The Kabbalah Angel Tarot Review

The Kabbalah Angel Tarot A Heavenly Book and 32-Card Deck by Rebecca Bachstein

Publisher: Findhorn Press
Price: $17.95
ISBN: 978-1-84409-102-7

The Kabbalah Angel Tarot by Rebecca Bachstein is a 32 card oracle deck that comes along with a 143 page guidebook.

The size of this particular tarot deck are playing cards which I loved.

Here is a sneak peek at six of the thirty-two cards:(use your zoom in button to get a close up)

The contents of the booklet it comes with is as follows:

1 What is the Tarot?

2 All About Angels

3 The Origin of Angel Names

4 The Card Deck and the Angels

5 Contacting the Angels

6 Working with the Cards

7 Systems of Spreads

8 Interpreting the Cards

"In order to express the light-filled quality of the angels, we consciously refrained from any mythical magical elements in the design and illustration style of the Kabbalah Angel Tarot, concentrating mainly on their light and joy, their calmness and sublime nature. These are the qualities that the angel cards convey, their images having been created with close reference to the original Tarot pictures, but in a freer and enlightened way. In doing so, here is a completely new Tarot, based on angels who also symbolize human vibrations." © 2003 Rebecca Bachstein excerpted from page 13

There are spreads of finding out whom you particular angel is, choosing your personal card by means of picking your favorite or adding together your birthday numbers, quick decisions, card for the day, partnership, the right way, tree of life, and the great question.

For the extended messages of each card you have the angel's number, name, a quote underneath describing it, broken into 8 categories like A representing a General Interpretation of the card, B Present Situation, C Courses of Action To Take, D Inverted Card, E Probable Outcome, F Card for the Day, E Partnership, followed by a personal affirmation you can say.

I found this deck to be quite magical, insightful, a great way to learn about the angels of Kabbalah and gives a strong foundation to learn the tarot in a entirely ground-breaking format.