Invoking the Archangels Book Review

Invoking the Archangels: A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul (Paperback) by Sunny Dawn Johnston

Publisher: Hierophant Publishing (November 1, 2011)
208 pages
ISBN: 978-0981877143

This book means business! Do you really want to profoundly change your life and get to rub shoulders with the archangels. Look no further than Invoking the Archangels: A Nine-Step Process to Heal Your Body, Mind, and Soul by Sunny Dawn Johnston.

Inside there is a chart Sunny Dawn Johnston has you fill out for the entire week with the colors of pink, white, green, red, yellow, blue or violet. You are instructed to ask your angels for help as each color will be an Archangel you closely work with on that particular day.

This is a great way to build up your personal bonds with each Archangel as she also provides a layout of the archangels, what they help with, tailored invocation, pronunciation of their name, crystal, and to perhaps wear their color on that day or the specific crystal as a physical reminder. There are also touching stories from her own Archangel Experience Files with each one of them which she calls an ancedote. I also like how she ends it with a lesson to remember from each experience.

Sunny then divulges into the 9 steps to heal your heart with each archangel on all levels through Awareness, Looking Within, Choice, Commitment, Responsibility, Action, Releasing and Replenishing, Maintenance, Appreciation and showing you clear instances from her own life that demonstrates these qualities.

With a section on wonderful prayers, angelic positive affirmations and invocations including to heal the earth, American Indian Prayer for Peace, The White Light Prayer, and angel sayings it really is a book of enormous healing.

What really touched me about this book was Sunny's willingness to share her upsets in life, moments of vulnerability and upheaval as well as points in her life that were hard to comprehend. She brings a realistic approach when it comes to how you can meet the archangels here on Earth.

Make sure to check out the freebies Sunny is providing to help you work through the book here.

I was not financially rewarded to give a positive review. All views are my own.