Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Price of Love: Romantic Fiction With An Angel on Top

Up in Heaven there are places where great artifacts of sacred importance are held. Each room has an angel guardian to watch over that particular object making sure there pure essence never gets corrupted by anything. There is a room for the virtue of Charity where a sparkling sun yellow gem in the shape of two intertwined hands is on display. This beams the feelings of giving to the earth inspiring those to answer the prayers of others in need. In another room is a clear tube glass vial that holds within it a flame that anchors the virtue of Faith among the Earth that no matter what hope is always burning in the souls of humans to extend to others. There are over thousands of rooms that each contain a different virtue or duty but the most protected is the virtue of Love. For without Love nothing else would be possible. Love is the force that ensures to make hope thrive, charity survive, and healing alive. The Great Creator also molded everything from Love. In this room is a transparent heart that shifts into iridescent rainbow colors and is inside of a bubble sphere.

The angel to guard this was called Darling. She was a tiny angel only 5ft tall, with long dark brown wavy hair, strawberry red mouth, rosey cheeks, and amber brown eyes. This was her pride and joy. Anytime she would stare at the heart she would instantly feel warmth radiate through the center of her being and throughout it all. She truly felt the presence of The Great Creator inside her that flowed outward also reaching the hearts of child and adults alike.

 One day Darling noticed something very peculiar with the heart. It kept pulsating and making vibrations that made the room shook. Darling knew there was something happening. Then out of nowhere the heart started bouncing around the room. Darling used her speed as she outstretched her wings to grab it but she couldn’t. The heart bounced out in the Hall of Alleluia all the way out onto the balcony as Darling saw it jump straight down to Earth. In the thousands of years since she took over that post from the other angel, Amore, whom retired she never had anything like this come under her wing. She knew she would have to go among the humans disguised as one of them to track down the heart and bring it back. Darling approached her higher up Chamuel the Archangel who governed over all forms of love to alert him what happened and her solution to the problem.

 “Darling, there is a special reason why I chose you to be the holder of Love. I’ll approve of this mission and if you need help you know whom to reach, “ Chamuel said with a wink.

“Thank you Chamuel. I’ll do my job.”

Instantly Darling appeared inside a small antique shop called Everything Old Is New Antiques as a human. She looked just like herself only dressed in winter attire with a dark pink knitted hat, pink pea coat, pink mittens, pink boots, a sparkly sequin pink scarf and certainly without wings. She was dressed in all types of pink hues. How appropriate of an outfit for an Angel of Love.

Inside she noticed a young woman at the counter whom seemed very cold and harsh to every customer that was on line to pay or even ask a question. This was very upsetting to Darling as she could now feel these emotions being out of Heaven.

Darling was instantly drawn to a pair of angel wing earrings that were set with tiny rubies. She picked up the earrings and went to the counter to ask about the piece.

“Hi, my name is Lucy and I just love these angel wing earrings. I also happen to love angels. Can you tell me how much this goes for?” Darling asked as her Alias name of Lucy.

With a sarcastic and detached tone the woman said, “That’s so great that you love angels. They aren’t real by the way and that necklace is not for someone like you and you can’t afford it. You look like your twelve.”

“That’s not a very kind thing to say to someone. I’m actually a lot older than you would ever guess. Can I ask why you answered me like that?” Darling inquired.

 “Oh please. Just get out of the store. I don’t like people and especially you.” she replied.

Darling felt incredibly sad.

She put the earrings back where she got them and before leaving said, “I really hope you can change the way you treat people. I’m not sure what’s been done to cause you to shut down and have to protect yourself in such a way but I understand that not everything is always what it first appears to be. And just to let you know there are angels.”

With that Darling left the store and began to cry. She had heard of crying before but never experienced it. She kept crying as she walked down the sidewalk knowing that was a woman in serious pain. Darling kept trying to figure out why Chamuel had placed her at that particular location but maybe it had something to do with the missing heart. Darling just happened to look up and saw an old fashion candy shop with huge lollipops in the window named The Candy Station. Darling had an idea to go in the shop and get some treats to try out for herself since she never had candy or sugar before and overheard other angels sent on assignment that it was their favorite. She also planned on buying some goodies and dropping them off at the antique store.

 Inside it smelled very delicious and Darling couldn’t help but smile and smile. She picked out a few things and they were all in a heart shape her favorite. She got Dark Chocolate Caramel Filled Hearts, Sour Apple Heart Sugar Coated Gummies, a large bag of Heart Lollipops and a Heart Candy necklace. As she went up to pay for her items she noticed a man about the same age as the woman in the antique shop with a name tag that said Brian. He seemed very heart broken although he was smiling to everyone else and had a warm, upbeat personality. He was especially nice and reminded Darling a lot of the qualities angels have. She wondered what was bothering him so much.

“I noticed you are buying all heart shaped there a reason why?” he wondered.

“Well, hearts are my favorite shape and I’m also giving some of these to the woman that works at Everything Old Is New Antiques. I’m hoping it’ll maybe brighten her up a bit.”

 He lost his smile for a moment and then said with his voice shaking, “That is a very sweet thing of you to do. I’m sure she could use it.”

“Have you ever been there before?” Darling knew they were connected.

“Yes, I have. I actually went in there a lot and then I stopped.”

“Why, you didn’t find any antiques you liked?” Darling responded also knowing it had to do with the woman.

He let out a chuckle and said, “No, no. There was a great assortment of antiques in there. I actually bought a few for here like that train set and Grandfather Clock.”

“They’re beautiful pieces..” Darling chimed in.

“Yes, that is why I got them. But what I really wanted didn’t have a price tag on it…”

“Oh, I think know what you’re referring to.” Darling winked at him.

 “It was really great to meet you…”

"My name is Lucy.”

“It was really great to meet you Lucy. You are such a pleasant person. It’s a good thing for me to encounter while being on the job.”

“Well, it was very easy especially with a nice person like yourself.”

Brian handed her the bag and money (Chamuel had been nice enough to supply her with) and she was on her way. Before she left though she opened up her bag of Heart Lollipops and went back to hand him one.

“What’s this for?” he asked.

“Just to remember that love is real no matter who you are or where you go..”

Darling smiled. Brian than reflected a smile back to her.


Darling ran with joy out of the candy shop and went down to the antiques shop. It was now closed.

“I wonder where she went? The hours say open til 8:00 PM and it’s only 6:30 PM.” Darling spoke aloud.

An older gentleman passing by heard her and mentioned, “Olivia is probably at St. Mary’s Church to light a candle. She does that sometimes. I’m a longtime customer of hers and I’ve seen her in there at this time. It’s just a few blocks down that way straight. You’ll see a billboard with Mother Mary on it.”

 “Thank you so much, sir.” Darling said.

“No problem..” he smiled and was on his way.

It was actually Archangel Chamuel cloaked in human skin answering Darling’s call without her realizing it.

Darling kept walking straight down until she saw the giant billboard. It was a great comfort to see Mother Mary with a halo and angels surrounding her just as she had been privileged to witness in Heaven. Whoever painted the billboard was obviously touched by her graces to depict it so accurately.

Darling knelt down and made the sign of the cross as she went to the last row of pews. There was no one else present but Olivia. She saw Olivia up in front lighting a candle. She was there for a few minutes with her head knelt down, eyes closed, and her hands in a prayer. She seemed in a trance and then Darling could very clearly hear sobs echoing as she left. Darling wanted to discover why Olivia was crying in such a way. Olivia clearly was a very sensitive person and it must have impacted her deeply to react the way she did towards others. Darling made sure to follow Olivia back at the antique shop a few minutes later with her candy in hand.

 She excitedly opened the door as Olivia muttered, “Oh God. HER. Great.”

 “Here this is for you.”

Darling handed over the heart candy necklace to Olivia. Olivia took the necklace, looked at it, rolled her eyes and threw it right into the trash can behind her.

“Gee, thanks.” Olivia retorted.

 “You’re welcome. Oh, before I go I saw Brian there over at The Candy Station. He was talking about you.”


“Yeah, we got on the topic of the antiques he purchased from here..but he also mentioned how what he really wanted he couldn’t have and that it didn’t have a price.”

“Oh…” Olivia said without a tone of sarcasm.

All of a sudden Darling saw the heart she had been sent to Earth to retrieve glide through the front window and hit straight into Olivia’s gorgeous necklace that had two hearts linked together as one. Olivia then seemed to have a much more loving demeanor wash over her. She went over to the trash can, pulled out the Candy Heart Necklace and placed it over her neck.

“That was such a lovely thing you did for me. I’m so sorry I acted that way. Don’t ask me why. I love it. Thanks.”

Darling couldn’t comprehend what was going on but knew Love was working into her saturating her every core especially what needed the most mending….her heart.

“I am going to close the shop early. I hadn’t planned at going to The Candy Stations Annual Charity Ball, but now I am so I have to get prepared. You should come. Everyone in town is welcome to attend. It’s raising money for St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital and the entire event is being held at our local City Hall. It’s going to look like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That is the theme. I’m really excited. By the way you know those angel wing earrings you tried to ask about..they’re yours. It’s the least I can gift to you for the way I treated and spoke to you earlier. That wasn’t fair of me to say to you. I was really cruel. I’m sorry.”

“Wow..I…you are such a great person. I just think you deserve to hear that.”

Olivia went from behind the counter and handed her the earrings. She put them on for Darling and then got a small mirror to show her.

“They are so beautiful…I adore them.”

“Beautiful earrings for a beautiful person..”

The two women walked out as Olivia locked up the store. The entire city seemed to all be going to the event as everything was closing at an earlier hour. Olivia and Darling parted ways. Darling didn’t know how she’d manage to get proper attire when every shop was closed. With just thinking this thought she looked down at herself again and she was wearing a fancy long black coat, with a sparkling pink dress, her hair in an updo and makeup done to look like it was shimmering with snow. Her nails were a chocolate brown color with pink swirls and she had glittery ballet flats. Chamuel had heard her again.

Darling laughed and said, “Thanks Chamuel.”

She was certain she heard him reply, “What is an Archangel for?”

As she went to the front entrance of the building it was such an unforgettable moment for her to be among others for such an honorable cause. She walked up the stairs and in she went. The entire room smelled so sweet. There was cotton candy made into bushes, chocolate sculpted into trees, diamonds on the tables all made from sugar and trails of different candy sections like a Chocolate Lava Fondue surrounded by strawberries, pretzels, and other yummy bites to dip with or the Train Tracks made entirely from rainbow tie dye taffy. Darling started her way to sample just about everything she could. Then she noticed Olivia wearing a Chocolate Brown dress. She looked stunning with her hair done in loose waves and a deep plum shade on her lips. Brian wasn’t expecting her to be there at all since they didn’t end on good terms.

You see Brian met Olivia when he was first renovating his candy shop to find unique pieces to furnish it with. He wanted a place that resembled a Train Station only with candy. Brian met Olivia for the first time and instantly he knew she was the one. No, he didn’t believe in love at first sight or those other clich├ęs but he couldn’t explain rationally why he felt so different for Olivia than the previous women he dated. Brian loved to make Olivia laugh but most of all he liked talking to her and just being with her. This continued for months and months but Olivia was scared. She liked Brian so much.more so than any other guy she met. She too believed he was the one even though she never believed in that stereotypical thought. Neither one had shared this detail with each other but they both felt identical. Her past made her very protective of herself.

Her father had left Olivia as a young girl and didn’t keep in touch and all men in her life were intensely cruel about the way she looked. For most of her teenage and adult years Olivia struggled with her weight. It fluctuated up and down until finally in her early 20’s she combated her struggles. But, it still haunted her on certain days. She questioned why he really liked her and she thought he too was probably a man that would hurt her. So she decided in order to keep from going through such pain she would make sure to keep herself away from him. She started ignoring him when he came in the shop saying she really had business things she had to take care of and when he invited her out on a date she said she couldn’t go with him. Brian didn’t understand so he bought her a necklace of two hearts conjoining. When he came by with roses and the necklace Olivia told him that she hated flowers even though she didn’t and that she didn’t want the necklace. She said she didn’t want him to come around the shop anymore. Brian left the necklace and told her that he loved her very much. He wanted her to keep the necklace because he would always keep her in his heart. Brian told her the most amazing day of his life is when he met her. Then, he left. Olivia broke down crying and just couldn’t love him back. Intimacy terrified her and she truly convinced herself this was that was the only way to be. So, she shut down and treated everyone in such a crushing way because she never wanted any type of love again. She even lost love for herself.

Brian saw Olivia and didn’t know what to do. Every night and every day he would pray to see her again be able to hear her voice and laughter. He missed her so much and thought of her always. He never would have hoped he would see her again. He wanted that but figured it was over but he didn’t want it to be.

Olivia approached Brian.

 “My God you look so beautiful..” he said.

“Listen, I’m here because I love you. I didn’t want you to love me. It was easier that way..”

“You’re wearing the necklace?” Brian noticed before she could interject.

 “Yes, I put it on the day you gave it to me and haven’t taken it off…”

“But, why did you act like you didn’t care about me..didn’t love me?”

 “I was trying to protect myself I guess. I was really afraid to let you in. I am with everyone..”

 “You could have told me that, Olivia. I felt so down about what happened with us..”

“I really do love you Brian. I always thought you were…”

 “A soulmate?”

They both laughed at the idea but confided how each felt the same. Darling witnessed the entire scene and was so happy. Brian held Olivia close to him as they kissed. Darling understood that the prayers of this good man were answered for a woman he loved. Darling noticed the heart exit out of Olivia’s necklace and she knew its job was done. Now she could catch it. She ran in her heels and sprung up like she was on a trampoline to get a hold of it.


Then she was back in Chamuel’s office.

“Well, you did quite the job. You brought back Love and got to experience earthly living. What did you think?”

“’s something. I mean I know Love…but getting to see it like that was such a great thing. There is all different kind and it’s all glorious. The candy wasn’t too bad either or these fabulous earrings."

 “They do suit you very well and candy is extraordinary. I actually was the one who set Love free…as a training lesson for you.”

“What?” Darling was baffled.

“You see even though you are in the presence of Love every day I really wanted you to see love up close. It was also vital for you to get more of the human culture as well as witnessing the sincere petition of a man’s love for another and seeing that request fulfilled.”

“I definitely get it now…I know I have a special job and now I can be that much more thankful for what I do all for Love’s sake.”

Chamuel never revealed to Darling that he was the gentlemen in the disguise. It was better she never knew since all people can be angels when they least expect it.

Darling wrote in her entry, “So you see Love is a force to be reckoned with. When one becomes cynical or shuts down do to pain they also block out love from others. Love matters most when people are very distraught that is what becomes healing when nothing else can reach them. It is always Love.”