Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Make an Angel Wish Blessing

Making an angel wish blessing is very simple. You will just need a fake white feather(you can buy them at craft stores or from a feather boa you have lying around.)

Go outside at night when you can see the stars(if not look through your window where you can spot them.) Ask the angels to pull your attention and eyes on a star that is just for you to make your wish on. Focus on this star and know that there are angels circling it. Now, hold your feather in your hand and cover it with the other one. While gazing at the star say, "Angels of Wishes, Angels of Stars, bless my wish from afar. Give me thy blessings of what I desire (say it here.) Thank you, Angels! My wish is now sealed with angel wings and comes to me when their bell rings!"

Now, release your feather either by sending it out into the wind as a present to the angels or you can place your feather in an angel prayer box, on your altar..wherever you prefer!

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