Thursday, December 6, 2012

To Honor Them Live Life...

I wrote this message for a dear friend of mine who goes through moments of despair and grief after losing her very close friend that was like a brother to her. I hope it gives those who are still hurting some peace.

The beautiful and comforting depiction is from Jennifer Galasso's Crystal Visions Tarot Death Card.

A person you love deeply who passes on is one of the most challenging moments you will ever deal with in life.~ Although you must remember that much like a caterpillar whom dies, it is reborn again as free butterfly thus so does the soul of those whom cross over.~ The way in which to honor those we have lost is to live your life with authenticity and let them go.~ This is not pushing them aside but rather how you keep the eternal flame of their soul awake by continuing on.~ They would not want you to put yourself through pain or any other form of anguish. ~ At times you may be angry, stricken with despair or think how this happen?~ It's difficult at moments like these to have faith in a higher power or in anything at all.~ You will be shown hope through these darkened skies by kind words of friends, and loved ones. ~ Support shall welcome you with bountiful smiles.~ A brigade of angels will visit you in many guises and bring the sunlight in once again. ~ Prayers of strangers and those you know intimately will encompass you like a waterfall.~ Do not stay consumed with how someone left this earth~ Rather think kind of person they were and carry forth their legacy in your heart.~ If they were someone that lived a tragic life see what morals and lessons you've gathered of what not to do and how you can better understand others from their point of view.~ Choose to live.

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