Friday, February 25, 2011

Inspirational Angel Quote for Februrary

"We are nearest the angels when we love." ~ Joan Walsh Anglund taken from Angels on Earth Calendar

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jennifer Galasso Magickal Art Giveaway(NOW CLOSED!)

UPDATE: I'm extending this contest until the 31st of March so more people have time to enter.

I used the random number generator from Random.Org and it chose the number ten which belongs to debdenny's comment. debdenny is the winner of Jennifer Galasso's giveaway! I have emailed her to claim the prize.

I want to sincerely THANK all of you for entering this giveaway.
I appreciate your participation!

Hey everyone I got an exciting new contest that Jennifer Galasso of Magickal Art and the soon to be released Crystal Visions Tarot was so completely generous in offering my blog readers!

Thank you Jennifer!

She is giving away an embellished art print of her Dove Goddess image which is an angel surrounded by doves that is simply beautiful!

Here are the contest rules:

Open to the residents of the US. It starts Feb. 22, 2010 and ends on March 31, 2010.

Make sure to make a separate comment for each entry with your email address in the format of this example thangeldirectory(at)gmail(dot)com here on this post.

For a mandatory entry subscribe to Jennifer Galasso's newsletter Magickal Art and make sure to confirm your subscription. Leave what email address you used.

This is what you can do for extra entries after you did your mandatory entry(without it these will not count):

If you already do the following just say you do.

1. Follow Jennifer Galasso on her twitter account. Leave the link with your profile user name showing this.

2. Visit Crystal Visions Tarot and say which Tarot image is your favorite and why. Leave the link to where you found it.

3. Check out Jennifer Galasso's Gifts and name the one that is your must have. Provide the link to the specified item.

4. Follow my blog publicly on Google Friend Connect and leave your profile or username.

5. Join Jennifer Galasso's facebook page and like it.

You can have up to 6 total entries for this contest.
The winner has to respond back within two days to claim their prize.

Thanks everyone for participating!

Special Thanks to Online Sweepstakes!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let It Be

Let It Be is one of my all time favorite songs written by Paul McCartney of The Beatles.
He came up with it after having a dream visitation from his late mother, Mary, who had died of cancer when he was just 14 years old where she gave him the message, "It will be alright. Just let it be."

The Mother Mary reference in this song is for his mother but it often reminds me of Mary, Mother of Jesus.

I feel these lyrics are very much inspired by angels and the Divine. Listen to them closely.

I believe that music is what connects us all(like angels do) and can bring healing, love and hope where there is sorrow and helps us express our tears of pain.

Many people think that angels are often one in one with creating music and it would make sense.

This particular clip is from the movie Across The Universe courtesy of Youtube's moonman407

Sometimes the only thing you can do when life is not what you hoped for is to let it be.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dear God and the Angels

Dear God and the Angels,

This is a letter from my heart.
Please help me to have a hopeful start.
I know that I'm not the most talented or great looking,
But help me to clearly see the abilities I'm booking.
On some days I wish I could be an angel too,
Fly real high where love covers everything like dew.
I wouldn't have to cry or go through pain,
Everything around me would be peaceful and sane.
I question the pain I've filmed with my mind,
There are moments I wish I could erase others to stop, do over and rewind.
I know that I'm not perfect although I struggle to be,
Show me how to accept myself so I can be free.
Looking back at the trials in my life,
I try to realize the gifts that have come out of strife.
Right now I can't recognize a single one,
Maybe it's because my depression likes to overrun.
If I could fix it all with some magic dust,
I would make the whole globe happy, that is a must!
Being an outsider in a world where you just want to fit in,
My heart is growing tired because I know I'll never win.
Although I care about my family and love them too,
It can feel debilitating when there's nothing you can do.
So God and the angels I often fail in my human soles,
I yell, cuss, get jealous, and let my ego score the leading roles.
All I can ask is that you show me the best ways to live,
I truly want to enjoy life and make sure to give.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Winging It Academy: Courses In Session

I asked this question to a great friend of mine Corr White, ATP® and wanted to share her response that I know will give more understanding to us all.
I'm sure you have pondered about this too.
Thanks again, Corr!

My Question: I've noticed at certain times that angels make you work for your requests and other times they just POOF help you out without you having to do much of anything.
Why does this happen?

Corr White, ATP®:Lisa, your question is a common one many of us has pondered about or have become so frustrated over at some point in our lives. I've done this myself in the past, and to this day even though I know better I've questioned certain situations. When I've felt stuck and wanting answers immediately. All I can say to you is what I was guided to understand time and time again .... The reason for many is in connection to what was enclosed in our soul agreement, before we came upon this plane.
The challenges and situations we had agreed to not have the angels intervene. Because these moments are the pivotal points of our evolvement, our highest opportunities to trust in our inner wisdom. It really isn't for the sake of learning our lessons at all. We already know these lessons and the answers to them before our birth.

The outcomes we come to expect as mortals, is not the same as how we truly seen them from a higher perspective. The angels are still guiding us despite the feelings as though we're entirely on our own through any form of lack or suffering.
Sometimes they're giving us signs but we've tunneled our vision and don't notice these signs. Or we have felt within that we don't deserve, you see our emotions ( feelings) and the inner Will of our souls are one in the same. This is where and how manifestations occurs, so many people believe manifestation is a form of energy on the outside of our beings that is drawn to us by our power of Willing something to us. When indeed anything and everything that is created in our lives, is birthed from our core of Will of the soul. Now, back onto the question of why the angels don't answer every deep hearted prayer or answer some of our heaviest questions in need?

Lisa, as hard as it is for you, others and myself to accept why some things go unanswered, to where we have to find our own answers is simply because we often at times rationalize what we believe is best for us, we use the mental evaluation of pro's and con's with every choice and decision presented to us. Surely as anyone would agree the option or circumstance that offers the pro's vise the con's is more appealing. Therefore why wouldn't the angels assist us to an easy transition of accomplishing this, to our self it's for our better good, right?
We needn't have to struggle to get from one step to the next ........ But what are we missing in the picture? .... Perhaps the missing link is the fact that during that time of struggling to achieve something we come to discover another option we hadn't imagine was possible? Because it wasn't available to our awareness before. Our life journey takes us down unanticipated paths, we really do become more than we've allowed our self to be before trusting in our inner guidance. When we were so sure of what we wanted, how it needed to be done. Only half way through the journey we become drawn to something else, an opportunity in the waiting for us to re-discover.

This again has nothing to do with life lessons, because you knew this road far before you came to experience it in the physical. And your angels haven't stood back watching you or any of us struggle, they gave us the strength to carry on, however the faith in knowing where exactly we were going was left in our entrusted hands. The expression as they say "where we begin is entirely different to where we end up finding ourselves to be." How we respond to the events and circumstances in our life right now, sets the course of path and determines the destination towards which we are heading. The angels truly see this as a way we are reconnecting to our own intuitive voice. Well, in my personal opinion and belief, I've come to notice that any form of struggle is our lower ego testing our higher self as to our deepest desires, wants and aspirations in life. But in hindsight the ego can not foresee the future, it can only make assumptions, doubts and unsureties. Nor can it predict the opportunities it more times than not presents us with.

With Love,
Corr White

Copyright © Corr White, ATP® February 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guess Who's Mad at the Angels Again?

This is not an epic moment in Lisa's Library of Spiritual Doubts. Ultimately at times I feel like a liar, whack-job, and an illusionist for having an angel blog and here I am having issues with the angels and God once again.

Let's see my mood right now I would describe as a pooped stained rainbow, not to mention I wish I could have a face to face interrogation with an angel..preferably my main guardian angel or Archangel Michael. I wouldn't say I would rough them up or anything but I would tickle their angel wings and tempt them with some angel food cake and angel hair pasta. I'm sure they would almost budge.

I can't even say that I'm mad, or irritated because I'm over that. It's more of a where the hell am I going mantra and it probably won't do much anyhow.

Sure, I am the pilot of my life and the angels and God are the passengers that are behind me on this flight until I land at destination Hotel Final Resting Place.

I am completely drained of being sick because I do struggle with health issues that I'll spare you the whiny back story of.
They most likely all manifested through emotional issues I either consciously was not aware of or others I'd prefer not to see.

All I know is that I feel more like a prisoner inside a high security holding cell then a free butterfly exploring their territory with peace.

I'm angry at myself for the times I didn't follow my intuition or let my ego's fears tell me what the "truth" was when it was in fact a big, juicy fabricated gossip story like one of those trashy celeb magazines. That is what the ego does.
It prints articles in your mind that appear legitimate because it gives so called proof with snapshots from your worries and catchy titles that reek of tragedy, jealousy, drama, and sadness. We of course buy into it and thus the obsession begins where we have to read every issue to see what comes up next.

Are their angels and a God..perhaps. I still believe(maybe/hopefully), but the more I learn I truly feel that my mind and soul are fried without knowing zilch.
I think as humans we love to analyze or try to figure things(perhaps it's just my loopy brain) out when at times their are no answers, or solutions or even purposes for things.
As the old saying goes, "Shit happens.." and things can just occur for no other reason than the fact that people on this planet just like you and I can and often do gulp down the Fearful Punch.
Yeah, don't behave as if it's a big secret either. You know how that wretched stuff quenches your thirst when you start trying to eat a Wise One Apple. The punch loves to sedate you into a dimension that is none other than BS. Oh yes, complete BS. But for us the BS is where we like to hang out because it's a safe place. Start chewing on that Wise One Apple and you can finally see and smell the BS which freaks us out. So, we say f that apple and pour down the punch!

I wish I could just leave this planet. I feel more than ready to whoosh fly away.

I want the angels would give out vouchers you could win like Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket.
The lucky winners would get a first class trip back home where you would live in an Angel Palace. That sounds like Heaven to me. Yes, yes Heaven can be here right now but I'd rather just go back where I'm familiar with where I wouldn't be an outsider.

Let's just say this about what I think of living here on earth....HATE it.
There I said it. Yes, this makes me a horrible, awful, most unspiritual person ever.
But with my long record it certainly would be stamped with the word demon instead of angel.
Oh yes, I've demonstrated more horns than halo in this lifetime.

Is there a point to this post..nope, it's just me venting.

Love Prayer to Archangel Chamuel

You can get a rose quartz and place it over your heart while you say this prayer, light a pink or red candle, or set up a Love Altar with cherub figures, roses, anything that feels like romance to you.

Dear Archangel Chamuel, the angel that governs over Divine Love;

You can help me in locating a great, kind, loving, spiritual, genuine, healthy, funny, intelligent, respectful, sweet, romantic(request any other desires you have such as fun, loves children, adventurous,great cook,etc.) partner.

Please give me powerful signs and guidance in where I can meet this individual or bringing them to me through another person or event.

Let us share true romance and affection towards one another that is authentic.

Thank you.


Signs from Above Book Review

Signs From Above
Your Angels' Messages about Your Life Purpose, Relationships, Health, and More
by Doreen Virtue

Publisher: Hay House January 2009
Price: Paperback $10.95
ISBN: 978-1-4019-1851-4
130 pages

Signs from Above by Doreen Virtue co-written with her son, Charles Virtue, provide examples of how angels might be sending you signs and what these symbols mean from them.

In each chapter it explains how the angels can send a sign through diverse channels such as finding coins unexpectedly, seeing rainbows, being gifted with a feather or feathers, hearing songs on the radio that have the word angel in it or specific lyrics ,guiding audible voices to apply to your inquiry and consistent numbers you can observe in varied locations such as on a receipt or the time.

It's great to have a reference pocket sized book you can carry on you to read true stories of people asking for signs from their angels and what they receive from making that call. It validates that angels are a real force in life.

Doreen does point out that you may not always get a sign right away but that the angels will grant you one, so don't give up if something doesn't occur as quick as you hoped for.

"When angels help us through life, sometimes they do so in ways that may not be immediately recognizable to us. That is because they're here to guide and protect, not to lead and direct. They often deliver answers, hits, messages, and warnings through signs--signals, or anomalies in life, which let us know they're with us." Copyright © 2009 by Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue excerpt from Introduction in pages 4-5.

A heart-touching story is of a woman by the name of Lisa White who did not feel the Creator's love for her. She asked for a sign that she was in fact loved. When Lisa got out of her car to retrieve her mail she was stopped by a gold coin in front of her shoe. She picked it up to discover the words "Guardian Angel, watch over and protect us," and on the back of the coin was an angel in prayer position.

What I value most about this book is that Doreen has given you multiple ways in which you can ask the angels for a sign including talking aloud to them, letting go, written petition, visualization of your intention and prayers that vary for a friend in need, making a decision on two subjects and which would one would be best to follow, attracting new friends, losing weight, healing for another individual, having financial security, moving into a new house and multiple other prayers that will no doubt bring comfort.

This book truly decodes the angel language of signs and its one you want in your collection.

It is important to note that I was not given any money to do this review. All opinions are my own.