Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards Review

Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards: Receive Inspiration and Healing from the Angelic Kingdoms by Stewart Pearce author of The Alchemy of Voice

Publisher: Findhorn Press

Price: $15.95

ISBN: 978-1-84409-543-8

Illustrated by Richard Crookes

Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards by Stewart Pearce are a 44 oracle deck as this number he explains is a sacred master number from Atlantis.

It comes with a short un-numbered guidebook that I would have preferred having a Table of Contents page and presents a short background on the twelve Angels of Atlantis with some brief history on Atlantis.

Stewart also outlines how to call upon these angels to bring you on point messages through the cards, a twelve card, three card, and one card spread reading, and a small dedication ceremony one can invoke to bless their oracle.

The cards have a black background, archangel name on top in a marigold yellow color, illustration and one word on the very bottom you can see here:

Illustrations © Richard Crookes 2011

With illustrations done by Richard Crookes it expresses an other dimensional blend of landscapes, symbols, and an explosion of colors giving a unique sightseeing experience for your eyes.

The extended messages are found in alphabetical order of Gabriel, -The Divine Messenger; Hanael- The Sacred Warrior; Jophiel-The Holy Liberator; Metatron-The Supernal Teacher; Michael-The Cosmic Leader; Raphael-The Holy Healer; Raziel-The Divine Mysteries; Sandalphon-The Sacred Guardian; Shamael-The Divine Guide; Uriel-The Divine Companion; Zadkiel-The Divine Comforter; and Zaphkiel-The Sacred Lover.

Here are two from the booklet:


Beloved, you are a child of God and a peace lover at heart. This angelic Oracle comes to you as a signal that new love, or a renewed love is dawning for you. See life through the compassionate eyes of your guardian Angel who emanates the Christos, and perceive that love as being uncompromisingly beautiful.Look to the beauty that you will create for all, in radiance of your love, which is a prism of the Divine. Shifting your perspective to the angelic realm means you become a human Angel, and start to spark miracles all around you. Chant Om Namah Shivaya to enliven your peace.


Gabriel wants you to know you have been too busy and wishes you to become more earthed, to take stock of past actions that have resulted in your life process becoming out of equilibrium. Whenever our yin-yang dualistic force moves out of balance, our energy drops. Gabriel asks you to create harmony by yielding to meditation and stillness, so that the divine messengers may remove your burdens. Gaze at the wonderfully integrated intelligence of Leonardo Da Vinci's art, and you will feel an altogether different state emerging. Then, Om Mane Padme Hum chanted three times will re-balance your process, as this mantra opens compassionate yielding in our hearts.

Text © Stewart Pearce 2011

These cards are wonderful to use and I find myself turning to them often.
They are a spiritually high vibrating divination tool with loving angelic channelings.

I was not financially compensated to endorse or give positive feedback on this product. All opinions given are my own.