Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let It Be

Let It Be is one of my all time favorite songs written by Paul McCartney of The Beatles.
He came up with it after having a dream visitation from his late mother, Mary, who had died of cancer when he was just 14 years old where she gave him the message, "It will be alright. Just let it be."

The Mother Mary reference in this song is for his mother but it often reminds me of Mary, Mother of Jesus.

I feel these lyrics are very much inspired by angels and the Divine. Listen to them closely.

I believe that music is what connects us all(like angels do) and can bring healing, love and hope where there is sorrow and helps us express our tears of pain.

Many people think that angels are often one in one with creating music and it would make sense.

This particular clip is from the movie Across The Universe courtesy of Youtube's moonman407

Sometimes the only thing you can do when life is not what you hoped for is to let it be.

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