Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Angel for Sept. 28-Oct. 11

Angel of Reassurance

ROME - JULY 09:  A smiley face and heart adorns the froth of a cappucino reflecting the romance of Rome on July 9, 2009 in Rome, Italy. With nearly 3000 years of history Rome continues to live up to its motto of The Eternal City for being one of the founding cities of Western Civilisation.  (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

This is from a deck I custom made for myself and I pulled this card from it.

The Angel of Reassurance cusps your heart and mind of any worries and whispers to you, " Do not fear little one, for the angels are within and around you. Please be reassured that you are taking care of. Smile because you've got an angel band rocking out to your very own custom soul! They know you worry more than you should but they are telling you we are here! Believe it."

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's a Wonderful Life

"Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?" ~ Clarence from "It's A Wonderful Life"

Last week I was going through some drama, getting caught up in life as one does, and as I was drifting off to sleep the thought popped into my head of the movie,"It's A Wonderful Life."
More specifically the ending scene where everyone comes to the main character George Bailey's rescue to provide the money that was lost since not having the money would make George wind up in jail and lose the business.

Mr. Potter is his main rival in this movie and comes across this money and is all too happy of George's impending demise. Mr. Potter doesn't speak up and wants bad things for George Bailey since he has such anger, jealousy, and hate in his shut down heart.I am sure you can relate on some level either from your own negative thoughts and those of others.

I forgot all about this movie and I have to say it's message is one that we don't remember enough.

I know that my angels delivered it through claircognizance and wanted me to share this with all of you too.

How many of us have felt like George Bailey wanting to jump off a bridge wishing we had never been alive from the gecko?

Good thing his guardian angel, Clarence, came to show him how everyone's life would not be the same without George ever being there to step in.
This movie shows this is not the answer when the problems keeping piling up and are thrown at you.

I believe that each one of us serves as angels in a physical body and channel spiritual angels assistance to others when they need a helping hand whether it be a smile or money for groceries...just as George Bailey's character is shown throughout his life. He acted as an angelic force in many ways and prevented so many unfortunate events from occurring to the lives of others because he made most of his choices through the standpoint of how an angel would have.

I know life can be tough, it can be incredibly painful..and I'm not saying it's always sunny. There are moments where you want to give up, forget about everything spiritual, and just say whatever. That's fine..we are dealing with a lot of heavy stuff here.

Just know that YOU are important to this planet, people around you, those you help out that maybe don't recognize it or thank you, and the small ways you think don't count(they really do!) even if you think you are little, not as great as the next person..you are special!

Please everyone go watch "It's a Wonderful Life.." that's an angel order!

If you don't have a copy search youtube, the library, a friend..view it whenever you feel like. It doesn't have to be Christmas to enjoy this favorite film from past generations and today..and there's a reason for that!

I can't help but think if the angels themselves led the author Philip Van Doren Stern to write "The Greatest Gift" on which the movie comes from.
I also wonder if the angels made sure this movie was made for the big screen so everyone could remember love and how they are needed in the world exactly how they are now.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Angels, Sometimes I wonder..

Angels, sometimes I wonder about the suffering in the world,
The fear and hatred that feeds off people's hearts,
A child who dies because it was not their fault they were born into poverty,
Or what about the single mother who tries and tries but never gets ahead..
Where are you then?
Are you still there for them..if you are, what are you doing?
Sending them courage and faith to continue on and they just don't recognize it?
How about the person who struggles to find a job in this economy and begs for help with nothing to show for it..
What about the women across the world who are broken down verbally and physically because they were born female in a region where equality does not exist..
Angels, sometimes I wonder if you are really there...
Please let me know..I'm waiting.

Divinely Connected Rune Message for the month of September

Lotus flower

Keywords: Answers within..hear them; compassion and mercy unto you from spirit and humans alike; release from suffering

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Angels, are you sending messages?

I wanted to alert everyone that we do receive intuitive alerts all the time. Most of us are so in our head of over analyzing that we might ignore or completely delete them. We also shift into being afraid because we have no concrete evidence on this earth if we what are getting will turn out well or if it will make us appear to be clueless.

Angels do send guidance through our intuition. I have to tell you lately I look back at many incidents where I did NOT follow what I was given and it really did not go over well. I asked the angels for protection and assistance anyway to help me out of those jams since I behaved like an idiot and realized they were trying to warn me ahead of time. I just didn't want to believe it or gave into the notion of "I don't get guidance..others do but I can't...so whatever."
This is where free will demonstrates a large role in what could possibly occur do to your action of choosing.
Other times angel hits are given so you are well aware beforehand what is going to take place and pass even though you can't change it as much as you want to..you can still add your prayers and ask the angels for their blessings.
It won't be such a huge shock to the system as it would have had you not been prepared.

For other events you may get nothing and it makes me wonder..why?
Maybe for whatever reason it would not be for your highest purpose to know or you need to develop your strengths and lessons to further the progress of your soul.

Remember..people around you might disagree and come up with excuses like, "You can't do that! It's stupid." or "Have you lost your mind?.." and your response should be, "Yes, I'm listening to my intuition for once!"

I am still learning and have ways to go on how my angels talk to me and what they are trying to show me.

Being a human can be a challenging role to live out and it can also pour onto you many guises of enrichment.

Here's a statement to use when you feel you may have acted a bit naughty and put a huge X over your intuitive marks:

"Dear Angels, I really messed up big time over(explain about what)! I should have listened, but I didn't. I ask for you to protect me since I acted without following the guidance provided and show me if there's anything I can do to improve the outcome. If not, please send me assistance so I can be at peace with what I have done and to make sure to stand by my guidance next time around. Let me hear you and not allow others to influence me in a negative manner. Thank you Angels!"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In a Joking Mood

full length shot of a young adult female angel as she float through the air with her wings

Here's a corny joke I made for all of you to hopefully smile at.

Who's there.
Halo, who?
Halo, is it me you're looking for? (after Lionel Ritchie's hit song..makes me laugh!)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ask and It Shall Be Given

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Jesus likes to tell jokes! You know how I know because of what happened two days ago.
I am not going to lie..things were seriously detrimental..and the money situation here was bad..really BAD. No money for groceries, or the bills..things were going to be turned off.

Two days before I had found a large portrait of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
I had actually requested to Jesus "Hey, I would love to have a beautiful portrait of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for my altar but I don't have the money to get one right now. Can you please send me one?"
Something made me wander down do the basement, pulled me to the corner by the dryer,and look through a pile of papers to sort through and voila I found a brand new picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that I am assuming someone had bought and forgotten all about.

So, I rescued him from the scraps.

Then, I got the idea I should light candles in front of his picture and ask every being for help with money. I am talking Mary, Lakshmi, Archangel Barakiel, Angels of Abundance, Angels of Money, Angels of Food; I was saying mantras and affirmations from different religions; I kept envisioning the money coming in and stating, "Money Money come our way, Money Money come today!"

However, I kept telling Jesus how serious the situation was, how he provided miracles especially with materializing finances and food..so I thought he's the perfect ascended master to contact and could he please do the same for us.
After the candle went out I went into a peaceful state. I didn't know how but a deep serene presence washed over me and I got hit with the thought of everything will work out, the money is there and you will all be fine.
When I woke up from this slumber I found myself going back into fear. I went over by my bookshelf to grab a book. I opened this book not realizing months before I had stashed a picture of Jesus in it as a bookmark. It fell onto the floor and on it was Jesus opening his arms wide. It read," Ask and It Shall Be Given."

I started laughing in disbelief. "No way!" were the thoughts that came through my mind.
Was this a sign from him letting me know it was taken care of?

I wasn't convinced until my mom came home from work and said,"I cannot believe this right now..the money that was owed was put into my account."
Jesus..you are one funny and loving guy!
There were also plenty of earth angels in the process who were requesting the angels for help..thank you to Catherine, Yancey, and Corr..I'm sure there were others thank you too!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Divinely Connected Runes Message for Sept. 7-13

Hand with eye

The rune chosen was the Hand of Protection and the keywords are: physical security; no more worries; pray; truth

Friday, September 3, 2010

The Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides, & Ascended Masters Book Review

The Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides, & Ascended Masters: A Guide to 200 Celestial Beings to Help, Heal, and Assist You in Everyday Life by Susan Gregg

Publisher: Fair Winds Press
June 2008
New Age
Price: $22.99 paperback
ISBN: 978-1-59233-343-1
320 pages
100 illustrations

The Encyclopedia of Angels, Spirit Guides, & Ascended Masters: A Guide to 200 Celestial Beings to Help, Heal, and Assist You in Everyday Life by Susan Gregg is designed like an Encyclopedia. It is divided into three color-coded sections to show when you enter a new category along with a short introduction.
The first part Archangel and Angels include Bath Kol, Barakiel, Gadiel, Guardian Angels, Jaoel, Emmanuel, Jeduthun, etc. Next are Saints where you will read up on Saint Bernadette, St. Agatha, Gregory the Wonder Worker, Saint Columba, Saint Ambrose, Anthony of Padua, Bridget of Sweden, Saint Alexis, etc. Lastly, the Ascended Masters, Spirit Guide, and Master Teachers that are Brahma, Hekate, Vishnu, Great Spirit, The Great Mother, Valkyries, Atlas, Ixchel, etc.

I would have preferred seeing their names done in alphabetical order but it doesn't make it a problem to navigate through as there is a Table of Contents in the beginning to find what you are looking for.

What I love about this particular book on Ascended Masters and Angels are the STUNNING illustrations recreated by Wendy Edelson of traditional and famous paintings done before of Mother Mary, Padre Pio, St. Christopher, Lakshmi, as well as newer versions of classics. When my mom flipped through the book she said this is so beautiful and it does make you stop as you get transfixed on these color renditions. I really appreciate having full length images to connect to El Morya, Mary, Lakshmi, Ministering Angels, Isis, Cupid, Moses, Lao-Tze, Mother Teresa, Zeus, Ra, Thor, Buddha, Merlin, Krishna and many more!!

You can see some image shots by visiting Google Book Search here.

However, I was disappointed that not everyone had a picture to go with them as I was expecting such as Jesus, Rainbow People, Mahatma Gandhi, Sybil, The Fates, White Fire Eagle. It's just my bias opinion since I am a visual person. You can always do a search to find these images or let your imagination takeover of what you want them to appear as.

You will get the name of the being, associated culture, a list of things they can assist one with, a simple invocation and action to call on them directly which is unique for the 200 benevolent entities spotlighted inside this book that could be as simple as lighting a candle, holding a crystal, singing your request, writing it down on paper, biographical information done in such a concise, thorough, lively way, and how you can expect them to answer you or what might happen when they are interacting.

Each one left me interested and learning things I never knew especially that there is a divine force to help with EVERYTHING!

I can attest to the one day I called on the angel, Theliel, who can intervene when you want to cool down during a heat wave and our area had a serious one! I had overlooked the part where Susan explains when he is hovering around you will find a black feather. Now, that day I opened up my closet door and out fell my Halloween Black Angel Wings. One of the feathers came out of it and landed on the floor. I shoved the wings back inside and picked up the black feather and kept it on top of my clothes I was sorting through. Later on when I glanced again on Theliel I could not believe the sentence that points out that very event of a black feather signaling he is there..I had to read it over a few times before I thought..whoa!!
I was able to deal with the hot temperature and the weather cooled down after that.

Every person would be wise to investigate and buy a copy for yourself, family, and friends if you are curious about other deities, or ones you are familiar with this will be the ultimate guide for you. Mine comes to the rescue every day!

My favorite thing is in the How to Use This Book in the beginning Susan recommends to open the book randomly to see who wants to work with you for the day. I did this one day and I kept getting Padre Pio! I guess he wanted to let me know not to give up on my health.

((sidenote: I am not getting paid to endorse this book. It's only the truth speaking.))

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Inspirational Thought for September

Relief carving of cherubs

We all have angels guiding us...They look after us. They heal us, touch us, comfort us with invisible warm hands....What will bring their help? Asking. Giving thanks. ~Sophy Burnham