Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Springing Ahead Angel Message

Here is the angel that wants everyone to pay attention to for Spring..

Safetypin Angel

Safetypin Angel says:
"Little one, what has tore open the seams of your spirits that you no longer want to believe? Do you really want to stop having faith because of the human mistakes that are in your midst? You must realize that although you mean well you cannot always fix everything that you want. You have a giver heart that enjoys being able to give. There is nothing that is not honorable about this quality, but you must be willing to step aside and let others do what they wish to. Not everyone will want to be sown at given times or be open to it. Some can also take and take and do not realize that they have to use their own power-filled gifts to mend situations that are no longer needed in their own habitual living space. Do not give up faith in yourself or in the hearts of others. There is much good that surrounds you and is extended from yourself unto others."

Safetypin notes:

Stop trying to control everything..accept things as they are and let it go; Your spirits are down currently and this means that things will make a turn-around for you; Some qualities you have need to be fastened in your life that are currently trickling all over into everyday life that are causing more negativity then goodness..get some help.

Safetypin Prayer of Invocation:

Safety-pin angel you get things done quick,
Close up my wounded spirit so I don't even have a nick!
Keep me from trying to control everything,
Let me learn to release it all with one swing.

Inspired by Joyce Keller's book Calling All Angels

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