Angel Love Book Review

Angel Love: Experiencing the Power and Love of the Angels Working in People's Lives by Dr. Carolyn Porter

Publisher: Empower Productions, Inc.; 1st edition (February 1, 2007)

Price: $24.00 Hardcover

208 pages

Full Color Text, Pages, and Angel Illustrations by Mande Porter Strickland

If you are looking for a book about angels you will want to start your journey with Angel Love: Experiencing the Power and Love of the Angels Working in People's Lives by Dr. Carolyn Porter. Even if you already consider yourself an expert in the field of angelology, you will find new and exciting tidbits of information. I also qualify this book on the list for a curious teenager or tween that wants to explore the topic of angels.
The book colors, text and designs are beautiful hues of pink, blue, green and purple. Angel drawings by Mande Porter Strickland are scattered throughout the book which bring to life the love and invitation from the angels. Angel Love begins with a foreward by Amy Oscar, editor of "My Guardian Angel" which is featured weekly in Woman's World Magazine.

In the first half of the book Angel Love, Dr. Carolyn Porter dispels misconceptions about what angels are,
what they look like, as well as the ways in which angels send us messages through clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance. These are the channels by which angels communicate with humans. Dr. Carolyn provides methods in which we can connect with the angels. On one particular day she made a request for more angel stories for her book, this very book of Angel Love. Within an hour of petitioning the angels for their assistance, two angel stories appeared in her inbox - just as she had asked for! There are also suggestions for how you can communicate with the angels, especially if you are not sure how to best contact them. Suggestions are playing soft music or lighting a candle among other things. You will learn about the angel hierarchy, including a chart, and how Archangel Michael can help you when you are feeling fearful and vulnerable.

Angels are always sending us communications but we may not be sure what to look out for. Dr. Porter describes how the angels will deliver these signs, perhaps as a rainbow or angel lights; you can read more about these in her book. Channeled messages from the angels are shared throughout and one of my favorites appears on page 67:

Message from the Angels
We never leave your side. If your eyes would open wider you would see us. It is our wish for you to call upon us for the smallest and largest task. It is easy for us so we make it easier for you. That's what we mean when we tell you to let go of things. It's only then we can lift your burdens and help you enjoy your life more. We long to help you, so do ask us.©

In the second part of the book there are countless true angel stories about angelic interventions that help with protection, healing, reassurance, and much more. One of the stories that touched my heart was called Schoolyard Angels by Pete Gomez. He explains how he always picked up his son, Eric, from school at 4:30PM. The school had a policy that everyone had to be off the grounds by 5PM. Pete knew he wasn't going to make it on time to get his son since he was on the other side of town. All he could do was pray and ask the angels to watch over his son so he wasn't alone. Pete arrived at 6PM and saw his son sitting there on the curb, but he wasn't alone. A woman and two children were sitting in their car and when this woman spotted Pete she came over to his car and asked if he had a screwdriver since her daughter left the keys in the trunk and she needed a way to retrieve them. Pete helped the woman to free her keys and she told him how she asked God for help and he appeared. Pete explained to the woman how he too had asked God and the angels for assistance and made her wait so his son wouldn't be alone.

This book truly demonstrates that even though we may not realize it, the angels are ALWAYS there for us.
Angel Love feels like a big warm hug from the angelic realm.

I was not paid for this review. All expressed is truly my own.