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Here's the article on angels for this time around!

Wings of Light: Communicating with the Angels from - 9/29/05
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How Angels Communicate

As servants of God or a loving Higher Power, angels are always sending messages to remind us that we’re not alone. Angels aren’t allowed to overwhelm us with their presence though, because that might frighten us and turn us away from angelic communication. Instead, they communicate in subtle ways, using signs, symbols, and daily events to convey messages which will be uniquely meaningful to us.
Angelic Language

Here are some of the ways that angels can communicate with us:

* Through special songs that you suddenly tune into on the radio
* With surprising shapes or rainbows in the clouds
* In little sparkles of golden, silvery, or purple light that you might see at the edges of your physical vision
* Through special dreams of castles, rivers, sunlit corridors and other bright places
* Through animals that put in a sudden appearance. (My angels often speak to me through bunnies! Bunnies always appear for me when I need encouragement – even on crowded city streets.)
* With moments of synchronicity or “cosmic coincidences” where something or someone comes your way in a strange but wonderful fashion, providing a message that you alone need to hear. Pay attention to what is coming towards you, because synchronicities are everywhere. Noticing bumper stickers on the car driving in front of you is an especially fun way to receive messages from your angels.

Guidelines to Specific Angels

Here are the names of four angels who can assist you with specific areas of your life. These archangels pack a powerful punch and can really get more positive energy flowing for you!

Michael the Archangel and Protector of Spiritual Warriors

Michael is considered one of the greatest of all angels. He is known as Saint Michael in the Catholic Church, a powerful spiritual helper who delivers souls to heaven after death. But in his day-to-day service to humanity he also functions as a powerful protector. He can give you feelings of strength and courage and help you overcome your fears. He is also powerful against negative people or situations, helping you transmute darkness. Call on him when you need protection, strength, or personal stamina.

Gabriel the Archangel, Herald of Divine Truth

Gabriel is another powerful angel who is honored in three of the world’s great faiths - Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He specializes in providing uplifting messages of personal revelation. He is said to have appeared to Mary to tell her that she would bear the Son of God. Mohammed said that Gabriel dictated the text of the Koran to him. Gabriel is an inspirational angel, one who can help you find solutions to problems. You have to stop letting your ego interfere, though, in order for Gabriel’s shining light to penetrate. Our ego sometimes wants to struggle with things, but it’s our soul or our Higher Self which really has all of the answers! In your prayers, ask Gabriel to bring solutions that will create the greatest good for everyone. You may not be looking at your situation from this perspective, but Gabriel will always help you to find the right answers.

Raphael the Archangel, Powerful Angel of Healing

Another very powerful archangel is Raphael. Raphael is the angel of healing, concerned not only with helping people to heal from their physical ailments but also with curing them of their spiritual disharmony. Since all bodily illnesses originate at the spiritual level, it is important to understand what is going on with your soul if you want to truly get well. Raphael can help you understand what issues and energy blockages have been building up for you on the spiritual level so you can work through these things and find more complete healing. He is wonderful at helping with pain relief, whether you’re suffering from physical or emotional pain. Raphael is also a special advisor to people who are trying to save the environment and preserve the sanctity of Mother Earth. He is concerned with her healing as well as the advancement of humanity’s consciousness.

Haniel the Archangel, Tranformation and Reality Shift Angel

Haniel is an amazing angel who for some reason isn’t as well-known to most people as his counterparts Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael. Haniel is an archangel who has tremendous power to exorcise negative elements from a person’s life. Perhaps there is a manipulative person who has been draining you of vital energy. Call upon Haniel and ask him to shield you from this person. He’ll help you bypass this person’s chaotic energy. Or maybe there are negative patterns in your thinking, self-destructive programs you want to get rid of. Haniel can clear these energy patterns from your mental body. Haniel’s presence can be felt as calming, serene energy which helps you clear out mental and emotional debris. He boosts you with good feelings and brings good cheer to homes, apartments, or hospitals which seem to have a thick, dense energy clinging to them.

Final Thoughts About the Angels

The angels are always reminding us that we are never, ever alone. Your prayers are always drawing angels to you. If you ask for assistance with any area of your life, the appropriate angel will immediately shine a light in that direction, enhancing your spiritual understanding and emotional clarity. Nothing is better than a warm hug from your angels!

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