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Etsy Shop Featurette with Kate Kiley of fallawake: celebrating the sacred in all things

Gambler's Luck Powder fallawake

Aries Astrological Necklace fallawake

Rikbiel Angel of the Power of Love Earrings fallawake

I am going to be highlighting different stores and shops that specialize in healing, angelic, and spiritual products that I find lovely and would make great gifts for yourself or others.
My first is with Kate Kiley who runs her own shop on Etsy called fallawake: celebrating the sacred in all things
I happen to come across Kate Kiley's shop fallawake on Esty one day searching for a Lakshmi necklace..hers caught my eye and ever since then I am wishing to buy her entire store out! She sells the cream of the crop products that are completely Vegan and natural and you get free shipping on any order worldwide..that is a big plus in my book! She also gives 10% of her proceeds to help out different charities each month.
Kate offers Astrological Necklaces, Gambler's Luck Powder(who doesn't need some of that?), Ghosts-Be-Gone Magical Mist, Lakshmi Luck Citrine Earrings,Guardian Angel Magickal Oil..that's just a sneek peak at what she has.
The rest you will have to see for yourself.

Lisa: When did you first start making your creations and what made you decide to start selling them?

Kate: I've always been fascinated with herbs and their magickal and medicinal properties
and started mixing my own tinctures and oils as a teenager - some 30 or so yrs. ago (that really ages me, huh?) I'm also deeply interested in aromatherapy and fragrances so started making my own perfumes years ago.

I studied fine art and fashion design in college and worked for a bridal-wear company making custom-made headpieces and bridal veils before I got married. When my children were born, I quit working and used what I had learned for various art projects, making Halloween costumes, and making jewelry for myself and as gifts - mostly as just a way to save money.

Then, last year (2009), a friend mentioned a local Pagan Pride festival where she would be selling some of her own hand-made jewelry and encouraged me to do the same. I was so encouraged by the response I got there that I opened up my Etsy shop in October '09 and have been working to grow my in-home business ever since. It's been a fantastic way to explore and express my own spirituality, learn as much as possible about other's beliefs, and pass along what I've learned - something that means so much more to me than simply selling a product.

Lisa: How do your inspirations come through to you for constructing the amulets, necklaces, oils,etc.?

Kate: I try to find inspiration in everything! I'm constantly exploring - other religious practices, spiritual beliefs, cultures, ways of thinking. For example, I was inspired to make malas (rosaries/prayer beads) after a visit to a Hindu Mandir. There I bought a string of prayer beads and was shown how to use them in prayer and meditation. It really spoke to me and I could definitely see how such a practice could translate into other spiritual pursuits.

I also find inspiration at museums, libraries, book stores, and in inward explorations such as meditations and dreams. I believe that the Spiritual Realm is always speaking to us and giving us signs - we just have to look for them and recognize them for what they are. I try to use what the Universal Source is showing me in whatever I create as a way of passing along the information I've received!

Guardian Angel Magickal/Ritual Oil(Spritual Protection) fallawake

Lisa: What does the process include when you are inventing each new piece from its beginning til its finished?

Kate: That all depends on what I'm crafting. If we're talking about an oil or spell, I have to check my calendar to see what the moon phase is and also what sign the moon is in. Then there are different spells for each day as well. For example, Fridays are best for love spells, esp. on a New Moon in Scorpio. I try to get as many of the auspicious alignments as possible. For jewelry and other items, the timing isn't as critical because the magick involved in them is more of a general nature.

Then I have to do a great deal of research in various sources on the ingredients or components I want to use for the particular item and gather them together. Each herb, resin, charm, or gemstone is chosen for a specific purpose. During the actual crafting of the item, I use intuition to guide me to the amounts of each botanical ingredient or the design layout of the item and visualize the intent of the finished product the entire time. It becomes a ritual unto itself. Afterwards, I charge the item with the light of positive energy.

Lisa: The angel products you sell in your shop are among my absolute favorite and are just beautiful. You have a Guardian Angel Protection Talisman, Guardian Angel Magickal Oil, Och Angel of Crystal Alchemy Earrings,Haniel Angel of Friday Earrings, and Zelphon Angel of Awareness Earrings.
You clearly love the angelic kingdom and I wanted to know what do the angels mean to you?

Kate: You're a dear, Lisa!! You're right, I do love the Angelic Realm! I truly believe they've helped me out of a jam more times than I can count. As a teenager, there were many times I really put my angels to the test!

I took them for granted and didn't think much of them until I went to a psychic in a group setting a few years ago (one of those "Crossing Over" kinds of things) where I was told I had a huge, brilliantly glowing angel standing behind me. That blew my mind! Until then, I didn't know much about angels and always assumed they were somewhere distant from us - watching but always far away. I did a lot of reading after that (particularly Sylvia Browne) and totally connected to the idea that we each have our own personal guardian angels following us all the time.

Since then, I've done a number of guided meditations and met some of my own angels. I can't describe the experience of speaking to your angels, seeing their faces, hearing their names, and feeling the total, unconditional love they feel for you! That's a feeling I'd love to share with the rest of the world!

Guardian Angel Protection Talisman fallawake

Jophiel Angel of Enlightenment Earrings fallawake

Lisa: What types of ingredients and elements do you work with?

Kate: I try to use as many natural elements in whatever I'm creating as possible. I feel that natural gemstones, botanicals, resins, wooden/seed beads, etc. all have a life energy of their own that resonates in the finished piece. All my oils use organic, food-grade base oils and 100% pure essential oils as well as organic botanicals. I try to use homegrown herbs as much as possible too because I feel that positive energy surrounding the plant as it is grown and harvested is carried through to the finished product. I think to attract peace and harmony and positive energy into your life, you need to surround yourself with things that are full of positive natural "Source" energy produced in a positive environment that is cruelty and conflict free and as natural as possible.

Lisa: Do you make yourself any of your own concoctions and use them?

Kate: Of course! Originally it was out of need - isn't it amazing how poverty can teach you things and push you into something that has a positive effect on your life? I always made my own soaps, bath oils, magickal spells, jewelry, costumes, etc. and still do!

Lisa: You can tell by your positive feedback that your customers are not only satisfied with your service and merchandise,but you as a person. What do they mean to you?

Kate: Wow! That's hard to put into words! I don't like to think of the people that have bought things from me as customers - they're more like friends, kindred spirits, fellow Oneironauts (travellers in the Dream World) and explorers in the Spiritual Realm. They are AMAZING and absolute proof that there is hope for humanity. I have learned so much from each one of them and feel so privileged to have met them. The connections I have made with these people will last a lifetime!

Lisa: What is your favorite part about having your own shop?

Kate: The people like you, Lisa! It's all about exploring this world and the other dimensions, learning what you can, and passing along the information! There is so much out there that we haven't yet figured out, so many connections to be made, so many threads of thought that make up the tapestry of who we are, where we came from, and where we're going. Meeting a few open-minded old souls to share the adventure with is truly the best part!

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