Thursday, December 6, 2012

An Angel's Reflection: Inspiration and Pointers on Miracles, Money, and the Like

"Dear Beloved One,

Let go of your fears. They are constricting of you of divine flow and blocking out the messages we have delivered to you and will. You are looking with the blinders over your eyes instead of seeing the truth. We wish so much you could see how wonderful you are. Yes, there are many life stresses happening all at once but do not take this as a sign that we are not real, or present or there for you. We are. We try our best..we promise you we do. There is only so much we can do at times since many do not want to listen to their angels or the voice of love and the conscience for many are reacting from ego mindset as this is all they know how to do even when their angels try to nudge them in another direction to be better, do better, and assist. Also, some humans do to their own fears or limiting beliefs are scared to ask for help or believe they actually will receive it. Even when they do then they think, “Oh, that was not an answered prayer, that was not a miracle..look at simple it was. Where is the magic? Where is the big aha?” That again is from the ego mindset. Yes, at times answered prayers are direct, easy, and don't require a lot of work because why should they when you have going certain instances they will fall into your lap seemingly effortlessly and with not much waiting doesn't mean they are any less valuable or shouldn't be acknowledged with rejoice for the blessings sent from the Creator or Master of All. You are giving up too quickly. Demonstrate some patience. Not all petitions are granted right away or in the form you might first anticipate. Your rational mind likes to come up with fast past scenarios and how it ought to be...and this cannot always happen. Don't set yourself up to limiting expectations. Be open to other ways. Nothing is less than or worse if it doesn't come out appearing as what you wished for. Look for what you really needed. 

Perhaps you want to win the lottery as many do because it signifies financial freedom and stability which will allow you to buy things you really need or struggle with and that is why you desire it so badly. But maybe in other ways you win the lottery of abundance through kind acts like someone sending you money in the mail, or offering to take you out somewhere. Sometimes you have to work your way up the abundance flow ladder and continue to open your eyes and see how abundance comes into your life daily, record it, and be on the lookout. The more you ALLOW for prosperity to come into your existence and abundance even when you find a shiny penny or shiny coins (and yes, that is from the divine realms) that right there can change your luck or how you feel. You do feel fortunate and it makes you smile. It is a reminder that good things, abundance can show up in your life at any moment but you have to not put a label of them as not large enough or what one would consider wealth because then you dilute the energy of abundance and feel poverty once again. Do not do this! Be thankful.

Wing Tools:

  1. Take down past abundant surprises or flow that happened in your life and your reaction to them. Do you look down upon them..or with magic? Can you alter how you perceive them. Then on the next page start with the date and see what comes into your life. You can say an affirmative quote such and write down, “I allow a flow of divine abundance into my life now. I am blessed with prosperity from the heavenly realms in all avenues. I recognize, and accept it as such. I ask for abundance to show up in my life today. So it is.”

  1. Give back somehow and do something nice. Pay It Forward.

    3. Don't take anything for granted..even the little things. They mean something..really!

    4. Put on your wings. Search for angel clues. We leave them everywhere through inspiring thoughts or human helpers. Make it your mission to serve and come up with a yummy recipe for prayer for yourself and creative.

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