Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Angels like to give out tokens..

There are many moments in life when we don't consciously ask for help by the angelic realm and they seem to deliver anyway.

This happened to me a few weeks ago when I went out with my mom.
I should mention that I do suffer from crippling anxiety and depression that keeps me pretty much housebound for extended periods of time.
On this day I really wanted to go out, but my anxiety was tearing me apart to stay home.
I ventured outside which I know doesn't seem like a big accomplishment let alone a small one, but it was for me.

The entire time from the car ride to going to the three stops I kept calling on the angels for assistance since I was sure I wasn't going to make it through without having a major panic attack.

Now, I didn't ask for a sign that they were with me but they gave a token of their ever present love and support. I must say the entire time I was praying quietly inside my thoughts I wasn't sure if they got the picture of what I was going through.

My mom had just parked the car and I was battling within if I should step out. I didn't know if I had the courage.

I opened up the car door and as I was walking to meet my mother I looked down to see a postcard right in front of me.
For a minute I thought I saw an angel..and when I bent down even closer it was indeed a postcard with an angel on it.

Here it is:

I could not get over how it was just one postcard, with an angel on the cover, as though it had been placed right there for me to find.

I picked up and felt absolute ease that everything would be fine and to calm down.
It was.

Even though certain periods in life are more tumultuous than others I will remind myself of this very moment.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Advertising Angels..ready for their close-up...

I was sifting through an old issue of Family Circle Magazine and came across this ad campaign for the laundry product Downy.

I love the caption and how sweet it is of making a sheet angel.

Angels are truly everywhere..even in the media.

Let an angel find you today!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Angels in an Instant Prayer

Angels, Angels, please multiply,
Surround me right this instant before I sigh!
I need your miraculous touch,
Give me blessings to what disappoints me much: (what it is).
Make this remedy quick and graceful,
Allow it to work out real tasteful.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Do the Angel Twist..

Here is a new take on one of the most famous movie lines in history..

"May the angelic force be with you."

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hold Out your Arms Wide..Angels Handing out Good Fortune to All!

Here is a special blessing for everyone today on St. Patrick's Day!

May God give you...
For every storm, a rainbow,
For every tear, a smile,
For every care, a promise,
And a blessing in each trial.
For every problem life sends,
A faithful friend to share,
For every sigh, a sweet song,
And an answer for each prayer.

~An Irish Prayer

How to Find Angels in the Garbage

This article of mine first appeared on Susan Gregg's Angels on Your Shoulder's blog on Beliefnet.

I wanted to re-post it again here.

Have fun!

I know what you are thinking stinky trash and angels go together? Yes, they do! You see all of us around this planet have dealt with garbage being thrown at us and at times we question what is going on and how to keep having faith in anything divine or angelic. I'm here to tell you that angels especially LOVE the garbage filled times. That is when they can really show off their mega cleaning skills!

If you ask the angels in a nice or nasty way(and I have done both) they do hear you.

You are definitely in a place of I don't care anymore and what now! I have been there so many times it could out do the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Here are how you know the angels are there:

*You get really really angry and you proceed to scream your head off..yep they are behind that. They need for you to express your integrity and what is making you feel negative and fearful. If you keep that to yourself you will feel awful and you'll have difficulty in paying attention when an angel sends a present through words such as seeing love, hope, or peace; angel statues, angel pins, angel images showing themselves in weird ways like on TV, in a video game, a card, an email or out shopping; someone who normally doesn't talk about, believe, or mention angels will say the word out loud or bring up the topic and it stands out because this is not a regular occurrence; an angel movie or Christmas angel movie that shouldn't be on TV or normally isn't will be on the programming and you happen to find it and put it on or somebody already flipped it to that channel; You have a friend come to the rescue and ask if you are alright and lets you know they have been praying for you and tells you everything will work out..they are channeling the angels. Your angels and their angels get together like a buddy system, talk it over and make sure you are not forgotten especially in a time when you feel that you are; You could also get a surprise in the mail or in person for a boost when you are going through a spike in your faith like someone buys you a coffee or wants to take you out, a small gift or thinking of you card; and lots of other amazing ways!

Angels love to get their wings filthy! They really do. Being an angel is no easy job and they realize that humans go through very dark and light emotions because this material world can be filled with pressure, stress, obligations, money issues, family dramas and tons more I can't list here and that's all you can focus on.

So, let them have that garbage..all of it. Every piece you have. Talk to them with a potty mouth..they enjoy it. I know this is not the way you think in communicating with angels or shouldn't I be saintly..the answer is no. Be yourself..the angels know your character and why are speaking or thinking this way and do not take offense. I always felt guilty when I got this way, but there is nothing to be afraid of. Angels don't throw halo ninja stars to get back at you.

Fun ways to have a one on one session with angels:

*Dress up with costume wings and a halo in private. Pretend you are your guardian angel or angelic being. Grab a doll or stuffed animal and place them on a chair in front of you. This will be you and you will role play as the angel(s). What messages do you get to say to yourself?

It might be, "Cherished One, I understand you are angry, but I am still here. Please fill my protective warmth and love I have for you inside your heart. It is okay to be upset, but do not give up hope on angels or acting as one yourself."

*Get a small garbage can or one you already have. Cut out angel figures out of white paper and write down what reeks in your life, and what messes you have. Then one by one crumple them up and say "Little Angel, Here's your junk, Give me some help to clear out this gunk. Thank you." Throw them in the garbage can until you are finished.

*Make yourself worry angel dolls. This is twist on the worry dolls. You can make these out of the wooden clothespins that have a head shape at the top, use yarn to decorate for hair, make little wings out of cardboard or by them, dress them in angelic robes or however you view angel helpers as, place them in a box you get at the craft store to look like a cloud or a pouch you decorate and give them all despair and burdens you have on you. You can make four, five or six of them.

*Have fun with Angel Karaoke. This is where you will sing all of your favorite angel and non angel songs with lyrics that pertain to what you might need some intercession with or just to let out a good cry. Before you sing let the angels know you are dedicating your performance for them and to send help pronto especially since it's a free show and you gave them front row!

*Draw an angel comic book. This is where you create some boxes like a real comic book, and place what is going on in your life and what outcome you want at the end. You can include you morphing into a powerful angel superhero that extinguishes your fears that come to life as horrible villains or a mini angel on your shoulder being there talking to you in each frame with messages. So, if you are feeling sad at the end you can make yourself with a huge smile on your face, and write on a T-shirt I'm with Happy while the angel has thumbs up. It's okay if you can't draw do stick figures or however you draw.

*Have a Celestial Movie Festival. Rent, borrow from the library or a friend every angel movie you can get your hands on! Michael starring John Travolta; City of Angels starring Nicholas Cage and Meg Ryan; It's A Wonderful Life starring Jimmy Stewart, etc. There are many to choose from so get them will make you feel better.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Inspirational Thought for March

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

--Reinhold Niebuhr

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Everything Guide to Angels (paperback)
by Karen Paolino, CHT, ATP

Publisher: Adams Media
Price: $15.95
ISBN: 9781605501215
304 pages

The Everything Guide to Angels by Karen Paolino, CHT, ATP truly gives one a look into the unseen world of angels and how one can become more in sync with them in one phenomenal book.

It covers how to strengthen and clear the blocks with one's intuition as many of us have fears or are uneasy about developing our gifts through the use of prayers to varying archangels including Haniel and Sariel.

There are sections on how to tell differentiate between when you are receiving angelic guidance vs. ego guidance.
One way which is demonstrated is the ego comes from a place of fear, criticism, and having to be in control. The angels always deliver messages that are supportive, peaceful, and non-competitive with others.

I was very impressed with the wide content and exercises that are given in this book from doing card spreading readings on topics like life purpose, finding love with Archangel Chamuel,meditations to clear your chakras, healing emotional traumas, how to release fears with the angels, manifesting your goals, real life ways of angels intervening in other's lives, angel mail, protecting oneself, receiving more prosperity, angel nudges or calling on the angels to help with fun things like a trip or parking space.

There are endless prayers on clearing your home, getting rid of negativity from within yourself, forgiving someone who have you pain with, prayer for the dying, overcoming self-hatred, protection for your loved ones, and a multitude of others prayers that will give you delight.

The Everything Guide format is wonderful and one I really enjoyed.

There are four key parts to it that emphasize certain tips or points for you to pay attention to that are quick and short.

The symbols are a question mark for answers to common questions the reader might have, check mark for important snippets of information, exclamation point for urgent warnings, and an asterisk for quick handy tips.

On page 75, the excerpt for the Alert Icon is the following high-lighted in a gray box as all these icons messages appear:

"Your ego is smart and sly like a fox. When you start listening to the angels and you follow their guidance, the ego will try to step in and change your mind with thoughts of fear, doubt, and insecurity. When this happens, recognize it and ask the angels for reassurance. Ask them to help you tune into the messages of love versus the messages of fear."

Because we are all students when it comes to the angels this book is a remarkable teacher on your journey!

I was not financially paid to endorse or provide a positive review for this book.

Angel for March

Angel of Prayer

"Keep your hearts lit with prayerful thoughts.

Remember that prayer comes in many beautiful forms including the act of saying thanks, giving love to another or simply living your day with joy.

It is of most value when one is witnessing trials in life or of our planet to keep their universe saturated with prayers.

Make sure to pray in any outlet that moves your spirit today.

Prayer works although you may not realize it with human attachments.

Prayer continuously bestows gifts of hope, miracles, compassion, and faith like a chain. Each person who prays adds another link to this chain as it spans around the world in light. "

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Divinely Connected Rune for March

Birthday Cake

Key words: Fortunate surprises; a fun gathering; celebration

Angel Acts

A few nights ago I finally saw The Pianist based off of the best selling novel and true life of Wladyslaw Szpilman.

Although any subject matter with the Holocaust is extremely difficult for me to watch, read, or hear about I have to say this is a moving story of survival through music and kindly acts of others. The power of kindness over hatred is demonstrated in this story many times.

I wanted to highlight one of the unlikely angels in this movie and real life that helped keep Wladyslaw Szpilman alive. He was a German officer named Wilm Hosenfeld whom provided him with a secure place to stay in the abandoned ruins while bringing him food and giving him his winter coat to say warm.

Many people question if God and angels exist how could something this evil against human lives taken place?
I honestly wonder myself and the only conclusion I come to is those involved with carrying out such horrifying crimes were obviously disturbed, highly seduced and manipulated by influences that were made to sound true but weren't.
I'm sure some of them were afraid themselves and went through on orders from Hitler to ensure no repercussions against them occurred.
In many instances it's easier to follow the masses than being a leader amidst such madness.
They definitely ignored guidance they got from their angels and went against it in many cases where they had the chance to do something better.

Here is an excerpt from page 28 of Carol May's Working With Angels in Everyday Life that I often wonder about:

"Special Note: Of course you must also remember that Angels can only help us as much as is possible in any given moment or situation (due to free will, karma, other people's choices, our own need for certain experiences,etc.).

Hosenfeld demonstrated such qualities of bravery and compassion which I consider an angel act.

For me the only thing I can say is music can promote peace, and connects our spirits even when there is chaos in our very world bringing us closer in unison.

Remember to do your own angel act for another as Wilm Hosenfeld did.

"We can do no great things; only small things with great love." ~Mother Teresa

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Angel Times Newspaper

Here's another riveting edition of The Angel Times..enjoy!

Asking For and Sending Angels to Others

Asking For and Sending Angels to Others

By Laurie Conrad

Our Lady the Madonna, in Her appearances in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia, told the visionaries that we should keep the four archangels near us always, for protection and guidance.

I had known about St. Michael the Archangel from a young age, for every Mass ended with the well-known prayer to him which begins: "St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the malice and snares of the devil". The prayer was said by the entire congregation, and there was something so comforting in hearing all the adult voices around me reciting this prayer, with its familiar cadences, and the various octaves of the human voice represented in that wonderful unison. This practice was abandoned after Vatican II, which might help to explain the sorry state of the world since.

I have read that St. Michael protected entire towns from the bubonic plague, and that one can ask him to deliver souls to Heaven. From my readings I also learned that St. Michael is supposed to fight the final battle against Lucifer - so sometimes I pray for St. Michael, that he is able to defeat Lucifer when the time comes.

From reading books about Padre Pio and certain other Catholic saints, I learned that angels can both be summoned and sent, and for many diverse reasons. Clairvoyantly I can see them come when we call on them, and they do come immediately. In my experience, they can act as messengers, protectors, healers, and also as guides or teachers.

Not only can we ask for an angel, we can ask for legions of angels. But I am getting ahead of myself, let me clarify what I have already written.

In my work for the Distant Healing Network, or for friends, or others who come to me for healing, I will often ask that angels be sent to them. I will ask angels to help the doctors during their operation, or in diagnosing their condition; I send angels to those in difficult or painful situations, physical, emotional, material or spiritual; I ask that angels help someone secure a better job if in financial distress; I send angels to mend broken lives and families and relationships. And if someone is terminally ill, I ask that angels comfort them and later protect and guide them when they transition to other realms. I send angels to my fellow beings for just about everything one could imagine. More often than not the results are immediate, and people will thank me for the angels I have asked for. Sometimes people will feel the presence of the angel I send them. Some people have even seen them. One woman wrote that the angel had appeared to her, and he even told her his name.

When people telephone me or write to me about a missing person or animal I send angels to find them and bring them home. I ask angels to protect people on their journeys. Each day I read the New York Times and our local newspaper and send angels where they are needed, whether it be an earthquake or flood somewhere in the world, or some man-made disaster such as war, or some other evil aggression. Since the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, I have asked Our Lady, Queen of the Angels, to send legions of Her angels to help the world fight terrorism wherever it exists, to rid the earth of this terrible danger. I ask Our Lady to send legions of angels to earth, to help and protect wherever needed. I try to do this at least once each day. I have asked that angels be permanently stationed at various points in Ithaca where people in the past have jumped off one of our many bridges - and basically I consider the angels our trusted protectors and healers, and I turn to them whenever and wherever they are needed.

In addition to thanking the Divine Angels when I call on them, I try to remember to thank them at other times as well. When I do this, often I clairvoyantly see an angel come and bow his head as though in gratitude. In general, I have found that the angels have far more Respect for us than we could ever have for ourselves. Respect, not in the sense that we personally deserve it, but rather that we are the soul, that we are made in the image of God. It is like no relationship I have ever known on earth, a relationship entirely full of grace and honesty, and purity of intent and action - for that is their very Nature.

My prayers are simple: "Dear Angels, please fix the problems within _____'s family, so that they live in peace and harmony once again." Or: "My dear Holy Angels, please help ______ find the perfect job". Or: "Mary, Mother of God, please send legions of Your angels to earth today, to rid the earth of all evil."

My prayers are not the most beautiful, nor the most profound - but the angels always do seem to go where I ask, and with remarkable results.

Article Source:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Comprehensive Guide to Angel Therapy: Angelic guidance to enrich and improve your life Book Review

A Comprehensive Guide to Angel Therapy: Angelic guidance to enrich and improve your life by Denise Whichello Brown (Hardcover)
Publisher: 2001 D & S Books Limited
Price:11.99 euros
ISBN: 1-85605-716-X
128 pages

A Comprehensive Guide to Angel Therapy by Denise Whichello Brown is a must have for those wanting to learn more on angel therapy.

Denise has done a beautiful job using color photographs and paintings to visually show the individual step by step instructions of many valuable practices from setting up an angelic altar, meditating, preparing your space for angel communication, contacting your guardian angel, doing chakra balancing on another, assisting one with meeting their guardian angel, making an aurasoma crystal followed by a meditation for a certain archangel, what crystals are best used for each archangel, making your own deck of angels cards and how to do readings, a chart with over twenty angel essential oils and how to work with them, the chakras with their symbol and info on each one including the angel that aligns with it.
These are only a small taste of what this book covers!

The archangels Michael, Raphael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Jophiel, Uriel, and Zadkiel are show-cased well in this book each getting their own painting and page with fiats to say to invoke their help, what they can be called for, what qualities they possess, and their color.

There is a section where she brings up angels that can be very useful in day to day life like the repair angels, finding angels, and shopping angels whom have gotten her some pretty sweet deals to save money.

On one such occasion Denise went to the store to buy her daughter a new pair of pants and when she went to purchase them the worker shut down her register because the store was closing. Denise asked her to hold onto the pants and she would come by later to get them. However, a few days went by and as went to pick them up a thought sprung into her head of another store name. There she found the exact pair she was going to buy for much cheaper!
Think about it had the angels not put up that small roadblock for her to wait and placed that idea into her head that very day she would have traveled all the way back to the other store and paid out more money than she needed to!

"These powerful beings of light respond to our calls the moment we ask for their assistance. Remember constantly to invite the archangels, as well as the angels, into your daily lives. God created them all to serve us." from page 20

There is an angel color wheel divided into twelve parts at the end of the book that one can use for guidance with the meanings found on the next page such as light purple support, light blue meditation and light pink manifestation.
I have consulted it several times and received accurate messages that brought me peace.

A true high quality angel book that one must own!
Perfect for angel therapy practitioners, healers, counselors, and whomever desires to spend more time with angels.

I was not paid to endorse this book. My feelings are based on my experiences with reading and using it.

Communicating with the Aid of Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is know throughout history as the Angel of the Annunciation when she/he(however you view Gabriel) arrived with the news that Mary was pregnant with Jesus whom would make a great impact of love on the earth.

Many of us have issues swirling in our throat chakras or throat ailments(myself in this category)
Gabriel is connected to the throat, speech, writing, expressing oneself, singing etc.
Archangel Michael also works with Gabriel on releasing fear when it comes to sharing one's truth.

Blue is the color corresponding to the throat center and voice.

You are going to design a Throat Chakra Poster on blue or white poster board with a picture of The Annunciation, another picture of Gabriel that is special to you or draw what comes to mind when you think of Gabriel in the center.

Then, you want to cut out and find everything that represents what problems you have with your throat center that needs healing.

If you chat more than you listen cut out an ear for listening, but if you hold how you feel deep within get a picture of a microphone.

Other great pictures to snip out from magazines are smiling mouths showing teeth, books, trumpets, music notes or any musical instrument, art supplies, blue sky, any blue items like the ocean, candle, words like shout, express, voice, truth,etc.

Finally you are going to hang this up in a place where you can see it(to be discreet you can tack it up behind your closet door or put in a folder) and say this prayer courtesy of Ambika Wauters' booklet from Angel Blessing Stamps Kit page 23:

"Beloved Angel of Clear Communication,
Teach me to honor the truth and speak justly.
Heal the fear that my words have no weight.
Open the heart of communication to us
As a bridge to communion."

Continue to invoke Gabriel whenever you need to with your own words or prayers you find online by typing in St. Gabriel or Archangel Gabriel prayers.

For further reading on Gabriel check out:

Your Angel Journey by Joylina Goodings

Archangels 101 by Doreen Virtue

Archangels an Ascended Masters by Doreen Virtue

Gabriel: Communicating with the Archangel for Inspiration and Reconciliation by Richard Webster

A White Feather in the Bathroom..

I thought my sense of humor was risque..turns out angels have a naughty side too.

I guess with the moods I've been in back and forth with hormonal issues(no wonder I was having difficulties the last two weeks with depression, anxiety,etc.) the angels thought they would send me a gift and in what place out of all areas..the bathroom!

Yep, they gave me a surprise in the bathroom.

I went inside to use the bathroom and I glance down real quick to see what I thought was a small tiny white feather on the tile floor that was dirt on it or anything.
I couldn't believe my eyes and thought, "yeah, right..that can't be a here?.."
When I went over to pick it up it turned out to actually be a feather.

This just demonstrates the angels match up symbols with our personalities,environment we're in, our perspective and that we will notice them.
Thanks angels!

Ask for a feather today from the angels..

Daily Guidance From Angels for the month of February

Let Ideas Come to You

The universal mind has infinite ideas that you can always tap in to. You receive them in response to a question that you've posed to the universe with a clear and quiet awareness. Today, ask Spirit about any topic that you need help or guidance with. You can think your question or voice it aloud.
Sometime today, sit quietly and notice the ideas that come to mind after each query. Al that you need to do to hear the answers is spend time listening in silence. These ideas are gifts to you from the universe. You're qualified and ready to act upon them, and all of creation fully supports your doing so.

Thought for Today

I open my mind to the answers that the universe shares with me, and I easily receive brilliant new ideas. I act upon them in partnership with Spirit.

excerpt from page 344 of Doreen Virtue's Daily Guidance from Your Angels