Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ego Consciousness vs. Angel Consciousness

photo courtesy of clarita from morgueFile

I have to admit that I go through periods where I completely forget to exercise my Angel Consciousness and let my Ego Consciousness win round one, round two, and round three of the inner fight.

My Ego Consciousness will say things like, "You, be successful..that's a good one!"
It's favorite channel is the Fear and Worry Hour which focuses on the most horrible outcomes imaginable and how you won't make it to your goals, how everyone is better than you are, that you have got nothing great to offer, events in your life will stay as they are and not improve for the betterment of all, and that fear stews and bubbles over into your reality making things worse.

I am sure you've met your own Ego Consciousness before.

Here's the thing..we have an Angel Consciousness. One that is connected to our Higher Power, the angelic realms, and does not govern from a standpoint of pure fear.
It governs from a place of everything will turn out okay event though it doesn't seem likely; the Angel Voice of this consciousness realizes that at times not letting go and being too attached just makes things worse; peace descends within; you receive apparent(neon) signs and accept them as so; and you feel the unconditional love that radiates from this place inside your heart out to where you are.

To make the Ego Consciousness go on mute for awhile it's important to release into the physical outside of your head every fear, thought, and worry.
Get it down on paper, talk it, sing, chant, or shout!

Then, it's time to realize that your Angel Consciousness always wins the final round of the fight and the Ego Consciousness gets knocked out for awhile.

Don't forget to wear your Remembering Angelhood Championship Belt proudly. Congratulations!

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