Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For Princess Diana..One Royal of an Angel!

Today marks the 14th anniversary of Princess Diana leaving this earth.
She was truly a Royal Angel because of how rich her soul was while she lived here.
Princess Diana had an innocent nature and the many problems she faced were do to her very sensitive heart. She was an empath with food issues and to deal with how she took in the atmospheres she was apart of Diana would overeat to quiet down the pain or not at all as a way to deflect the intense pain she went through.

Princess Diana also endured much suffering in her own life and that is why she was able to have sincere compassion for those who were in dyer pain too.

It's fitting that she was referred to as the English Rose..because she was a rose fully blossomed. Everywhere she traveled she always left behind love.

It mattered not that Diana was a princess..not to her anyways. Diana understood that term did not define where she was allowed to go or dictate who she ought to be. Even though she wasn't viewed as proper she would rather be condemned for that than not being able to help another.

When you call on Diana for assistance you also bring in Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, and Mother Theresa whom she closely works with. Each of these figures all hone the qualities of mercy, nurturing, protection, and divine service.

Please do something in her honor either donate to a local charity, volunteer to help a child, or just act kind.

You can also set up a shrine to Princess Diana with a picture you can print out from the computer and frame, and include a Tiara, children toys, a rose, and a candle. Thank her for everything she did in this world and also ask for her prayers and assistance to help the mothers that are suffering, children, and those who have eating and mental afflictions.

Princess Diana you will forever be a candle in the darkness.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Those Darling Angels: In Sickness and in Health

The last thing someone desires is to be sick or not feeling well.
I'll be honest when my health is down the tubes I do not want a close-up at all. More like a Beware: Very Moody Ill Person Ahead! Caution at Your Own Risk.
My attitude morphs into that of the Incredible n' mean.

When we deny ourselves rest or continue to exert ourselves when we know we shouldn't our bodies are saying, "Good God..please relax.." we make ourselves even more ill.

The reason I know this is because what I'm dealing with right now. I kept putting my health as not being important saying that I wasn't that sick or because I had no money I couldn't afford to do anything about it.

Here are some things I've observed.

First off, when you are feeling drained guess what the quality of the work you put out, how you act, and what your life becomes deprived. You do not behave as you want to and this is not your fault. Your soul body is trying to get you to regenerate healing and get to a sanctuary of peace.

Secondly, maybe you keep working, working, working, and putting more work load on yourself thinking that you must do this in order to X, Y, Z...this is a time to disconnect from the severity of workaholism and the stress that often domineers the leader board.

Often there are also a long line of earth angels or lightworkers that come down with profound illnesses, cancers, auto-immune disease, tension headaches, fatigue, and the like. The reason for this is because each are innate healers. It's very much like they are suctioning up the toxins from others and at times unwillingly storing it in their spiritual shell causing it to then manifest as ailments of the physical dwelling so that they take sole custody of dealing with others' problems and trying to alter them. This is often a time for them to receive help when normally all they do is give without accepting that offer back.

With healing we need to break down the emotional pollutants and physical components.
And yes sometimes, sometimes your getting sick is much like a course for you to study, take tests on, and place inside the filing cabinet of knowledge. Not only for you but also for the people that are involved with you.
They might need to work on their giving skills or showing more love.

When you're not feeling well you've got to make sure you get in some good old H20, Freely Circulating Oxygen(outside), ask that prayers be sent your way and shut those eyes and brain off.

Maybe you think you just can't, but you have to. If you do not you won't be giving your body the vacation it needs while making yourself just feel worse and worse.
Your condition will continue to progress and cause even more ill feelings.

What has the doc ordered? "Stay in bed, put down your head, get some rest, don't protest, the recovery will be at its best. Let others help your aching soul, They want to freely give help that is their main goal, don't go into freak mode control. Amen."

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Angelic Healing for Fears and Anxieties CD Review

Angelic Healing for Fears and Anxieties By: LaUna Huffines
Publisher: Path of Light
Four guided meditations for Healing Emotions and Body
Prerequisite: Highly recommended: Healing with Light Volume I
CD $24.95
Download $19.95
Music by Thaddeus and Stereo Sound Phasing

Angelic Healing for Fear and Anxieties by LaUna Huffines really gave me such comfort. I did feel temperature fluctuations around me as though angels were present while listening to this.

One of the biggest epidemics no one seems to be talking about is fear and what it can do your physical and soul body! This CD identifies this very real spiritual issue and combats it with the utmost love. It's positive message will get across in helping to silencing one's fears, and worries.

What is covered on the CD:

Eliminating fears and anxieties, building positive emotions. A popular group of meditations to face whatever comes with courage and confidence.

Session 1: Bring in the angels to help you release all fear and surround yourself with angelic help to restructure your emotional body.

Session 2: As the angels work with you at the deepest level, seven bells rebalance and purify your energy centers.

Session 3: The triangle of golden light flows through the top of your head and down your spinal cord bringing beautiful colors to your cells. Your Inner Healer offers wise counseling.

Session 4: Create a three-dimensional hologram to build photons of light into your emotions, with angelic protection around you. Call on the power of the four archangels as the flame in your circle grows brighter.

"Ah, I welcome you to the temple of healing. You are ready to build new emotions. and these emotions rapidly hear fears. You will be able to put less and less attention on old fears and new fears and thus they lose energy; they become very weak and gradually dissolve completely. You are literally rebuilding, reconstructing your emotional body. You will be using the new building blocks that are available now and create emotions with great clear light. These emotions help you resist disease, they help you communicate with your soul, they resonate with the Healing Angels of Divine Love and they build superior cells to the ones that you have now. You may already sense inner frequencies moving through your body during the day. Each sound is being transmitted by the healing angels. Each sound has a specific healing purpose. It serves as a trigger to bring a finer pattern, a beautiful transperent color to an organ, a gland or a system in your body at the same time it heals an emotion. In a moment you will hear seven bells, sacred bells, their frequencies are as close to the angelic healers and their sounds as is possible to reach. Let each of these bells evolve and clear the center that it touches. Take a place in the center of the room of love and allow yourself to relax with each breath."
audio excerpt from Track 2 © 2005 Path of Light

With LaUna Huffines soothing voice and background music by Thaddeus this meditation CD is a truly healing experience. This is an asset to her book Healing Yourself With Light or simply by itself.

I very much was put in a relaxed state and you get to meet your solar angel, the angels of divine love working on purifying your heart, angels of color, angels of sound hearing healing vibrations of OMMMM. You are asked to pick out what color stands out to you most from the angels and mine was red. I found this interesting because red is the root charka which stands for survival, and financial issues which is where a lot of fear stems from especially with having enough especially what is going on now.

Getting this CD would be of benefit to anyone wanting to let go of fear and induce more serene emotions, with lessening fear you might get from others, your family, and being able to handle them.

I was not financially compensated for this review. My opinions are soley my own.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Earth Dwelling Messengers: Friends with Benefits

The importance of having comrades here in this world is so valuable.
Without our friends or those we consider family things in our lives would really be almost barren with droughts, hardly any pizazz or scenery to fill our lives.
Angels do provide us with living angels here on this earth to make sure that we're taken care of and can be reached when we often can block out signals we are receiving from angelic forces or the Divine Being of All..aka God.

Having trustworthy friends are a part of the First Aid Kit from the angels that we are made sure to be stocked up with aside from prayers, books, and mentors.

Friends have a soothing quality to them and believe it or not their angels are also renowned friends with your angels. So, your angel might put into your friend's angel suggestion box of how to respond when you're in trouble or what to write them to give a sense of ease to a frightening situation.

Angels are quite chatty with one another when you seem to have earplugs in.
They'll pat you on the back or give you some lovin' but it might be that your friend is the one that shows it to you instead of your celestial buddy but they are stemming from the same Universal Presence.

What you want to be grateful for are the friends that participate in your bonfire of life.

It's no mystery why many think of their friends as saintly or angels because they are.

Think about two incidences where your bonds with a friend(s) saved you in someway.

Then, when you think of that fragment in time imagine thousands of angels and say to yourself, "Angels please surround that event and friend with positive repercussions that will boomerang to this time now. Let them be enamored with blessings as they do for me."

Friends are often the deliverers of good things that are passed down from God, then the angels to you. It's the angel effect.

Messengers of Love, Light & Grace Book Review

Messengers Of Love, Light & Grace:
Getting to Know Your Personal Angels(Paperback)
by Terry Lynn Taylor

Publisher: New World Library
ISBN: 978-1-932073-14-0
Price: $15.95
304 pages
Black and White Angel Art Illustartions by Marty Noble

"Messengers of Love, Light & Grace: Getting to Know Your Personal Angels" by Terry Lynn Taylor provides the blueprints to get in touch with your angels including designing angels of your own(how about a miracle engineer or prosperity broker to save the day?)

"Designer angels can help with a variety of situations. For example, if you are a teacher, you may want to name an angel of education to watch over and guide you. You might name the angel Socrates or Horace. If you are student, you can call upon a designer angel to help you study." excerpt from page 43 Copyright © 2005 by Terry Lynn Taylor

With the in and outs of how to compose angel mail, holding an angel conference, exclusive interviews including one with Grammy Award Winning musician Carlos Santana along with jam packed angel stories this book is one of angelic rarity.

It gives one empowerment to find their angels such as to hone their prayer voice complete with how prayer works including using Psalms 91 and 23 for alchemy.

One of my favorite practices in this book is to have a Nightime Review with the angels where you plan for your day ahead of how you want things to go and than asking the angels to bless that list. It provides great sleep rituals you can do to prepare your space and also have angels enter it.

With truly resonating themes such as developing your angel consciousness, gratitude, and thoughts on being sensitive the angel material found in this book is priceless.

I did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. I was sent this book for free by New World Library and gave my true thoughts on it.