Friday, September 10, 2010

Ask and It Shall Be Given

Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Jesus likes to tell jokes! You know how I know because of what happened two days ago.
I am not going to lie..things were seriously detrimental..and the money situation here was bad..really BAD. No money for groceries, or the bills..things were going to be turned off.

Two days before I had found a large portrait of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
I had actually requested to Jesus "Hey, I would love to have a beautiful portrait of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for my altar but I don't have the money to get one right now. Can you please send me one?"
Something made me wander down do the basement, pulled me to the corner by the dryer,and look through a pile of papers to sort through and voila I found a brand new picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus that I am assuming someone had bought and forgotten all about.

So, I rescued him from the scraps.

Then, I got the idea I should light candles in front of his picture and ask every being for help with money. I am talking Mary, Lakshmi, Archangel Barakiel, Angels of Abundance, Angels of Money, Angels of Food; I was saying mantras and affirmations from different religions; I kept envisioning the money coming in and stating, "Money Money come our way, Money Money come today!"

However, I kept telling Jesus how serious the situation was, how he provided miracles especially with materializing finances and I thought he's the perfect ascended master to contact and could he please do the same for us.
After the candle went out I went into a peaceful state. I didn't know how but a deep serene presence washed over me and I got hit with the thought of everything will work out, the money is there and you will all be fine.
When I woke up from this slumber I found myself going back into fear. I went over by my bookshelf to grab a book. I opened this book not realizing months before I had stashed a picture of Jesus in it as a bookmark. It fell onto the floor and on it was Jesus opening his arms wide. It read," Ask and It Shall Be Given."

I started laughing in disbelief. "No way!" were the thoughts that came through my mind.
Was this a sign from him letting me know it was taken care of?

I wasn't convinced until my mom came home from work and said,"I cannot believe this right now..the money that was owed was put into my account." are one funny and loving guy!
There were also plenty of earth angels in the process who were requesting the angels for help..thank you to Catherine, Yancey, and Corr..I'm sure there were others thank you too!

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  1. Lisa it's been awhile since I've had the moment to read your blog. Your recent entry is such an inspiration and joy to read. Sweetie you are a pure essences of love and entrusted in the Divine truth of always being supported by the grace of our Creator and angels. Lot's of Love.♥