Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Angel On The Ground

The following beautiful angel poem can be found in the book, “Angel’s Dance: A Collection of Uplifting & Inspirational Poetry” by Lynn C. Johnston.

I found it one day and thought it was worthwhile to share.

Angel On The Ground
By Lynn C. Johnston

When the world begins to crumble
And my wings can't take off in flight
Your gentle love envelopes me
Until I know I'll be alright

Somehow you lift me up
And help me learn to fly again
You guide me with a love
That knows no boundaries or an end

And when the world is on my side
Life goes as I think it should
You're the first to say, "Let's celebrate"
Or "I always knew you could"

You're my angel on the ground
My slice of Heaven from above
The special gift God sent me
So I'd always feel His love

You're such a cherished gift to me
I can't tell you what you're worth
Except to say you're living proof
Angels do live here on Earth

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