Saturday, September 18, 2010

Angels, Sometimes I wonder..

Angels, sometimes I wonder about the suffering in the world,
The fear and hatred that feeds off people's hearts,
A child who dies because it was not their fault they were born into poverty,
Or what about the single mother who tries and tries but never gets ahead..
Where are you then?
Are you still there for them..if you are, what are you doing?
Sending them courage and faith to continue on and they just don't recognize it?
How about the person who struggles to find a job in this economy and begs for help with nothing to show for it..
What about the women across the world who are broken down verbally and physically because they were born female in a region where equality does not exist..
Angels, sometimes I wonder if you are really there...
Please let me know..I'm waiting.


  1. this is awesome, we all wonder sometimes I think

  2. Yes, Catherine..I know I do and so do many others..thanks for commenting saying it was awesome!