A Book of Angels Review

A Book of Angels(paperback) by Sophy Burnham

Publisher: Tarcher March 31,2011
384 pages
ISBN: 978-1585428779

A Book of Angels by Sophy Burnham is being re-released this March 31, 2011.

The original book made it's debut in 1990 and has become a classic on angels ever since.

Sophy was the leader when it came to introducing angels to the media and worldwide through this very book that started off small and blasted off into a hit.
Originally, the publisher had only ordered 10,000 copies but her book was selling out so fast because people were buying 10 to 12 copies passing them on to friends and loved ones.
She also writes a new forward and introduction for this edition.

This book reminds me of a gourmet chocolate hot fudge cake..it's exquisite, delicious, satisfying and warms your soul with an imprint of angels seeping into your very core.

With it's rich history of angel lore and exploration into what angels are in other cultures and religions you get an inside look on just how long these messengers have been a part of our Universe.

There are beautiful black and white photographs of famous angel paintings, angel statues and art by the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Gustave Dore, Melozzo di Fori, Vonnegut, and Verrocchio alongside memorable quotes garnishing the pages revolving around the angelic and spiritual world from famous authors and mystics.

"Angels and ministers of grace defend us."
~William Shakespeare
found on page 70

Sophy Burnham talks about famous times in which angels supposedly lent help during the Battle of Mons, Our Lady of Medugorje apparitions, George Washington's angelic visitation at Valley Forge, and country musician Johnny Cash being visited by angels twice to prepare him for the deaths of his younger brother and dear friend.

She openly gives her own stories of encountering supernatural forces like a ghost and angels in her life like the time a swan acted as her angel to save her husband and her after being stuck in their boat.
Another incident is where an inner voice told Sophy that her daughter Molly was falling off the bed even though she was just a few weeks old and had just checked in. Sophy went into the room just in time to prevent her daughter from injury.

What makes this book so special are their stories Sophy has gathered from regular folks like us but the ways in which she retells these stories. I feel like I'm the one experiencing them.

One of my favorite parts is the Angel Letters in which many of those that read Sophy Burnham's book had to tell her what angelic miracles took place in their lives since they had no one else to disclose such incredible secrets with.

Excerpt from pages 314-315:
A story I love to tell is one where I was walking through a parking lot near home one night and suddenly had one of those moments. I felt a tingling and got some sort of pleasing message: "I really like this parking lot," I thought.
Afterwards, I felt an odd mix of very emotional and a little embarrassed and confused. It's just a parking lot. Until I looked down and saw a twenty-dollar bill on the ground next to me.
Then I understood.
Just a little thing, but so nice. -MARGIE LIDOFF
Washington, D.C.

Sophy is an author who narrates her life experiences honestly from her heart with grace and wisdom about her own doubts when it comes to angels and not fully understanding when they seemed to spare her life and not for others.

With page after page of angel stories it's hard not to fall in love with A Book of Angels.

I was not paid to give this review.