Thursday, October 7, 2010

Angels,Angels all in a Row...

"Angels, angels all in a row, send me a gift with a big bright bow!"
This is a fun mantra I made for receiving gifts from angels.
Here is the visualization to use while your eyes are shut.
Repeat mantra aloud if you are able or inside your head silently during the entire visual exercise.

Imagine Hundreds of glowing,white/golden angels sitting on bleachers at a natural beautiful setting..

The first angel at the top back of the bleachers holds a tiny gift box that is empty..this angel passes it to another angel sitting right next to it...

This angel now adds mini heart glowing treats that are in the shape of those Valentine candies while imbuing it with love...

Each angel passes it can add baby four leaf-clovers and see the angels imbuing it with extra prosperity or with hundreds of white feathers to gather angel support..You may also want to add thousands of miniature smiley faces for joy...notice that the box gets larger and larger as the angels pass your gift on..

Continue doing this and imagine each angel adding something new to your present..

The last angel calls all angels from the bleachers into the box to christen it with vibrations of angel power..

Then, the angel wraps up your box in cloud wrapping paper, places a huge white bow on top that has stars & attaches your name with a gift tag.

It hands you over the present, and as you open it..just like the 4th of July..

A fireworks show of rainbow colors launches into the sky and the last angel blows you kisses that are lips with angel wings..

And they surround and stay with you...

See what the angels bring.

Do this once a day. You can do it for as short as five minutes or longer. Whatever makes you feel good.

© Lisa Owens 2010

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