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Interview with Angel Reader, Psychic, Author, Healer: Catherine Wishart

"We should pray to the angels, for they are given to us as guardians."~St. Ambrose

Today we have with us Catherine Wishart who is an ATP, Psychic, Angel Reiki Practicioner, Author of Teen Goddess: How to Look,Love & Live Like a Goddess by Llewellyn Publications 2003 just to name a few of her job titles.
Her official website is and she has a new youtube channel CatherineWishartTV which you definitely want to look at!
Thank you Catherine for doing such a wonderful and helpful interview!

Lisa: Catherine, what are angels?

Catherine: Angels are divine messengers between the heavenly, unseen realms and this earthly realm us humans live upon.

Lisa: What can the angels help us with?

Catherine: Everything, in the angel realm there is no difference between helping you manifest a parking space to helping you manifest a beautiful home or relationship.
Plus they are so much fun to work with. But you must be willing to follow your inner guidance and remember you have a divine support system around you that work together. It’s kind of like Google maps. You punch in the destination and they give you step by step directions.

Lisa: What are some ways in which we can ask the angels for their intervention?

Catherine: Honestly, the best way is “angels help” there have been times in the middle of the night when I’ve been crying my eyes out in despair…and the best I could muster up was angels please help. Sometimes it’s more like Angels where the hell are you I need help now. I have so many stories of miraculous events occurring…not just my own but my clients and friends, that I know for sure it works.
You can use more complex methods and yes I outline those in my next book too. The most important thing to remember is its meant to be a day dreamy state not a “I must concentrate really hard to do this” kind of state to tune into your angels. Its as simple as tuning into a radio station. You’re stuck in the radio station of anxiety, tune into the radio angel station of pure love. Close your eyes and ask the angels to switch stations for you.

Lisa: What advice would you give to someone when it seems the angels are not responding to their pleas and nothing appears to be changing?

Catherine: Ask the angels to show you signs that they are with you. We all go through moments of lack of faith, for example one woman I know was having a really rough week this week, we did a session and she asked her angel guide what three things he would show her to let her know he was there.
1. Was a red carnation
2. Was two bags of groceries
3. Was a heart shaped trinket
This came from channeling her angel not what she requested. She just asked for signs…Within 24 hours she got a red carnation, within 2 days she got 2 bags of groceries, we’re still waiting for the third thing…
The funny thing is Lisa this woman doesn’t like carnations but it showed up anyway!

The angels do respond always but sometimes in subtle ways that’s why I always recommend keeping an angel journal or diary…so you can track your progress. Read it after 30 days though, green lights, white feathers, silver coins, 3 of the same numbers in a row on the clock like 3.33pm etc are all ways the angels show you they are with you. Butterflies are another good one. Also there are subtle ways like the taste of a food, your ears ringing, the smell of a perfume…there are so many ways Lisa…you’ll just have to read my next book to find out more!
Plus our soul signs up to learn different lessons on the human plane. Sometimes it gets challenging but when you come through the dark night of the soul you can see how much its helped you grow and the gifts you gained from the experience. How can we know contentment and happiness if we have never known pain and suffering?

Lisa: What would you say to someone who says they don't have the time to connect with angels or request their assistance?

Catherine: I would say “are you sure you really want to work with your angels?” not everyone does, and that’s fine. But if you have 3 seconds to simply say angels help! They will.
If you want to develop a deeper relationship with the angels it’s important to spend time getting to know them just as in any friendship or relationship. 15 minutes a day is a good place to start. It’s fun, not arduous hard work.

Lisa: You are currently working on your second book which is about angels.
What is the name of the book and what can we expect from it?

Catherine: How to talk to your angels in 30 days or less.
Lisa this book is so much fun, so many people ask me how to talk to their angels and more importantly how to have two sided conversations with them, that I finally decided to make an interactive workbook…The way it is set up is day by day so you work on one day each day. It’s straightforward, simple, if you can pick up a phone and hear what someone is saying on the other end you can hear your angels it really is that simple.
Plus I’m including a bonus section of 10 days of archangels…The book teaches you how to talk to your angels, how to see angels, how to talk to other people’s angels, the difference between an angel guide and a guardian angel, we cover a lot of different topics, how to set an angelic restraining order, how to get help from the angels. Did you know that 78% of people believe in Angels?
Angels are powerful lightworkers and divine messengers. They are with us at all times. All you need to do is ask for their help.

Lisa: On your website you offer workshops on Law of Attraction, Angels, and many different readings that everyone can enjoy such as Heart Healing Session, Psychic Development, Romance Reading and so many others.
If someone wanted to set up an appointment and get into contact with you how would they go about doing this?

Catherine: It’s easy, just call me at 1 505 363 8727 to get more info, and decide if you want to schedule, no obligation, I think it’s very important for you to feel comfortable with whoever gives you a reading.
You can also book through my site I do phone readings, in person readings, or if you have skype or gmail I can certainly do those too I’ve been reading since 1988!
Oh and if anyone ever tells you they are 100% accurate it is simply not true…a good psychic is 80% accurate.
And if anyone tells you that you have a black cloud hovering over you and you need to pay them tons of money to get rid of it, RUN, that’s not ethical its extortion.
I love what I do…

Catherine is offering a free sample chapter of her angel book, 'How to Talk to Your Angels in 30 Days or Less' on her website here:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Angel Trumpets Newspaper

Angel with trumpet

I will be posting articles here, real life angel stories and other angel subjects in an online news edition paper called the 'Angel Trumpets Newspaper'. Have fun reading!

Your Birthday Angel and Angels of the Month Offer Wisdom and Guidance

Your Birthday Angel and Angels of the Month Offer Wisdom and Guidance

By Sue A. Richardson

Most people never think about their Birthday Angel, yet each of us has one. Every month of the year has an angel governing over it, and each angel has a unique message for us.

If you celebrate a January birthday, your angel of the month is Gabriel. Since January is synonymous with longer nights, you can summon Gabriel whenever you feel the light leaving your spirit throughout the year.

The Angel of February birthdays is Barchiel. February is a month that can truly test our patience! Feel free to call on Barchiel to help you focus on the positive throughout the year.

The Angel of March is Machidiel. March has two faces personified by the lion and the lamb. Ask for help from Machidiel for putting your best personality forward.

The Angel Asmodel presides over April. Just as the earth awakens in Spring, you can ask Asmodel to help you uncover the slumbering spirit within you.

May birthdays are heralded by Ambriel. Ambriel will bring guidance and wisdom as you nurture new endeavors.

Muriel is the Angel of June, a month known for beginnings. If you've chosen to embark on a new journey, Muriel will help light your way.

The Angel of July is Verchiel, who promises to provide clarity as you reflect on life's most precious gifts.

The Angel of August birthdays is Hamaliel. When you're struggling against something, call on Hamaliel to help you determine the best course of action to reach your goal.

Uriel is the Angel who watches over September. Ask Uriel's wisdom in choosing the things you can do now that will yield the greatest dividends.

October babies are under the guidance of Angel Barbiel. Barbiel is at your side when change enters your life, and is ever-present to give the support you need to weather the transformation.

The Angel of November is Adnachiel. Call on Adnachiel to help you remember all that you have to be grateful for.

The Angel Anael walks with those born in December. We can unwrap the special gifts of December anytime throughout the coming year, and Anael is always near to help us undo the ribbons!

Take special note of the angel presiding over your birth month. You are especially dear to your Birthday Angel, for your journey on earth began under their watchful care!

The angels are ready to help us interpret the messages and lessons of the seasons as we advance through the year. Call on these angels by name should you struggle during a particular month, and ask for their wisdom and insight.

Click here to learn more about the Angels of the Month and your special Birthday Angel.

Sue A. Richardson is owner of Giving Angels, an online store which offers a complete selection of Angel Gifts as well as items with animal and nature, peace, and celestial sun, moon, and star themes. In addition, you'll find a wealth of angel lore, angel recipes, and resources to nurture your spirit. A portion of every item sold (whether or not it's an angel) is donated to charity.

Article Source:

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Queen of Angels: Mother Mary Links

Madonna and Child

"Hail Mary, Full of Grace the Lord is with thee..." excerpted from the Haily Mary Catholic Prayer

You can't mention angels without thinking about the Queen of the Angels.
I love anything Mother Mary and this is a small dedication to her.
You will find links to articles about Mother Mary, prayer petition sites to write into that are dedicated to her, recommended books and movies, a video to her under the name of Our Lady of Kibeho.
Each link clicked on you will enter a new page that is not connected to my blog.

Placing your Petitions at the Grotto of France: Our Lady of Lourdes

Here you will find an easy form to write in your email address and send your prayers that will be placed at the Grotto in Lourdes, France where St. Bernadette was visited by the Blessed Mother and told her exactly where to dig so healing waters would flow.

Mother Mary's Prayer Garden from Radiant Self

This is a collection of traditional, non-traditional, and newer versions of prayers to Mary with full color pictures for each one. Great for meditation or for healing in general. Beautiful!

Radiant Self's Main Homepage

Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

You write your requests with the form provided and they are placed at the feet of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
This basilica was built for Our Lady of Guadalupe in her honor as she requested and millions visit here for spiritual pilgrimages especially on her feast day of December 12th.
It is located Mexico close-by the hill of Tepeyac where she appeared to St. Juan Diego.
The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe also holds the authentic tilma of the image that she gave to St. Juan Diego to prove that he had talked to her and she had visited him for the local Spanish bishop by the name Fray Juan de Zumárraga who asked that she provide him a miracle if what he was saying was real.
Our Lady of Guadalupe told him Juan to pick flowers at Tepeyac Hill and there should have been none there since it was winter, but he found Castilian roses there which were significant for the bishop since they were of his homeland, but shouldn't have been growing where Juan found them.
Our Lady rearranged the roses on Juan's apron or tilma and when he showed up at Fray Juan de Zumárraga. When he gave him the roses out of his tilma there the icon of Our Lady of Guadalupe mysteriously appeared and he remained ever since. By all scientific standards it mystifying to this to day.

With thanks to Wikipedia for the above facts via:
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Mary Cards by Kathleen Mintz and Timothy Flatt

This STUNNING deck of cards is made up entirely of Mother Mary with 54 in all.
Each one has a written inspiration on it to help you connect to your inner awareness and for reflecting upon.
The written part is created by Kathleen Mintz and the art collages of Mary are by Timothy Flatt.

Timothy Flatt Studio's Main Homepage

Send a Petition to Medjugorje

For over 20 years now the Blessed Virgin has been appearing in Medjugorje, Bosnia-Hercegovina to six visionaries that were small children at the time and two are still receiving them to this day that include Vicka and Ivan.
You simply email your prayers to the email address they provide you with and during an apparition they are giving to either one of them that is there and made sure Our Lady gets them.
No one reads the emails they get and it's completely private.
Once the visitation from Our Lady is over and they are presented to her all the petitions are burned.

Our Lady of Kibeho Youtube Tribute by Kathy Lamas posted by angelle1313

This is from Immaculee Illibagiza's official Facebook Page with pictures from her pilgrimage to Kibeho, Africa with an absolutely beautiful song throughout.

Immaculee Illibagiza's Official Main Homepage

'Gifts of Grace: A Gathering of Personal Encounters with the Virgin Mary' by Lone Jensen Google Book Search

Here on google book search you will find excerpts from Lone Jensen's book.
I came across this book at my local library and fell in love with all of the personal stories that so many of different backgrounds and faiths had with her from healings, to visitations,etc.

Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul by Arielle Ford from Google Book Search

My mother originally bought this book and I stumbled upon it years later. I have read it now oh probably over fifteen times. It has true stories of people dealing with angel interventions, past lives, soulmates,etc.
My favorite story out of the entire book is called: "A Window Washer, A Woman with A Baby, and A Gift" by Bruce Stephen Holms.
It is such an incredibly touching story about a window washer who encounters the Blessed Virgin Mary. From this story you cannot help but feel the love she has for everyone on earth and what she says to him.

Monastery Icons Free E-Cards

Here at Monastery Icons you can send free-cards to whoever you like with plenty of images of Mother Mary to choose from including Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Our Lady of the Light, varying saints, and Jesus.
Make sure to also browse around for all of the lovely religious gifts they have too!
You may also request a free catalog of theirs at the very top of the page where it says Catalog Request and subscribe to their newsletter on the left hand side at the very bottom.

Monastery Icons Main Homepage

Guided Meditation CD with Adele Linsalata Walking with the Blessed Mother

Adele Linsalata of her website Angelic Wise Ones created a CD for helping you to connect with the Blessed Mother and the angels with two meditations.
You can either buy the cd or MP3 of it.

Adele Linsalata's Angelic Wise Ones Mainpage Site

Prayer to Mother of Perpetual Help For Financial Aid

A Novena prayer which is said for 9 days or every hour for nine hours to the Mother of Perpetual Help to help with money issues. There is a picture of her Our Lady Of Perpetual Help up on the blog and the prayer right underneath it.
You can say this prayer whenever you like or every day.
Traditionally it's used as a Novena.

Mary-A Flesh and Blood Biography of the Virgin Mother by Lesley Hazleton

This book takes a very different look on the historical Mary and her as a living, human person that you haven't seen before.

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Presenting the Angel Prayer Rest Stop..

Angel statue

I will be posting my favorite prayers to angels for you to use and have on hand.
If you want to have your own prayer rest stop it's very simple to do.
You will need flameless candles or another form of halo lighting; celestial music that you have on hand(if not go onto youtube and type in classical music you like or relaxing meditation sounds.); framed picture of an angel, or postcard of an angel; white feathers you can get from the craft store; wing trinkets or representations;and other angelic objects such as an angel pin, pendant, charm, stone,etc.; and a fluffy cloud area to relax on.
Set up your lighting, put on the music, and decorate a table or area with all of your angel goodies so you have that to remind you of their heavenly presence with you while you say a prayer of your own choosing or one from my blog.
You may want to hold a particular angel object and gaze into it as you speak the words or just observe them from where they are.
Take time to close your eyes after wards for a silence break.


You, my heavenly friend,
My angel who has accompanied me down
To earth and who will accompany me
Through the gates of death,
Into the soul's home in the Spirit.

You, who have known the ways
For thousands of years,
Continue always
To enlighten me,
To strengthen me,
To counsel me.

So that out of the weaving fire of destiny
I may walk as a firmer vessel of destiny,
And learn to fill myself ever more
With the meaning of the Divine goals of the world.

~RUDOLF STEINER excerpted with permission from Ambika Wauters' Angel Blessing Stamps: Angelic Wisdom to Empower Your Life

The Angel Directory: Links for Prayer and Healing Support: Part 2

"Every visible thing in this world is put in the charge of an Angel."~St. Augustine

Close-up of an angel statue, Washington DC, USA

Christel Nani's Prayer List

Christel Nani is a medical intuitive, author, psychic, Interfaith minister, RN that has a prayer list on her site which changes every Sunday.
She includes a prayer that she prays with and that you can pray too as well as different categories of what your needs might include such as healing, angelic intercession, hope, comfort,etc.
You can add yourself or anyone else for all of them or whatever ones you want.

Christel Nani's full bio and what she does.

Casa de Santa Maria Prayer Requests

Casa de Santa Maria is a non-denominational spiritual oasis started and run by Susan and Milt Sanderford.
Here you can email all of your concerns and worries with the provided email address and they give them over to their Casa de Santa Maria Prayer Partners who will pray for you.

Find out about the story of how Casa de Santa Maria came to be and what they do.

Integrated Energy Therapy Angelic Support.

Direct from their website Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) is one of the next generation - hands on - power energy therapy systems that get the “issues out of your tissues” for good! Developed at the Center of Being, by Stevan J. Thayer, IET uses the violet angelic energy ray, as brought to us through the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field, to work directly with your 12-Strand Spiritual DNA. IET supports you in safely and gently releasing limiting energy patterns of your past, empowering and balancing your life in the present, and helps you to reach for the stars as you evolve into your future.

Here you can request angelic support and a team of Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructors will be put onto your request.

Angelic Scroll

Lorna Byrne is the best-selling author of "Angels in my Hair" and has seen angels since she was a baby.
On her site she offers a prayer scroll that the angels instructed to her begin where you can write in via the online form she has or by you writing her postal mail with your concerns, worries, joys.... anything on your mind.
She holds this scroll in her hands and with the angels she prays for everyone on it.

Lorna describes who she is in her own words here.

Healing Pen Pals

Psychic/Medium/Healer/Author Echo Bodine began Healing Pen Pals after she asked God in meditation one day what she could do to reach all the people who were contacting her for healing..thus Healing Pen Pals was created.
Echo Bodine's advanced healing students send healing to you and ask for your name, city/state, and the condition you need healing for and send it to you for 15 days straight.
Echo also has something called Healing Hankies that you can purchase for $5.00 that have healing energy in them from one of her advanced healing students so that you can place the hankies wherever you need it on your body.

Visit here to see who Echo Bodine is and what she does.

Angelic Wise Ones Power in Prayer: Prayer Requests from Adele Linsalata

Adele Linsalata prays for you morning and night. All you have to do is fill out the prayer request form provided and she will take care of the rest with God and the angels support.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Angel Author Spolight: Jacky Newcomb

Photo by: Madeline Richardson

"You can ask the angels over and over again to help you when you feel the need for support, healing, and protection. Ask, and know that they can hear you." ~Jacky Newcomb, 'An Angel Saved My Life'

My thanks goes out to Jacky Newcomb, the 'Angel Lady', for doing this interview.
I can vouch as could the angels that she has a very kind halo to her.

Lisa: Jacky, I wanted to know what are some of your favorite ways for getting in touch with the angels?

Jacky: Mostly my own angels and guides appear in dreams to me but meditating is also a wonderful way of reaching out to your angels and guides. If you can I would suggest picking up a recording which already has a voice 'journey', giving you instructions for your mind to follow. These nearly always have music in the background already set up. I have created several of my own (which you can buy at my website). If you wear headphones its fairly easy to create a quiet space in your mind and simply follow along. In time you will get better and be able to meditate to meet your guardian angels anywhere…even without the recording.

Lisa: You have many years of research under your celestial belt when it comes to how angels send signs to people.
What have you noticed to be a common theme of how they choose to send these messages?

Jacky: White feathers is probably the main one. White feathers are the calling card of the angels and they leave them whenever you need a sign that they are around you. Your angels will also do things like flicker lights, play music and appear in your dreams and visions.

Lisa: Your 10th book, Angel Secrets, available July 7, 2010 sounds really provoking. What can we expect out of this book?

Jacky: Angel Secrets is loads of fun and is full of ideas of different ways that you can connect with your angels. It's so simple that many of the exercises and activities are even suitable for children. People are going to have a lot of fun with it!

Lisa: Do you have a favorite angel movie and if so why is it your favorite?

Jacky: Not a favourite angel movie as such but a favourite movie. I love GROUNDHOG DAY. Anyone familiar with the movie will know that the lead character is stuck on the same day which keeps replaying over and over again. We watch as the hero makes mistake after mistake until he finally get's it right. Being himself, being kind and loving is the key to moving on. The movie has a wonderful message and one we could all learn from!

Lisa: What music do you enjoy listening to when you relax or want to get in an angel mood?

Jacky: I have stacks of 'angel music' on CD; loads of gentle relaxing music which I play all day long. I particularly love CRYSTAL ANGELS which is by Llewellyn. He asked me to inspire the music for him and I wrote out several 'journeys' which he used to create the music. I particularly love the angel choir sounds and find the whole CD fantastic for meditating (I also sell this on my website).

Lisa: Jacky, what advice do have for people who don't believe angels exist or will actually help them?

Jacky: A belief in angels is a very personal thing. It must be hard to believe when you've never had an experience. I always tell people to keep an open mind and at least ask the angels to help you if you want to give it a try…you never know what might happen. Read books about angels…especially real life angel experiences. It doesn't have to be expensive and many of my own books are available at the library. Before long you may be gripped as I am!

Lisa: Thanks for taking the time out for this interview,Jacky!

Jacky: You are most welcome x

To purchase Jacky Newcomb's books or CD's that she mentioned in this interview check out

Please make sure to visit Jacky Newcomb's official media site at;
her site for fans at;

Angel 411 Directory: Links for Prayer and Healing Support: Part 1

"Make friends with the angels, who though invisible are always with you. Often invoke them, constantly praise them, and make good use of their help and assistance in all your temporal and spiritual affairs." ~Saint Francis de Sales

Angel statue

There are so many caring people in this world who use their gifts and spiritual lights to add more light and positivity into the lives of many who are in despair,darkness, and suffering.
I also wanted to say I know many people have diverse religious and spiritual beliefs and there are varied prayers you will find in all three of the prayer posts here on this blog. If there are some you don't agree with than just pass them over until you find one that suits you.
When you click on the given link you will be taken to a separate page from my blog and directly to their site.

Joylina Gooding's Distant Healing

Joylina Goodings who is a master Reiki Master/Teacher offers free distant healing. You can request it here on this page if you, a pet or loved one need help with health challenges, or other issues that are in need of healing.
In the first paragraph at the top of the page you will see purple text that reads contact me which is where you can reach Joylina Goodings and provide the given information she asks to have for healing.

Joylina Goodings bio and credentials.

Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman's Earthangel4peace Prayer Support

Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman author of Commune with the Angels and many other books is a inspirational speaker, intuitive and spiritual counselor.
She has a healing list entitled Raphael's Guest Book where for 21 days she sends healing to you along with the angels. If you need more healing you just ask her to keep the person's name on the list so she can minister the healing continually.

To discover about Rev. Jayne Howard Feldman.

Silent Unity

Here at Silent Unity you can request prayer online, by phone, or in writing.
Silent Unity truly cares and give you the assistance and support you need.
You will also find varying prayers on topics such as inner peace, prosperity,etc.

Want to know about who Silent Unity is?

You can email Joyce Keller internationally-known Author ~ Psychic ~ Radio Host ~ Media Personality at and place in the subject line of the email Healing Request List and write to her anybody that needs healing.
Joyce Keller places each one on an altar and her and a group faithfully prays over them.

Here is Joyce Keller's site to learn all about her.

St. Raphael's Holy Oil

Here you can request and read all about St. Raphael's Holy Oil.
St. Raphael the Archangel has long been associated with healing and his name can be translated to "God heals" or "God has healed."
You can use this oil to bless your house, areas where you need healing,etc.
It comes with a prayer card of Archangel Raphael, instructions, and testimonials.
You can always adapt the prayers to fit your needs or your beliefs.

Lourdes Water

You can send away for Lourdes healing water and use it in conjunction with your own prayers.
They also give you prayers you can use and you can read up on the story of Lourdes on the site and how it came to be.
To this day people from all over the world make pilgrimages to Lourdes, France to visit the healing springs and that is where this water being sent to you comes from.

Fatima Candles Prayer Room Prayer Requests
The Fatima Prayer Team lights Fatima candles for your prayers and they are posted online to the site.

Angels..was this your handy work? Angel Dimes...

Close-up of a Dime

Today, I asked the angels for a sign they were with me. I have to admit I wasn't expecting an answer so quick. I was going through a dark place today after a few serious issues on my mind were bothering me. Not only was I feeling low,but I wanted to go back home where I knew I wouldn't feel this way. I had completely forgotten about this request to the angels of giving me a sign they were there.

Now,later on in the evening some events transpired that were heart-breaking to think of and I really felt them on a deep level. I was feeling extremely worried about the outcome. I went downstairs in my basement to put the bathroom rugs that I had washed into the dryer and on my way to the washing machine I got pulled to look down. Staring back at me was a beautiful, shiny,single dime. What is very strange about this is that I have been down in the basement over by the washer and dryer everyday the past week and had not once seen this dime there. There was no change in that spot whatsoever. Even earlier tonight when I washed the two rugs it was NOT there.

I picked up the dime and thought..angels this had to be you guys. I had asked for a sign and they chose to send me this dime. As I placed the rugs into the dryer I did feel love take over me especially in my chest area..this had to be them!
Angels, thank you for sending me this sign!
Has anyone else had an experience like this with change or money materializing from the angels?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Angel Overview for This Week

Sword and Shield

Do not fear, for the Archangel Michael is here!

The message for the rest of the week is that our security guard Archangel Michael is right there with you. Is something causing you to feel queasy or scared? Fear is not to adhere to make you shed a tear!
Call on Archangel Michael and let all of your fears, worries, and pains be taken over by him.

Let's remember the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz. We all know the irony of this is that lions are the Kings of the Jungle Kingdom and represent strength. They are unafraid and have skills as the predator.
The Cowardly Lion is not what we envision as an animal or character that would be scared of anything. You can see him being very nervous and frightened in the beginning of this journey. However, through the course of the movie and the book by L. Frank Baum you see him transform before your eyes as the bodyguard and voice to keep his friends and their travels safe. Even though he was terrified he managed to build up his levels of courage and let those stump out the big bad Fear.

Here is a short Archangel Michael Prayer/Poem I have written for you to use.

~*Simple Prayer to the Archangel Michael*~

Archangel Michael keep me protected,
You are my bodyguard that is infinitely elected.
Undo the fears that take over my body and mind,
Assist me with evaporating every worry or panic you find.

© May 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Angel Cookie Cutter

Christmas cookie

"Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight, and give Your angels and saints charge over those who sleep." ~excerpted from the prayer Watch O' Lord by St. Augustine of Hippo

I have to admit that on some days I have all out wars with the angels, other times I think I have lost my mind for believing in them, and in a crisis of faith I don't think they exist at all. Even the greatest of spiritual leaders and activists of their times went through a dark night..actually more than one.
Jesus was in despair in the Garden of Gethsemane and also doubted God while he was hanging on the cross asking "My God,my God why have you forsaken me?"
In the book Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light she also went through the deepest and most darkest place of not feeling God, or Jesus that would not go away.
I have been through plenty of crisis' of faith and I am sure I still have more to go in the future.
I get angry, I scream, I cry..I say the nastiest things one can imagine and curse like a sailor at God,angels,etc. when something happens in life that seems completely unjust, not planned, or just too much to bear.

I wanted to share a story and show that angels do have a sense of humor and care even when you don't.
A week ago I was not in a good place. I was sorely infuriated with how "great" of a job the angels and God were doing when I was asking for help for not only me but family and loved ones and they were doing everything in their power to make things turn around and presto nadda! That's right nothing was happening. I felt worse off than before and began to take down my angel and spirit altar.
Anytime someone mentioned the phrase its God's will or that was meant to happen I was so enraged I wanted to tell everyone to shut the hake up and stop with saying those things. When I heard my mother say I'll be praying for you to a close friend on the phone I gagged at the words. I thought to myself what good is prayer if they aren't even there?

I basically summed up my week that not only was I a total failure and loser but that there was nothing to this spiritual mambo jambo and to forget all about it. I had wasted all my years into "angels are real", "God exists," and "prayers are answered."
I didn't have to believe. It wouldn't be such a bad way to not have faith in anything and thought it would be better to not ever think of angels,etc. again.
At least now I wouldn't wonder how prayers weren't being heard(from my human perspective) and the sufferings of so many around me.
That belief system can work for some people..I do strongly believe that every person is aligned with what works best for them, their soul, I don't want anyone to think that it's wrong or bad not to believe in anything.
If you believe in being the best person you can, and that working hard and helping others is your faith I have no problem with it.

I went into the basement of my house and I ripped into God and the angels. I broke down crying and said,"You know it would nice to let me know that you are there angels..but I guess not. I'm talking to nothing as usual."
All of the sudden I got the feeling and a nudge to look up at this basket in front of me that was sitting on top of a box. Mind you we are in Spring and I had to do a double-take because right there was an angel cookie cutter from Christmastime.
I can't explain it but I felt angels..the only way to describe them is tickling in the heart and such love with warmth. I started laughing and said,"You guys have got some I am yelling at you and you show me that."
My faith in the angels changed and even though my logical brain wanted to discount it as "no, that wasn't real"..I knew better.