartz crystal, selenite, & angelite, a combination known for helping you connect with your angels), 3 Tibetan silver charms, 3 intention statements for you to make your wish, just complete the statement & know that your angels are there surrounding you with their love.

Imagine the angels already surrounding you. Share your intention as if complete, place it into your wishing well & releaset it to your angels. Trust your Angels to do the rest!

Actual size is 2" x 2" x 1", Retail price is $15.99.

They are all handmade by Susan Prout.

You can get one here for yourself or a friend or enter in below using Rafflecopter. May it rain angel feathers for extra blessings down on you!

Angel Talk on Healing - Beliefnet.com

Image by Baba Studio "Temperance" from The Victorian Romantic Tarot

Please check out the series of Angel Talk I have on Beliefnet. Angel Talk on Healing - Beliefnet.com

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Angel Headline for November

Image by Baba Studio "Empress" from The Victorian Romantic Tarot

Angel of Kindness

Sweet compassion
overflows to you
with merciful splendor.

This signifies that no matter where you are or what is going on in your life there are wonderful people and things that wish to adorn you with empathy and comfort. Though there are sorrows with the frigid temperatures of life there is also warmth that snuggles closely to you. This also means for you to pat yourself on the back, receiving affection from those that genuinely care about you, and to have sweetness for others as sweet happenings will also find you.