Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Angels are the Name of the Game...

The following is an exerpt from pages 66 and 65 of the Award Winning Book Teen Goddess: How to Look, Love & Live Like a Goddess by Catherine Wishart published by Llwellyn.
This was about some of the helpers you can turn to and one of them was angels with an exercise at the end. The book is very resourceful in how to deal with many things like using affirmations and other necessary resources for being here on earth.


Angels are mentioned in nearly every religion. Everyone has at least one guardian angel. There are many different kinds of angels: archangels, cherubs, tiny sprite like angels, large luminous ones. There are angels who specialize in different areas-writing angels, running angels, beauty angels, homework angels, romance angels-you name it. There are angels for every single thing!

I love working with angels and I call on them daily for for help. You can call on angels by simply saying, "Angels, help!" The angels love to help humans-it gives them great joy and delight to do so. They wish we would call on them more often! You can call on them for help with absolutely anything, from big things to tiny things. If you cut your leg while shaving or if you are looking for a parking space or if you have a major crisis in your life, just call out to the angels.

Call on specific angels for specific needs. If you are going swimming, call on the swimming angels to come, too. If you are troubled by your looks, call on the beauty angels to help you; if you have a first date with someone, call on the romance angels. If you are in a dangerous situation or at home by yourself and feel afraid, call on bodyguard angels. The angels come the instant you call.

Your guardian angel is always with you and you can develop a close relationship with her (or him!) by talking to her every day. I use writing as a way to talk my angels. I ask them a question, then write down the answer. I talk to my angels throughout the day in my mind, too, just having mental conversations with them. I do this with the Goddess as well. Sometimes I even talk aloud to her. Knowing you are surrounded by angels is such a comforting feeling-you never feel lonely or unloved. They are so helpful, giving assistance to every area of your life.

February Guardian Angel by Jennifer Galasso

I hope you contact your angels every single day. The magic, healing, and love they have poured into my life is amazing, and I know they want to do the same for you, too. All you need to do is ask them.


Close your eyes and ask your guardian angel to appear to you. Sometimes you may sense her presence rather than see her. Have a mental conversation with her about whatever is going on in your life.

Teen Goddess: How to Look, Love & Live Like a Goddess Copyright © 2003 by Catherine Wishart.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day...Why She Counts.

Illustration by Kathy Cano-Murillo

"Let not your heart be disturbed. Do not fear any sickness or anguish. Am I not here, who is your Mother? Are you not under my protection? Am I not your health? Are you not happily within my fold? What else do you wish? Do not grieve nor be disturbed by anything." ~ Words of Our Lady of Guadalupe to St. Juan Diego

If you don't know the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe than read it here.

We often forget about Our Lady of Guadalupe but I think it's important to pay honor to her in some form since today December 12th is her Feast Day.

She is yet another incarnation of the Divine Female Aspect of God as all religions have. Some days you might identify more strongly to one or two like Our Lady of Lourdes and Kwan Yin and other days to another like Lakshmi. It depends upon who speaks to you the most at that given time for what you need more of in yourself or your life. There is also a patron Mother Figure you have just like a patron saint or guardian that you will always feel forever connected to as they are. It is the one that you always turn back to or seem to have a unchanging bond with as well as similar character.

Our Lady of Guadalupe not only represents the purest form of love, but also fertility, crushing injustice, and creative abundance. If you are struggling with having a child then call to her. If you need more creative ways to earn money with your art projects then she is there for this purpose. Perhaps you want more love for yourself, to fall in love, or have a great romance with..petition her. If a legal or financial mess has you anxious than ask for her to come in and help.

Her colors are that of the rich earth. She is draped in green showing the prosperous amount of love she holds for the entire Earth just like the grass is a soft place to rest upon so is she. The sun behind her shows that all life grows from God and that you too are illumined with that ability to mold and bring to the living that which starts out as a seedling and than can becomes rich plants, trees, and flowers. Lastly her dress adorned in a deepish gold with reddish tints and black sash showing she is pregnant with child and is about the warmth of life and understanding that the wealth is really found in the simple virtues of family, faith, generosity and of course love.

The small angel at the very bottom of her feet with horns represents that no matter what burdensome issue happens it will go beneath you and you will rise above it. It will not defeat you or squash your character and what you have to fulfill.

With all of these beautiful colors it reminds you of a palette of paint and how doing an art form embodies the same qualities that are shown through her image.

You can decorate an altar as I did with the colors of red and green with roses, poinsettias, red and green peppermint candies in a dish, little cookies or sweets, Mexican Hot Chocolate as offerings, a rosary, money, and saying a prayer while leaving a candle on for her in white, green, red, or pink(I use battery operated ones). Make sure to put her image in the center.

You can say a prayer such as this one below I created blow. There are also more prayers to look through here you may find better suited from Beliefnet.

Our Lady of Guadalupe,
You are a Mother of Every Person,
A loving anchor in this time of darkness.
You spoke to St. Juan Diego a simple man
the truth that we are not to be disturbed
by any event or person because you are there.
Please help us remember to cherish each
person in our lives who walks in generous
And to protect the innocent lives that
are personally affected by crime and poverty.
Give them back their footing that they will rise
up against the obstacles they are facing and
make successful progress to improve their quality of
Watch over your beloved Mexico as
many have suffered losses that one
at times does not have the spirit or heart
to hold in one's conscious.
May they feel your comfort through their tears
and be given peace again along with the will to
alter their futures so that they are used as
instruments of lasting, positive change in their
community, government, and law.
Send aid to end the violence that goes on
not only in Mexico but our backyards.
Always show us how to live nobly and with
our hearts in the best places.
Let us remember that love has the opportunity
to grow and strengthen each day it just depends
upon if we decided to water it or let
it remain thirsty.
I ask for this special intention (state what you need)
and ask that you pour your graces upon it.

Remember her words and know that she does nurture us with her loving kindness.

This can start an entire new relationship that you will want to hone and utilize year round not only on her feast day but every day.


The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels: A Guide to 200 Celestial Beings to Help, Heal, and Assist You in Everyday Life by Susan Gregg

Teen Goddess: How to Look, Love & Live Like a Goddess by Catherine Wishart

Friday, December 9, 2011

To Sum It Up...Key Points from Angelic Studies.

Keep Your Heads in the Clouds..it's really not a bad thing.

Having hope for things and imaging with optimism is a great quality to preach and also practice. Angels are all about hope and it will help you to cope. Don't give in to thoughts of this will never end, it won't improve...hold onto that hope because there is always hope for what you are dealing with. The light will come through and the rainbows will appear eventually. It may take time or it may happen quicker but remember that no matter what happens in life hope remains there. Sometimes it is hidden but it always is revealed.

Bravery doesn't constitute that you'll be carefree...sometimes the opposite.

There are plenty of battles you would rather hide in a cave and wait til it passes you or finds you there before you ever think
about doing it yourself first. One can easily get scared or intimidated by a place that have yet to been or think that they aren't worth it.
That is where you'll have to face those fears which can seem real but actually are illusions after you get through them. Remember that you might
have fear that can't do something or aren't capable but this is Ego and has nothing to do with the real you can actually triumph over.

Crisis is a gift.

When you are in any type of misery you seek your faith and outlets of spiritual connection and reaching out to others or them reaching for you. Because at those moments that is what brings you back to unity. There are many things to consider as blessings even the not so pleasant moments because out of it you do get much more than what you think when you are in that particular space. You learn a lot about others, yourself, and you extend who you are as a person or what you ever thought you could do. You do become stronger because of it and that strength will carry your through in the future when other crises show up.

Angels do exist...

Angels are everywhere. They do come through you through friends, emails, letters, surprises, and overall positive events. Yes, they are a part of our lives even when it might seem they have left us out of their party. Angels absolutely love you..everything about you that knock yourself down for, or what you view as ugly. Angels don't want it to be a hassle to find them or accept them. Just be open-minded and have a little faith. They are consistently there for you.

Miracles do happen at the very last hour..or er minute.

Yes, so it looks like that drought you've been having through all the praying, action, forcing yourself is not causing any rain, but than you find that it happens after you think your request has not been heard or cared about down comes the rain...and not a drop of rain but an abundance of it. Sometimes it does seem that everything we do is not worth it or we want to give up..do just that. Disconnect from the reigns of having to do anything else than what you've already done. Just surrender.

Image by Baba Studio "The Sun" from The Victorian Romantic Tarot

Friends are doubles or stand in's for angels

Yes, those friends, family members, kind strangers or those you meet are doppelgangers for angels..why? Because the angels sent them to you and also for them to practice using their angelic skills that may be in need of using. Love is everywhere and that is our natural state of bliss via the Divine. Many people walk with angels and they are always there for you when you need comfort in a more physical form.

Pray..then pray some more.

Yeah, pray is not overrated..actually it's more underrated. Prayer matters, it works, it counts. Pray today, tomorrow..forever. Ask away, express yourself, and be who you are. Have your own prayer style and use it whenever you need. Saying thanks counts too. Remember that life is like a fragile package and as the old saying goes on a wing and a prayer..and let's add then some.

Laughing is equivalent to angel dust.

Humor helps to dissipate the clouds of sadness or fear. It also makes you forget your troubles for that time being making your Ego's fear tactics be silent for awhile and you can gain much needed peace and honing on your intuition. Laugh away!

Get creative, baby!

Drenching yourself in the arts is the way to go because it's grand slam in the energy shift department. You can transmute negative events or how you are feeling with any type of creative endeavor like baking, cooking, singing, dancing to music, painting, sculpting, arts n crafts, decorating...even board games! Do what you can to put your focus elsewhere.

Never forget to love.

Love is one of the greatest experiences in life. The relationship you have Love with God or your Higher Connection, strangers, your family, and loved ones in your life is fulfilling and helps you remember why we are here. Exchanging love through an open doorway and one that isn't closed off has mighty power to do beautiful things. Let others love you and love others.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mama Donna's Spirit Shop Review & Giveaway

One of the best places for spiritual goodies on the web is Mama Donna's Spirit Shop. She is being very kind in giving one fortunate winner the chance to receive her Angel Pin and Mama Donna's Release Ritual Dissolving Paper. She also sent me them to review as well.

Mama Donna's Release Ritual Dissolving Paper

DESCRIPTION Magical paper that dissolves in water. Inscribe what you want to release
and then watch your troubles dissolve.
Very cathartic. 25 sheets 2.5" x 4.5".


MY TAKE The Directions are as follows: List all that you wish to release-bad habits, troubling emotions, negative thoughts-then immerse in water.
Dissolves faster in warm water, slower in cold.
One swish, and it is gone!

Okay this paper is so much fun to use and she's right..therapeutic! It's so cool to watch the paper disappear in water. The texture of the paper is that of actual paper so at first I thought this is supposed to dissolve in water? I used my handy pen, wrote what was bothering me and went through 5 sheets quick in warm water. What is so great about this is the convienence. I know they tell you to burn paper is a great way to release negativity but sometimes you can't or want another alternative. You can do this. Trust me you'll want to stock up on this paper. It works just as it says. I'll be sad when it runs out!

Angel Pin

DESCRIPTION For protection.
Wear your guardian angel.


MY REVIEW This guardian angel pin is so delicate and small so you can wear it without worrying about gaining to much attention or be able to pin it to your purse or elsewhere. A nice reminder of your guardian angel. Very sweet.

Mama Donna's Spirit Shop
is currently running a December Special you can read about here. Head on over to get these now or enter below to win! Don't miss out.

Blessings Are Not Always Seen

Blessings can come and you may not acknowledge they are such. Maybe you've been conditioned by reading material, books, or what others have been through and think, only that would qualify as a blessing...what happened to me was not. Oh, big deal I got a surprise gift card in the mail for a grocery store and I was low on groceries and didn't have a way of getting them.

At times you may not perceive at first glance that what comes to you is a blessing.
As humans on a material stage we often get lodged in what should be considered or what you want something to be.
It might not appear as much or what you really want but the angels make sure to keep you going on that Carriage of Life even if the roads get icy, a wheel breaks down, a horse goes missing, or a tree falls in the middle of the path. They will send "tiny" helpers. Maybe an inspiring approach of taking another path to go around the down tree or an encounter with a marvelous stranger to cheer you up.

Perhaps you've lost friends in your life and you get in a place of despair. They don't like me, I wasn't good enough, etc. Did you stop to think that maybe the reason they came into your life and you theirs, the purpose, the gift was given and it was divine timing that you not be in each others' midst anymore? It could be you really don't identify with their interests or it would be better that you not be involved with them for other reasons you won't ever see.

If a friend found an angel medal while walking when they were in a darkened state or someone else gets an angel present it may make you feel that if a kind person crosses your path with great conversation to distract you from being lonely or a good friend calls you that you haven't talked to in awhile to disrupt a gloomy day that it's not quote on quote a real blessing from the angels.

Well, guess what..it is!

Angels are not one size fits all....exactly the opposite. Angels do not conform into a single shape. There is variety. In the end all the puzzle pieces fit together but they aren't identical.

The angels will cook up what works for you, what you are open to receiving, and will match what you truly need at that given moment.

Take for example you wanted to go out on a date with a person but it doesn't work out. Maybe this individual is not what they appear and would ultimately hurt you. The angels are looking out for your well-being. They later on would send a more suitable match into your life where things would run smoothly.

Believe in the magic of angels because they sparkle with a gentle light that is not always sensed by us when we are troubled or doubting. That's okay just try to keep an open heart when something positive shows up that might be an extra cushion to break your fall...or help when you do.