Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Angels To the Rescue

I don't know about you but with the 2011 coming up I have noticed a lot issues being brought to the surface and being waved right in my face. Not only has it made me incredibly uncomfortable but it's now or never of dealing with them.

That is where the angels can jump in.

Ask the angels to send an emergency angel squad to surround and send a way out to rescue you.

Even though we all go through times of disaster or don't believe we can survive(which I am currently feeling like)I have to believe they're are plenty of angels there sending us hope now and before the new year.

I have too much evidence in my own life of angels answering requests or sending aid through other people I know by a card or email, a surprise gift, angel numbers, angel gifts or a compliment that brightened up my day.

The angels say what we need most and to focus on is the essence of BELIEF.

Keep it alive and you will thrive.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Making a Peace Contract

Here's what you'll need.

An envelope(you can do one in a sky blue or green to invoke added serenity)
A bow
Cardstock paper
Angel postcard image you like
Holy stickers of dove, peace,etc.

Cut the cardstock paper to be slightly bigger then the angel postcard image you want to use. Make sure it will fit into your envelope. You can also make your own envelope here to fit it precisely.

Then cut out the angel postcard image in a circular shape and glue to the front of the cardstock. Let dry. Place peace signs,etc. around the angel picture as a border.

On the back of the cardstock write down," God, Mary Queen of the Angels, Angels of Peace, Archangel Chamuel, and Archangel Raphael here are the things I wish to have peace with in my life(list what they are). Please grant me freedom and serenity. Help me to know all is perfect no matter what my fears think because you are taking them under your loving supervision. Thank you."
Signed: (Your Name) and Date.

Say it aloud for extra power.

Then place it inside the envelope. Seal up with your stickers. Put the bow on top of the envelope and place on your altar.

If you want you can put it underneath your Christmas Tree or whatever you celebrate as a gift that it is.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Win a Lucky Tiger’s Eye Crystal Necklace! (now closed)

UPDATE: The winner of this contest has been chosen using and it was Jessica. Congrats!! Thanks to everyone who entered!

I have known the angel that runs this blog for quite awhile. When Lisa asked me if I would run a contest on this blog giving away one of the items from my online store, I immediately said yes.

As earth angels we are always in transition and transformation. Right now, I am in the process of shifting my career. (Read ch-ch-ch-changes.) Part of that change is letting go of my entire inventory. I decided to release it all at my cost. Almost the entire Contest Queen Store is on sale for 50% off with the exception of the Canadian Edition of You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter which is only $3.00!

(NOTE: Due to inventory levels the American Edition is full price. However, the core of the book is identical in both versions, so why not help me clear out my garage and teach yourself how to be a WINNER!)

Another part of that letting go is to also giveaway my inventory, hence this blog contest. I let Lisa select what she thought her readers would like best. She selected the Lucky Tiger’s Eye Crystal Necklace. All the crystal items I sell are hand beaded for me by Valerie Morris who owns The Good Medicine Garden. This necklace is also exclusive to me!

contest queen

Tiger’s Eye
Good Luck • Prosperity • Vision • Protection • Creativity

The necklaces are 16" long (adjustable to 18"), are hand-beaded the length of the cord and each has a different lucky gemstone.

For thousands of years ancient people used gemstones for protection and to attract luck, wealth and health into their lives. Egypt, India, Mesopotamia, China and many aboriginal cultures have used gems for this purpose. Lucky Gemstone charms and talismans should be worn or displayed in a prominent place. With the use of positive intent and affirmations gemstones can attract positive energy into your life.

Carolyn Wilman (aka the @ContestQueen) is the author of You Can’t Win If You Don’t Enter. As a sweepstakes expert, she helps companies build better promotions from the outside in and has helped others win over $1,000,000 in prizes.

To Win a Lucky Tiger’s Eye Crystal Necklace, Leave a Comment

The contest is open to all residents of Canada and the U.S., and runs until 11:59pm on Monday December 20th. There are several ways to gain entries.
For your first entry (required):

1. visit the Contest Queen Store and leave a comment (on this post) on what other product you would like to win. (NOTE: If you are not a blogger or if your email address is not publicly available when you comment, please post it in your entry so that I may contact you if you win. eg. carolyn at contestqueen dot com)

For extra entries, do the following, then come back to this blog and post an additional comment for each action you took:
(NOTE: If you already do any of the following, leave a comment saying you do so.)

2. subscribe to the The Angel Directory by RSS feed,
3. publicly follow The Angel Directory on Google Friend Connect,
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14. tweet about this contest. (You can do step 14 every day and leave a comment for every extra tweet to garner extra entries.)


#WIN a Lucky Tiger’s Eye Crystal Necklace from the @ContestQueen CAN & US, ends DEC 20 #giveaway #contest

If you do one of each action, you will have 14 entries into the drawing. Potential winners will have 24 hours to respond to an email notification. If no response is received, another potential winner will be drawn.


Angel Message for the month of December

Angel of Good Fortune

Message: "Ah, yes it is time to show appreciation for the bountiful treasures coming upon your life! Good Fortune arrives to you now with grand blessings of prosperity, love and peace all vibrations that make one feel wealthy in every way! Please remember to take the moment to enjoy and give to others too. You have the sprinklings of abundance with you showing how marvelous the Universe, people and angels truly are."