Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Purpose in Life

 Image from Jennifer Galasso's "Crystal Visions Tarot" Judgement Archangel Gabrielle

 One of our main purposes in this life is to help alleviate the suffering of this world and from it we also gain knowledge we wouldn't otherwise be aware of. We do this when we show love, extend compassion, pray for others even when they don't want it or believe, or give a comforting word to someone who truly needs it. Every time we do this it touches the lives of those that feel forsaken, abandoned, or have given up. You act as a messenger.

We must also realize that we are given the opportunities to act as funnels for God. Many often wonder where God is or why God doesn't do this or that..but the truth is many instances God wants for us to perform miracles for use our GOD GIVEN abilities to make things better, to appreciate, learn, and witness for ourselves that nothing is impossible with God's force of love. There may be a person in agony and you think this person is in such can this be? But, the truth is the doctor that pours mercy and caring to this patient or their loved one being there makes a significant shift on the person. There are also invisible forces at work like angels that are there too for everyone. Many times you will be led to pray for someone and that also works as divine pillar for them.

Never discount what you do because it does all add up just as when one adds change to a bank so do your inspired actions. Let someone be brushed with an angel wing's today.

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