Thursday, June 30, 2011

Declaration of Transcendence

The meaning of the word declaration taking from Merriam Webster dictionary is to announce something through a statement. What if you invented your own Declaration of Angel Rights or Declaration of Transcendence.

At the very top of your sturdy card stock or paper write Declaration of Angel Rights or Declaration of Transcendence. Whichever one you like the sound of better.

You will want to start if off with something like this:

"Under this loving Universe I am a child of all that is Divine and because I am Divine I will remember to treat myself with adoration.

I thee declare as God and the angelic host are my witnesses that I am Divine, filled with love, and am truly blessed by the heavens above."

Now you want to write an intention of guidelines or laws that you want to abide your life by and also want to express what freedoms you want. You can write as many as you wish.

Decorate with anything that represents being free and a celebration..make sure to include plenty of stars.

1. Every day angel blessings shall take place in my life. They will be filled with love, reassurance, and bring joy.

2. Prosperous opportunities come to me in exciting ways. I am able to express my talents and abilities with love and integrity.

3. The angels make themselves known to me in distinct, clear, and supportive avenues. They send me plenty of angels on earth and in spirit form to provide me with the essentials of what I need including jobs, money, protection, faith, hope, and love.

4. I ask for the freedom to express myself more fully and stop being afraid to share my vulnerabilities with others.

5. I ask for the freedom to allow myself more time to follow through on my goals.

6. I ask for the freedom to go forth with my intuition and stop putting it off out of doubt and fearful rhetoric.

7. I shall treat myself with respect.

After you know you are finished you might want to frame and hang it up or place on your altar. Read it once in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. Take pride in your words.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Feather Fireworks for Summer...A Note of Promise.

Say goodnight to all of your troubles,
Angels are there for you,
Giving you hope when you want to be through..
Yes, Angels are there for you..
Making the sun rise again to make the day start anew.
In many different forms they'll find a way to your heart.
They promise that nothing can break you a part.
Allow yourself to have fun,
Get that Vitamin D in the sun
Let your soul laugh with everyone.
Just remember to have splendor,
Even when things in life collide like a car bender,
Make yourself a refreshing smoothie in the blender.
Summer is time to let things grow,
All the angels want you to know,
Is that magic exists just gaze at a fireworks show!
Hydrate yourself with lovin' H20,
These mean your friends that quench your heart not like a foe.
Celebrate every chance you get,
When you're human you often times forget.

Monday, June 20, 2011

As An Angel Thinketh...Journalling the Soul Series Part 2

My first post on the Journalling the Soul Series can be found here.

For the next quote in our series it is:

photo by: FaustFoundation

"A candle-light is a protest at midnight. It is a non-conformist. It says to the darkness, 'I beg to differ.'" ~Samuel Rayan, India

1. What does the symbol of the candle represent to you and why?

2. There are many moments in life when we feel we are in absolute darkness. Reminiscence back to moments when you overcame those obstacles of gloom and they turned into triumphs of a new rising day. What did you hold onto in those times? What permitted you the strength to continue forward?

3. Do you notice that were there is baron land a regeneration of life can be born there? We have many events in history(both our lives and in the global spectrum) where things didn't appear they would recover or make it through but they did. It is not easy, but one must uphold the ropes of faith to pull along and realize things can start again. What do you believe right now cannot be salvaged and is in ruins. Is that really the truth and if you think so are there any items from the debris you can use to rebuild with? If not, than list what materials you do need and what you would build with them.

4. Have you been a light to others and have others held that light for you when you couldn't find your way? It's of value to realize that every person can create hope when there seems to be none left. List times where you felt inspired by the masses; maybe the protests that took place in Iran, people holding prayer vigils for lives that were lost or those missing, or volunteers aiding in disaster zones.
Where do you think their spark of light stems from and how does it make you feel when people band together when a crisis arises?

5. Light an actual candle this week or use a battery operated one when the sun has gone down. Make sure to have time by yourself in a room or designated area that is pitch black. This is your prayerful observation time. Keep in your mind how the candle flame illuminates what you wouldn't be able to see without its presence. You may want to have a flashlight on hand so that you can have a before and after visual of your room with the candle on and when you extinguish it out.

6. Later on this week come up with a list of shadows you think are covering everything in blindness. Now list your allies in the candle flame that you believe are there to show you the way out. Can you strike a match or deal with them in another format than you are currently?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Want an Angel Coupon Too!

I know that everyone for the most part has seen coupons for free things or uses coupons with their groceries. I thought it would be a great idea to make your own Angel Coupons that operate like an I Owe You does.

Here's how it works. You can either design them by hand or use the computer to design more professional or elaborate looking ones. You write at the top Angel Coupon: Use With Good Intentions. Also write down for Expiration Date: Never. You may even want to make a bar-code on it too.

Then fill it out with a picture or clip art. You can put Good for One Free Answered Prayer(for instance use Prayer Hands, A Candle, or Dove), Good for One Earth Angel Act(Use an angel), Good for One Free Trip to the Movies(Movie Tickets, Reel, Popcorn), Good for One Free Surprise Gift(A Present), Valid for one Angel Miracle, Valid for Money Blessings(which you can decided if you want to give them cash, a gift card, or a blessing angel coin). with an angel stamp, angel design or angel clip art. Then you can send them in cards as gifts and tell the person when they're ready to cash them in to give it to you and say, "I want to use my Angel Coupon please."

For the ones like One Free Answered Prayer you become a prayer angel for that person letting them know you'll pray for them and help them out in anyway you can so they realize you stand with them. Say they are looking for a better job or seeking employment you can help clean up their resume, talk to people you know, look online or in the classifieds for them, or send them articles that would be of assistance to ace a job interview or networking their career.

It's a way to promote fantastic karma, an improved mood and an act of kindness.
You'll also have fun in the process and touch someone's spirit.

Friday, June 17, 2011

My Guardian Angel: True Stories of Angelic Encounters from the Readers of Woman's World Magazine Book Review

My Guardian Angel
True Stories of Angelic Encounters from the Readers of Woman's World Magazine

by Doreen Virtue

Publisher: Hay House December 2007
Price: $10.95
ISBN: December 2007
170 pages

Every week the popular magazine Woman's World publishes the My Guardian Angel Column edited by Amy Oscar with commentary from Doreen Virtue. It is one of the main reasons I get the magazine just to see what the angel story is featured for that issue.

In My Guardian Angel: True Stories of Angelic Encounters from the Readers of Woman's World Magazine we get to read the top angel stories collected from past issues of Woman's World all in one book!

I enjoyed this book so much that I am going to read it again and again.

There is an introduction by Amy Oscar that explains how originally the My Guardian Angel Column was actually canceled and no longer would be inside Woman's World magazine. But, she had received so many letters of true angel stories that she couldn't just put them away. It turned out the angels had a divine plan in store.

What I enjoy about this book is that Doreen gives small doses of angel wisdom of easy ways to reach your angels.

It doesn't matter how you ask for the angels' help. What matters is that you do so.
page 27

Birds and butterflies, especially those that behave in unexpected ways or appear in an unusual location, are often signs from
page 53

Notice license plates and bumper stickers, because they often convey personal messages from Heaven. page 128

If you get an intuitive feeling to help someone, Heaven is probably enlisting you as an earthly angel at the moment. page 159

There are stories of entertaining angels without realizing they were until they vanished. Doreen even includes 3 clues if you've encountered an angel that briefly comes in human form and disappears.

We also get readers stories of those who crossed over including both animals and relatives who gave signs (including comical) ones to let them know they were from them, protection when traveling by plane and on land, finding missing items, and getting prayers directly answered from the angels.

My favorite story was the one called " The Rainbow Bear" from the Answered Prayers section shared by Patti Patrignelli from Monroe, NY. Her husband and her would take their kids every year to the amusement park for vacation. There was an area where they have games where you could win prizes. Her three children really wanted this jumbo rainbow bear they saw. Her husband spent $20 trying to win the bear for them but unfortunately wasn't able to. Patti has always told her children to ask the angels for guidance and later that evening her son had inquired to his mom if the angels could help them get the bear and she told him yes. All three of her kids prayed for the outcome to get the bear, but this time her husband spent $40 and still no bear. Her kids were obviously disappointed by this but she tried to reassure them that the angels must have something else in store. Turns out they did. When they all went back to the parking lot to get in their car they saw a male teenager holding the exact jumbo rainbow bear in his hands. Patti questioned how he won it and he told her that he was very lucky. Then he asked the kids if they wanted the bear and of course they all shouted with a joyful "Yes!" That wasn't all..three $20 bills rolled up right to them the amount the father had spent to try to win his children their prize.

This book is full of loving angel stories and antidotes that is a touching read!

I was not compensated in anyway to provide this review.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

You've Just Crossed Over into the Angel Zone...

"You unlock this door with the key of imagination,
beyond it is another dimension,
a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight,
a dimension of mind,
You are moving into a land of both shadow and substance
of things and ideas.
You've just crossed over into the Angel Zone."

- from The Twilight Zone Opening Theme Credits

The Angel Zone is what happens when angel miracles seem to pop up when things in life are less than happy.
You may experience an angel gateway when everything goes positively and smoothly on a particular day when you are at high stress or feeling hopeless and a person(s) at your outings are friends you bump into that cheer you up by their sweetness. This can also occur when someone volunteers to help you with a small chore that you have to get done or wants to take you out to escape from daily life.

Then, one of the best things to come out of this angel dimension is a stream of celestial goodies that come out of everywhere.

One time I got four different angel surprises in one week that included an unexpected angel book sent to me by a dear friend, an angel worry stone, crystal angel necklace and a card with message from another great friend that seemed to be a response from the angels, and an angel calendar sent to me for free.

These presents can also come in a dialogue where you hear about angels...(one time I walked in on the news and the woman said how had it not been for the ringing door bell that got hay wired she would not have woken up to get out of her house that was in flames. She gave credit to her guardian angel for saving her life making her doorbell go off even though it shouldn’t have.) or angel images or words are brought to your attention(such as the one time I was getting ready to take my GED I was getting really nervous with taking this test..the last woman to be seated was late, actually in heavenly order as her place was directly in front of me. Guess what tattoo she had on her back..two angel wings were staring back..what a way for an angel hello.)

The angels can also use familiar symbols that have meaning for you.
Mine are rabbits.

Angels like to make a celebrity appearance with wit or cause you to say,”that couldn’t’ have just happened, right?”

The angels want you to know that they are near and at times they will make you a part of their angel zone peeking into a glimpse of what their realms hold and are capable of ministering.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Project Angel: How to create a Wax Angel painting by Goddess Leonie

This glorious painting idea comes from Goddess Leonie that I had to share with everyone! Make sure to visit her website because she has gorgeous freebies including an angel book and gratitude journal you can print out.

In Sonia Choquette's book Ask Your Guides she says that painting or drawing an angel for that matter directly contacts them because working with our hands connects us to our heart and quiets the ego. This allows a streaming flow of angels to flock in.

Enjoy spending time with the heavenly lovelies!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Why Angels...

Copyright of Vintage Angel Art © The Spiritual Woman Ltd

Why are there angels to begin with?

Now, let's get this straightened out. Many people have issues with imploring angels for help. If there is an all knowing, loving, higher power known as God(or your word) why the heck would you need angels? Why not just talk to God then and forget about angelic beings.

Here's the thing if God didn't want us to have angels than there wouldn't be any. Why are there's a way of God expressing love forth to us. Angels are our presents of love from God. Basically it's God way of saying "Hey kid, I know the world can get tough, but I do love you so are angels to let you know what I mean and give you a dose of what my love can do. Play with them and they'll join in."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Into the Unknown I Go..Angels Ahead.

We are like explorers charting places that we expect on our map and others that we aren't aware of discovering or even want to.
I think as humans we like to say that we are the captain of our ships which is true but not really.

We think that we alone solely know what is going to happen or that we'll make it to our destination exactly as we predetermined. What could go array you might ask?
There are many voyages we sail on through but I see how often that the more I think I know the definitive answers or what ought to take place the more off course my ship unravels.

Currently, my ship's compass is cracked and not working...lucky for me, huh? The weather has been nothing but storms, sharks surround my ship teasing me with fear than leaving, I have horrid sea sickness, ill waters will not go away, scarcity of food, rough waters, and rumor of a giant octopus that wants to destroy this already broken down ship which I have no extra loot to repair.

Who remains with loyal ship mates of course! They include a few trusted friends, family, angels hidden as seagulls that fly overhead, a Higher Power, and other loves. Without them I'm sure I would have fed myself to those sharks and abandoned ship.

Am I happy with how treasures I saw at X marks the spot have yet to be revealed? No, not at all.
I feel drunk(I know how original a drinker and a sea captain..) with incoherence.

Do I think that I'm wasting my time on the water and should divert these hopes?
Yep, I do think that.

I'm unable to know where I'm headed even though I thought I would have a life that was not like this.

I've heard of other captains that come back to the ports with lavish treasures, easy money, love, and they got it all by lying, stealing, and be morally unethical.
That doesn't go down as just in my diary I keep on the long days and nights out at sea.

But, at least my Nautical Telescope works so I can see the stars at night and glowing moon despite the foggy clouds.

Until then we all must venture on despite what we will find or don't.

Atten-Hut! Got An Angel Sergeant in your Life?

An angel sergeant is someone the angels lovingly channel their strong wisdom through when you are not listening to the angels or are in danger of putting yourself in a situation that would not be of benefit to you.

It may happen when you are unsure of what to do with a career path and someone out of the blue will say, "You know I always thought you would be a great writer.." without you bringing up the conversation or the person being unaware that you secretly do this or want to.

This may also come through another way when you have a near miss of an accident or avoid becoming friends with someone that comes off as trusting but truly has other intentions.

However, the most dramatic kind is when someone yells at you not through anger but through seeing you have much more potential than you are recognizing. Someone might get stern with a forewarning or encourage you with supporting words to get you back on the bicycle even if you have falling off.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Working Pro-Bono for Angels

Yep, angels often have us work pro-bono on cases unofficially. So, that time you decided to stay overtime at work with no pay just to make sure things got done you can say thanks to the angels.
Maybe you have a memory where you took the blame for something or lied to protect another while the repercussions came boomeranging over to you...the angels instigated that one too.

I will say this pro-bono cases are often the most challenging if not devastating or stressful, but they do pay a high bonus in the Spirit Compensation area.
You don't always quote on quote have a victory, but that's not why it's there.
It's so one can express their inner goodness and use it to distribute features of angels like sweetness, authenticity, truth, caring, giving, or justice.

Don't get down on yourself because most humans derived from the Angelic Family Tree never feel like they are not worthy of a thing let alone assistance.
They also have a sensitivity so deep that it can overwhelm quickly if not soothed with natural substances like essential oils, flower essences, relaxing tunes, cocoon time, the creative arts, soul text, healing devices like crystals, meditation, and exercise, and reconnecting with their own angels and beings of light.

Just remember this Pro-Bono cases that lawyers take on or any job for that matter can be daunting, but they show you are very much capable of great things and a powerhouse too!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Is A Love Loan?

The angels gave me the idea of a love loan. You've heard about banks giving financial loans to those who need them. A love loan is similar only you never have to pay them back.

A love loan is about doing something for another purely out of a loving kind act. It promotes good karma and pays it forward because the next person will be more inclined to act that way with another through your love loan.
As The Beatles put it, "All You Need is Love" and they were right.
When love is brought to a situation of hatred or discrimination love will triumph.

A love loan only has a few conditions:

It must come from a place of selflessness and not wanting to get recognition or fame for it. You also at times will not get thanks or praise for it. You might do this in secrecy or to someone that will not even appreciate it.

A love loan is done from a place of pure, unconditional love. You are not thinking what if nothing is giving back to me. It's not about money or are doing this because that is what love does. You will feel love and so will the person(s) involved.

You can give a love loan by simply smiling to another, giving assistance to a friend that needs help with moving, buying lunch for a co-worker, giving a surprise card in the mail to someone who means something to you.

Love loans are infinite as are you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Angels Within Everyone

Did you know that every person has an angel within them? Some people's angels are trapped in a cage of fears and ego behaviors that are learned or past down from generation to generation while others have clipped wings because they are scared of flying with their true forms.

It is important to let your angels come out and explore this territory of earth and give angel blessings to the plant forms, animals, and people that are the most lost. You can do this by engaging in practices that minister goodwill not only for yourself but humankind.

You might want to give a hug to a loved one or go to a park or other natural environment and clear the area of debris(making sure to recycle).
Other ways in which to do achieve this task is to sign petitions for human right causes, write your government with issues that concern you or the planet, donating to charities like the Red Cross or Salvation Army, and trying your best to keep light around your persona to make other's turn on too.