Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Making a Peace Contract

Here's what you'll need.

An envelope(you can do one in a sky blue or green to invoke added serenity)
A bow
Cardstock paper
Angel postcard image you like
Holy stickers of dove, peace,etc.

Cut the cardstock paper to be slightly bigger then the angel postcard image you want to use. Make sure it will fit into your envelope. You can also make your own envelope here to fit it precisely.

Then cut out the angel postcard image in a circular shape and glue to the front of the cardstock. Let dry. Place peace signs,etc. around the angel picture as a border.

On the back of the cardstock write down," God, Mary Queen of the Angels, Angels of Peace, Archangel Chamuel, and Archangel Raphael here are the things I wish to have peace with in my life(list what they are). Please grant me freedom and serenity. Help me to know all is perfect no matter what my fears think because you are taking them under your loving supervision. Thank you."
Signed: (Your Name) and Date.

Say it aloud for extra power.

Then place it inside the envelope. Seal up with your stickers. Put the bow on top of the envelope and place on your altar.

If you want you can put it underneath your Christmas Tree or whatever you celebrate as a gift that it is.

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