Sunday, April 10, 2011

Winging It Academy: Lesson for this Semester

It's time for another class lesson from Winging It Academy.
This answer is thanks again to our angel instructor, Corr White, ATP®, about the difficult times we go through here in the School of Living.

Let's get real, it's no lie ... Life can become challenging at times and the struggles are more than a testing of faith .. These times help shape us, and gives us the ability to stand back and look at what is working in our lives and what isn't?
We may not always be able to change what's going on around us as much as we'd wish we could? But these experiences doesn't mean positive manifestations won't occur through our difficulties ... The law of the universe won't allow a negative without always providing us with something wonderful to balance our karmic flow. Whenever there's so much negativity happening in my life, I simply remember myself of this truth and the loyalty of the universe, heaven and the angels never forgets to give me a positive blessing. This cosmic truth is granted to all of us.

With love,
Corr White

Copyright © Corr White, ATP® April 2011

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