Friday, December 9, 2011

To Sum It Up...Key Points from Angelic Studies.

Keep Your Heads in the's really not a bad thing.

Having hope for things and imaging with optimism is a great quality to preach and also practice. Angels are all about hope and it will help you to cope. Don't give in to thoughts of this will never end, it won't improve...hold onto that hope because there is always hope for what you are dealing with. The light will come through and the rainbows will appear eventually. It may take time or it may happen quicker but remember that no matter what happens in life hope remains there. Sometimes it is hidden but it always is revealed.

Bravery doesn't constitute that you'll be carefree...sometimes the opposite.

There are plenty of battles you would rather hide in a cave and wait til it passes you or finds you there before you ever think
about doing it yourself first. One can easily get scared or intimidated by a place that have yet to been or think that they aren't worth it.
That is where you'll have to face those fears which can seem real but actually are illusions after you get through them. Remember that you might
have fear that can't do something or aren't capable but this is Ego and has nothing to do with the real you can actually triumph over.

Crisis is a gift.

When you are in any type of misery you seek your faith and outlets of spiritual connection and reaching out to others or them reaching for you. Because at those moments that is what brings you back to unity. There are many things to consider as blessings even the not so pleasant moments because out of it you do get much more than what you think when you are in that particular space. You learn a lot about others, yourself, and you extend who you are as a person or what you ever thought you could do. You do become stronger because of it and that strength will carry your through in the future when other crises show up.

Angels do exist...

Angels are everywhere. They do come through you through friends, emails, letters, surprises, and overall positive events. Yes, they are a part of our lives even when it might seem they have left us out of their party. Angels absolutely love you..everything about you that knock yourself down for, or what you view as ugly. Angels don't want it to be a hassle to find them or accept them. Just be open-minded and have a little faith. They are consistently there for you.

Miracles do happen at the very last hour..or er minute.

Yes, so it looks like that drought you've been having through all the praying, action, forcing yourself is not causing any rain, but than you find that it happens after you think your request has not been heard or cared about down comes the rain...and not a drop of rain but an abundance of it. Sometimes it does seem that everything we do is not worth it or we want to give just that. Disconnect from the reigns of having to do anything else than what you've already done. Just surrender.

Image by Baba Studio "The Sun" from The Victorian Romantic Tarot

Friends are doubles or stand in's for angels

Yes, those friends, family members, kind strangers or those you meet are doppelgangers for angels..why? Because the angels sent them to you and also for them to practice using their angelic skills that may be in need of using. Love is everywhere and that is our natural state of bliss via the Divine. Many people walk with angels and they are always there for you when you need comfort in a more physical form.

Pray..then pray some more.

Yeah, pray is not overrated..actually it's more underrated. Prayer matters, it works, it counts. Pray today, tomorrow..forever. Ask away, express yourself, and be who you are. Have your own prayer style and use it whenever you need. Saying thanks counts too. Remember that life is like a fragile package and as the old saying goes on a wing and a prayer..and let's add then some.

Laughing is equivalent to angel dust.

Humor helps to dissipate the clouds of sadness or fear. It also makes you forget your troubles for that time being making your Ego's fear tactics be silent for awhile and you can gain much needed peace and honing on your intuition. Laugh away!

Get creative, baby!

Drenching yourself in the arts is the way to go because it's grand slam in the energy shift department. You can transmute negative events or how you are feeling with any type of creative endeavor like baking, cooking, singing, dancing to music, painting, sculpting, arts n crafts, decorating...even board games! Do what you can to put your focus elsewhere.

Never forget to love.

Love is one of the greatest experiences in life. The relationship you have Love with God or your Higher Connection, strangers, your family, and loved ones in your life is fulfilling and helps you remember why we are here. Exchanging love through an open doorway and one that isn't closed off has mighty power to do beautiful things. Let others love you and love others.

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