Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Poetic Corner: Sassy Angel Musings

Sassy Angel Musings
by Lisa Owens

When things seem to fall apart,
You may wonder if there can be a hopeful start.
The angels are there even though you can't see,
They don't leave us and love without a fee!
However when you are in a depression or grief,
You look around and wonder how can I have a faith belief?
God does send angels in a variety of attire,
It can be a dear friend that will inspire!
This earth can be fun, but it can also be sad
Just remember that you are here and for that the angels are glad!
False truths can be quite appetizing
But that doesn't mean you can't stop them from multiplying.
Fearful jokers like to sneek in,
They pretend to serve you chocolate just so they win.
You must use your celestial powers,
To banish all those negative showers!
What will work you ask?
Do not put on a phony mask,
But use potent laughter and drink it from your soul's flask!
Also remember to scream true splendor,
It will mix up well in the Manifest Miracle Blender!
Be nasty or naughty whatever you prefer,
There's no rule that says you have to pray demure!
When you want answers be like a reporter,
Then you have to realize at times you'll have
to have an internship like a porter.
Life's menu can be mild or hot,
It can also grow mold or begin to rot.
The best thing you can do is appreciate every dish,
Even when you think it's not your dream wish delish.
Be a crabby pants that is okay,
Do not condemn your ego's way.
Breathe in breathe out,
Let fire like a dragon's come pouring out your snout.
Pray away the creatures that want to control the sound,
Hell can be quite sizzling and fun but always reach for heavenbound.
Earth Angels handle most of the trash,
However, they do get to wear an invisible luxurious encrusted Members Exclusive Sash.
Get up and be angry go out and have fun,
Make sure to get your energy out so your Higher Self wins #1!

Copyright © Lisa Owens May 2011

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