Friday, May 20, 2011

How About Some Angel Insurance?

picture by: ronnieb of morgueFile

So, you've got Homeowner's Insurance, Car Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance..just to go through a short list how about some Angel Insurance?

I'll reveal a little secret to you it's absolutely FREE and you always have it!

No need for renewals, late fees, or finding the perfect agent to help you out the angels have got you covered.

Here are a list of things they can help fix:

Yelled at someone you didn't mean to in a moment of being under the influence of Angry Monster Ego Beer? Angels can take care of that, with an etheric pat,you giving a physical hug with some love.

Someone treat you poorly and it made you feel abused? Angels can protect they will not neglect, they will give you the words to direct, and have the person apologize for their inappropriate dialect, with deepest regret or have them stay away so you can have a more peaceful way.

The Love Bug making you sick? Angelic care will be there, they'll kiss your heart, you can have a brand new start, and you'll see love is free, not to be used to control or make you flee.

Want to Give Up not sure if you want to drink your Life's Cup? Angels will be there, to show that they care, they'll give you earth angel support, and your hand will be joined with the heavenly sort.

Has someone you loved passed on to the other side? The angels will make you understand with ease as time goes by. They will shower you with uplifting grief counsel and friends, making you see that love never ends it only extends from a diverse place, at moments it may feel like outer space, but know that those who leave, have tricks up their sleeve, they'll send moving guidance and some not, certain ones will make you laugh while others produce a snot, they will never forget and ask that you have no regret, it's okay to get your feet wet(that's what a towel is for)!

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