Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Angels are the Name of the Game...

The following is an exerpt from pages 66 and 65 of the Award Winning Book Teen Goddess: How to Look, Love & Live Like a Goddess by Catherine Wishart published by Llwellyn.
This was about some of the helpers you can turn to and one of them was angels with an exercise at the end. The book is very resourceful in how to deal with many things like using affirmations and other necessary resources for being here on earth.


Angels are mentioned in nearly every religion. Everyone has at least one guardian angel. There are many different kinds of angels: archangels, cherubs, tiny sprite like angels, large luminous ones. There are angels who specialize in different areas-writing angels, running angels, beauty angels, homework angels, romance angels-you name it. There are angels for every single thing!

I love working with angels and I call on them daily for for help. You can call on angels by simply saying, "Angels, help!" The angels love to help humans-it gives them great joy and delight to do so. They wish we would call on them more often! You can call on them for help with absolutely anything, from big things to tiny things. If you cut your leg while shaving or if you are looking for a parking space or if you have a major crisis in your life, just call out to the angels.

Call on specific angels for specific needs. If you are going swimming, call on the swimming angels to come, too. If you are troubled by your looks, call on the beauty angels to help you; if you have a first date with someone, call on the romance angels. If you are in a dangerous situation or at home by yourself and feel afraid, call on bodyguard angels. The angels come the instant you call.

Your guardian angel is always with you and you can develop a close relationship with her (or him!) by talking to her every day. I use writing as a way to talk my angels. I ask them a question, then write down the answer. I talk to my angels throughout the day in my mind, too, just having mental conversations with them. I do this with the Goddess as well. Sometimes I even talk aloud to her. Knowing you are surrounded by angels is such a comforting feeling-you never feel lonely or unloved. They are so helpful, giving assistance to every area of your life.

February Guardian Angel by Jennifer Galasso

I hope you contact your angels every single day. The magic, healing, and love they have poured into my life is amazing, and I know they want to do the same for you, too. All you need to do is ask them.


Close your eyes and ask your guardian angel to appear to you. Sometimes you may sense her presence rather than see her. Have a mental conversation with her about whatever is going on in your life.

Teen Goddess: How to Look, Love & Live Like a Goddess Copyright © 2003 by Catherine Wishart.

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