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Paging all Earth Angels!

This an excerpt from Chapter 8 of Carol May Sacred Voice of the Light's Working with Angels in Everyday Life book that I found to be extremely important especially for those who are earth angels. This is the best information I have found in describing who earth angels are, how we react differently than others on this earth, and how to get support.
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Working with Angels in Everyday Life
by Carol May Sacred Voice for the Light
Published by Dog Ear Publishing July 23, 2007


Angels in Bodies
(They are everywhere!)

Probably you have had at least one experience when someone has done something so nice, so extraordinary for you that you automatically spoke to them as "You're an angel!" to express your appreciation/admiration.
Well, that's not far from the truth when referring to a fair portion of people on the planet.


While it is true that we in the human kingdom of existence, are all aiming towards evolution into the angelic kingdom, sometimes the reverse is true: the souls who have evolved into the angelic kingdom do get called back to earthly form to help with special projects, to give inspiration and assurance; and sometimes to just be with their other soul friends.

This experience involves the choice of the person's soul to 'tamp down' their energy in order to get into a body again. In 1946 World War II ravaged the world, planetary Beings sent a 'Clarion' call streaking through the universe asking evolved Angelic Beings to embody in human form again within the following 100 years to assist with the anchoring of pure energies like Pure Love and Pure Understanding. The Angels in Bodies who are here now answered that call. With their help, we are handling 3 generations of 'karmic' energy each year-this is truly 'Light Speed' Evolution made possible by the 'kingdom transplants'.

Returning to human form lifetime after lifetime is normal, even easy, when the wheel of 'karma' is still involved. But the process becomes a bit more intricate when energy and light have already been recalibrated to the angelic 'speed'.

These decisions are not made on a whim and no one legs go completely of their angelic nature once they have achieved it.

When I 'see' angels in a body, the angelic energy is visible in every cell. It is radiantly white, or white with a tint of blue. This color will be present in more than 50% of each cell.

This is different than regular 'earth humans' cellular breakdown which is mainly brown or brown with white flecks and which can fill nearly 100% of each cell.

Light energy spins at a fast speed and earth energy barely seems to spin at all! Quite the opposite energies, both in the third dimension at once.

You might imagine that this causes some problems for the soul who agrees to such an emodiment.

You would be right!

Over the last 25 years I've noticed that maybe one out of every 40 Light-workers I've met had more angelic light in their cells than Earth energy. Thank you Earth Angels for being here!

The good news is that most of them carry a sweetness and a beauty that is so deeply ingrained that it cannot be corrupted. They usually share a tremendous sense of responsibility for the plight of mother earth; a sense of lightness that is magical; and a way of thinking that is inclusive and so different from others that it would be scary if it wasn't so expansive,and perceptive. We need this kind of thinking to pave the way for true spiritual/human freedom.

The bad news is that the 'earth angels' tend to be more sensitive than most people (feeling everything about 5 times more deeply) so they spend a lot of time with their feelings hurt; they cannot relate at the Ego level where most of life occurs-therefore they often feel abandoned, left out and lonely; their bodily functions often are out of sync with most other humans ( for instance, blood sugars tend to run higher than normal for them).

So even though the 'earth angels' are helping the planet and each of us just by being alive and radiating their special Light, they often are ill at ease in their body and not thriving in human form.

Of course they are most effected at the emotional level and this can easily thwart their ability to earn a living or be in a long-term relationship. They often have better luck loving animals than humans because the unconditional love the animals embrace is closer to their own.


When you being to realize that someone near you is probably a 'former' angel, struggling to be appropriate and/or happy in a physical body again, let your compassion show. It will be beneficial for you to spend time with them and do anything you can to make their life easier. Just notice what you learn from relating to the angels who don't have a physical body.

Sometimes the 'earth angels' will be working in horrendous jobs, breathing light into the pain and suffering of others. They may appear self-less. But remember they are in a body so they need attunement, attention, and appreciation too.

The choice to come back into physical embodiment after an evolutionary step up to the Angelic Realm is a Big Choice and carries with it the good and the bad for the one who has chosen it. If you notice someone who you believe is in this situation and aren't close to them, at least send them blessings. They are valuable, that's for sure, and might not be able to comprehend that important fact.

If you feel this information applies to YOU, be easy with yourself and work on enjoying the physical aspects of life while blessing every experience you have. Make sure you make friends with the 'unseen' angels, keep Live flowers with you all the time, enjoy your animal friends, meditate and pray and most of all, never give up on on the goodness of your 'human' earth friends please!

The more we give attention, attention, attunement, and appreciation to the angels (in and out of bodies), ourselves, each other, the earth and all that exists, of course the happier, wiser lives we can enjoy. Remember we are a Team, always in this 'being alive' experience together!

Do you you know an 'Angel' in a body? Probably. You can give the same energy to help them as you use to receive energy from the invisible Angels. We need to celebrate Angels without prejudice, don' we?

Copyright © 2007 Carol May
Reprinted with permission for The Angel Directory


  1. So true, I love to read this and be refreshed on how some of us think so differently then the ego, earth based world. I heard music singing, "calling on you angels!" while reading this. Thank you Carol for putting it in writing for all to see! Ann

  2. Ann, you are right many earth angels feel out of place here and it's great that Carol May wrote about it. That is really beautiful that you heard "Calling on You Angels!" WOW..that is a powerful message I'm sure from the angels you were open to receiving. Thank you for sharing it!