Thursday, November 10, 2011

Love Anthem for the Angels: A Poem

Image from Corrine Kenner's The Christmas Tarot

Just remember that no matter who you are
The angels always look at you like that of a shining star.
They always want for you to be proud,
Stop putting yourself down release it like a cloud.
They touch your hair when you cry even if you don't know,
They pray alongside with you so your spirit will glow.
No matter what is going on or what pain you're in,
The angels cannot be kept out they want you to win!
They love you even though you don't believe it so,
Wrapping their wings around you from head to toe!
Yes, they give you kisses when you're feeling in despair,
Don't count out the angels out for they are really there.
Reflect back to all the incidents where they helped you out,
Even when a petition or hardship seems to go unanswered subdue that pout.
The angels fight the good fight with you even when you doubt it's a worth a dime,
Your miracles always show up on Heavenly time.
When you can't hold onto faith of a better way,
The angels will hold you up with strength to make it through another day.
Whether you are holding onto fear or depression,
It's best to hand it off to the angels to alleviate that oppression.
Beautiful happenings are still in store for you,
Don't believe otherwise the angels will leave a clue or two to show you this is true.
Although you go through pain and situations that are unjust,
Hold onto the angels..remember In God We Trust.

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