Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Archangel Inspired Costumes

Get into the spirit of Halloween with an Archangel Twist.
Here are costumes you can wear to represent and give a thanks/shout out to some of the archangels.

Archangel Michael try: A Police Officer; Firefighter; Knight in Shining Armor; Ninja; G.I. Joe/Jane; Dog the Bounty Hunter or crew;

Archangel Raphael go with: A Doctor, or Nurse; A Train Conductor; Pilot; Clown;

Archangel Gabriel be: A Rock or Popstar; Your favorite Hollywood Icons like Marilyn Monroe or Charlie Chaplin; Postal Worker;

Archangel Azrael shoot for: GrimReaper; Butterfly; Skeleton; Mummy; Eric Draven from The Crow

Archangel Chamuel could be: Cupid; Hippie; Sherlock Holmes;

Archangel Ariel would delight in: Tinkerbell/Fairy/Gnome; Catwoman/Batman/Kitten/Leopard; Mermaid

Archangel Raziel should definitely take the form of: Merlin/Any Wizard; Harry Potter; Fortune-Teller; Witch

Reference from: Archangels & Ascended Masters: A Guide to Working and Healing with Divinities and Deities by Doreen Virtue

Special Halloween Message for October 31-Nov 2.

With Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos approaching I wanted to pick two special messages from another deck I created to see what God, the angels, saints, and other benevolent beings wanted us to listen to as these occasions are coming. Here they are.

The angels are giving you angel headlights letting you know that a question that has been bugging you, a solution will be illuminated for you now. Be on the alert for signs in 3's, angel numbers like 444, and songs...angels are indeed speaking to you.

You continue to not trust your intuitive perception because of what others might say and your fears based in unreality. Listen how your intuition comes through and begin to accept it more. You won't regret it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Radiance Angel Beauty Compact

Here's a fun little thought to get your imagination to come out and play that I made up.

Prayer to Archangel Jophiel, the Beautiful Angel:

Archangel Jophiel,
I ask that you use the Radiance Angel Beauty Compact to spruce me right up!
Take the brush and dip it in the cleansing gel cup.
Swish and swirl it all about to get my aura back to it's pearly self.
Next, take out the glittery make-up removal pad to wipe gook from my heart center,
Set with it powder made from emerald crystal to seal its brilliance.
Help my heart's lotus have a gorgeous resilience!
Lastly, take your painless tweezers to pluck out all the overgrowing and decay from every chakra.
Pour onto me Replenishing Shield Lotion afterward to let me feel strong,
Lastly, spritz me with True Beauty Water so I can move along.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Important Daily Practice..Angel Altar by Janet McGhee

I had the pleasure of talking to Janet McGhee to be added to her prayer circle list via email. She sent me over this article of hers and the importance of working with an angel altar. She said I could post it up on my blog so others may learn too.
Janet also was so kind to send me an angel daily prayer/poem that she wrote.
You can use this prayer at your angel altar that can be found at the end of the article.
Please enjoy!
Thanks Janet!

Important daily practice: - Angel Altar / Peace Corner / Sacred Space
Remember Perseverance, Practice & Patience brings victory

First and foremost it is very important to create you own angel corner / spot in your home – choose a spot somewhere in your home – your lounge, your bedroom, the bathroom or even in the garden (you can have more than one altar if you like)– you will instinctively know where you want to create your special angel spot! Now gather some of your special possessions – photos, crystals, flowers, feathers (the list can go on forever) but I am sure you understand what I trying to get at – arrange these items in your corner – I don’t know whether you like incense (I love it!) I choose incense because I am afraid of burning candles during the day if you work so rather leave candles for the weekends. Incense and candles are a super way of “activating” your angel corner but not absolutely necessary. I highly recommend that you activate your angel corner on a daily basis. Every morning you wake up go straight to your angel corner and light incense etc. and every evening when you return home from work do the same again. Affirm at your altar every morning and every night (and throughout the day) “I can be what I will to be” This daily practice will remind you of the existence of Angels and their ongoing, never-ending assistance. If you don’t like incense or candles just simply stand in front of your angel corner – you can say a prayer, you can ask for help for yourself and / or others, pay gratitude for what you have, you will know what to do. You can go one step further and put a little box in your angel corner and if you have a problem or a question simply write it on a piece of paper and put into your little box and leave it there – the written word is very powerful – when other people get to know about your angel corner they might ask you to put their request in your “box” for them, remember you can always give them these notes to read and they can make their own angel corner, the more angel corners there are in the world the more positive energy there will be to draw from. By standing at your altar every morning your energy field will be angelically energised for the day which will help you stay positive and overcome your daily challenges. Your angel altar is a source of positive energy and acts on your behalf as a powerful connection to an abundant Universe.
Remember this is your own personal creation – anything goes!
Add some photos of your loved ones on your altar and if anybody is going through a particularly rough time burn a candle closest to that person’s photograph which
symbolises that person needs extra assistance.

Drawing three angel cards in conjunction with activating your angel altar sets the
positive theme for the day!





“Giving Angels a Voice”

Contact : Janet McGhee – Angelic Advocate
Websites: &
Angel Articles by Janet McGhee at: All4Women
Services and products - Angel light on life readings / 1 day Earth Angel Workshop / Manifesting programme - Author of “Angels for Africa” (available at all leading bookstores countrywide) Producer of “Angels for Africa” Sound Journey CD – Earth Angel organic skin care and altar products – Angel card
sets (54 cards per set)

Archangels 101 Book Review

Archangels 101: How to Connect Closely with Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Gabriel and Others for Healing, Protection, and Guidance [Hardcover] by Doreen Virtue

Publisher: Hay House October 1, 2010
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 978-1-4019-2638-0
160 pages
Full Color Text, Pictures and Pages

Archangels 101 by Doreen Virtue highlights the fifteen archangels: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Chamuel, Ariel, Metatron, Sandalphon, Azrael, Jophiel, Haniel, Raziel, Raguel, Jeremiel, and Zadkiel.

Each chapter is in a specified color that the archangel correlates to.
Michael's chapter is in a rich purple, while Raphael's is a deep green, and Raziel's is done completely in a rainbow spectrum.

Doreen talks about the history of each archangel, what they are most known for, what you can invoke their assistance with, the definition behind their names, and other titles they are known as.

There are over twenty prayers to every archangel done in their particular aura shade for every chapter varying from protecting ones home and valuables, to gaining material supplies needed for daily living, clearing oneself, getting your prayers answered, resolving rifts, or finding missing items.

Doreen gives true stories after each prayer that demonstrates just what the archangels can do...and they can accomplish a lot!

Here is a prayer excerpt found on page 9 to the Archangel Michael for spiritual protection.
"Dear Archangel Michael, please surround me, my loved ones, and my home with your purple light to dissipate and ward off any lower energies. Please guide me clearly so that I may only interact with people who are living in truth and integrity."

One of the stories I thoroughly enjoyed was of a woman by the name of Ann McWilliam whom didn't want to kill bugs that kept bothering her while she was grilling veggie burgers for a picnic. So, she called on Archangel Ariel whom governs the environment and animal kingdom. This woman explained to Ariel that she needed an idea of how to get rid of the critters without hurting them or nature. She got the guidance to use vinegar she had on hand and sprayed it on her grill. The bugs left her and their picnic alone after that!

Doreen also discusses other archangels not mentioned, the aura color of the archangels, which crystals can be used to align yourself with the archangels energies and presence, and which archangels relate to the signs of the zodiac.
At the very end of the book is even a space for your to write down notes on beautiful colorful pages with angels in the backdrop of it.

This is truly a stunning book that I really enjoyed!!!

Wing Rating: 4 out of 4 angel wings!

It's important to note that I did not get paid to do this review or endorse the book.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Make an Angel Wish Blessing

Making an angel wish blessing is very simple. You will just need a fake white feather(you can buy them at craft stores or from a feather boa you have lying around.)

Go outside at night when you can see the stars(if not look through your window where you can spot them.) Ask the angels to pull your attention and eyes on a star that is just for you to make your wish on. Focus on this star and know that there are angels circling it. Now, hold your feather in your hand and cover it with the other one. While gazing at the star say, "Angels of Wishes, Angels of Stars, bless my wish from afar. Give me thy blessings of what I desire (say it here.) Thank you, Angels! My wish is now sealed with angel wings and comes to me when their bell rings!"

Now, release your feather either by sending it out into the wind as a present to the angels or you can place your feather in an angel prayer box, on your altar..wherever you prefer!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Angel for Oct.11-Oct.31

Angel of Xoxoxoxo

Lipstick print with heart

Angel of Xoxoxoxoxoxo gives you a big kiss on your forehead and says,"Love is sent to you from above. Look at yourself and know how much love is alive in your life right now. It is authentic. You are loved for so dearly by God, angels, spiritual beings, friends, family and others you may not even know have love for you because they're afraid to express it. Cherish this love and do not put any restraints of loving yourself or anyone else. Love is not sees everything with shades of pureness."

© Lisa Owens 2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Angels,Angels all in a Row...

"Angels, angels all in a row, send me a gift with a big bright bow!"
This is a fun mantra I made for receiving gifts from angels.
Here is the visualization to use while your eyes are shut.
Repeat mantra aloud if you are able or inside your head silently during the entire visual exercise.

Imagine Hundreds of glowing,white/golden angels sitting on bleachers at a natural beautiful setting..

The first angel at the top back of the bleachers holds a tiny gift box that is empty..this angel passes it to another angel sitting right next to it...

This angel now adds mini heart glowing treats that are in the shape of those Valentine candies while imbuing it with love...

Each angel passes it can add baby four leaf-clovers and see the angels imbuing it with extra prosperity or with hundreds of white feathers to gather angel support..You may also want to add thousands of miniature smiley faces for joy...notice that the box gets larger and larger as the angels pass your gift on..

Continue doing this and imagine each angel adding something new to your present..

The last angel calls all angels from the bleachers into the box to christen it with vibrations of angel power..

Then, the angel wraps up your box in cloud wrapping paper, places a huge white bow on top that has stars & attaches your name with a gift tag.

It hands you over the present, and as you open it..just like the 4th of July..

A fireworks show of rainbow colors launches into the sky and the last angel blows you kisses that are lips with angel wings..

And they surround and stay with you...

See what the angels bring.

Do this once a day. You can do it for as short as five minutes or longer. Whatever makes you feel good.

© Lisa Owens 2010

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Inspirational Quote for October

Close-up of a statue in front of a church, Washington DC, USA

"I believe we are free, within limits, and yet there is an unseen hand, a guiding angel, that somehow, like a submerged propeller, drives us on." ~ Rabindranath Tagore

Monday, October 4, 2010

Angels are like Maids

Rubber gloved hand in bucket of water

Special Dedication to: Catherine Wishart & fellow physical angels of earth.

Angels are like maids wearing eco-friendly protective gloves~Scrubbing away the dirty floors and musty windows of your soul using Mega Celestial Glow Solution and Heavenly Aura Polish~They help re-establish your truest form of vibrancy that was piled up in icky grime~The angels are committed to their labors no matter how long it takes for you to light up again.

© Lisa Owens 2010